[Top 10] R6 Best Anti-Gadget Operators

R6 Siege Top 10 Best Anti-Gadget Operators
The ten best operators in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 2.3 when it comes to disabling enemy gadgets

10. Mozie (Anti-Gadget, Intel)

Mozie’s special gadget is called the Pest Launcher and it allows him to deploy tiny bots called pests. He can deploy a total of three pests, and when any attacker drone, including Twitch’s Shock Drones and Brava’s Kludge Drones, enter their radius, they’ll be hacked by the pest bots and will be converted to defender drones. Though only Mozie can move them, and in the case of Shock Drones and Kludge Drones, he’s the only one who can use their laser functions, the other defenders can use their camera view for surveillance, just as they could with normal cameras.

This makes Mozie one of the best anti-gadget operators in the game because his pests have a pretty wide radius, and he can deploy them on drone holes, entryways, and tight paths where attacker drones would have a hard time avoiding them. When an attacker drone gets near one of Mozie’s pests, the attacker controlling it will receive a warning on their screen, so if they’re very careful, they can avoid Mozie’s pests. However, that also means that the drone can’t enter the pathway that the attacker wanted to enter, so even if Mozie doesn’t get to hack it with his pest, he’s successfully preventing it from doing its purpose.

What Makes Mozie Great for Anti-Gadget:

  • Mozie’s bot pests can hack any attacker drones including Twitch’s Shock Drones and Brava’s Kludge Drones, turning them into defender drones instead, and Mozie can use their full functionality
  • Any attacker drone that’s been hacked and converted by Mozie is another drone that’s not in control by the attackers anymore, and they’ll be contributing to the defenders instead
  • Even if the attackers are careful and they manage to avoid Mozie’s pests, it’ll be hard for they won’t be able to use their drones unless they find another path where the pests weren’t deployed
  • While the other defenders can’t move hacked attacker drones or in the case of Shock Drones and Kludge Drones, they won’t be able to fire their lasers, they’ll still be able to use them for surveillance

Best Loadout for Mozie:



9. Twitch (Anti-Gadget, Intel)

Twitch’s special gadget, the Shock Drone, is one of the most troublesome attacker gadgets for defenders to deal with, and she has two of them. That’s because they’re quite small, they can now jump, and they run silently. But the real problem is that they can shoot lasers that can disable a lot of defender gadgets. They specialize in disabling electronic defender gadgets, however, there are certain non-electronic utilities that they can disable as well, like the red gas canisters on Mira’s Black Mirrors. They’ll also be able to destroy bulletproof cameras with their lasers provided that the user hits them on their weak points.

Twitch’s Shock Drones can also temporarily disable electronic defender gadgets that remain in the operator’s person like Vigil’s ERC-7 or Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor. Of course, other defender electronic gadgets will be easy for Twitch’s Shock Drones to disable, like normal CCTV cameras, nitro cells, Bandit’s Shock Wires, Mute’s Signal Disruptors, Kaid’s Electroclaws, Mozie’s pests, and many others. Apart from its capability to destroy or disable many defender gadgets, the Shock Drones functions as normal drones and can be used for surveillance since they’re quite fast and can also jump.

What Makes Twitch a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • With her two Shock Drones, Twitch can disable a lot of defender gadgets, especially now that the Shock Drones basically have an unlimited number of lasers and are only really limited via cooldown
  • Twitch’s Shock Drones run silent, quite speedy, and can also jump, so they can be hard for defenders to shoot down and disable, and that will allow them to hide and continue destroying defender gadgets
  • Twitch’s Shock Drones specializes in disabling defender electronic gadgets, but they can also disable non-electronic ones like the red gas canisters on Mira’s Black Mirrors
  • The Shock Drones from Twitch can completely destroy a lot of enemy devices such as normal CCTV cameras, Signal Jammers, Shock Wires, Electroclaws, pests, and even bulletproof cameras if they hit them on their weak spot

Best Loadout for Twitch:



8. Aruni (Anti-Entry, Anti-Gadget)

Aruni belongs to this list because through her special gadget, the Surya Laser Gate, she can make attackers use up a lot of their gadgets. She has three Surya Laser Gates and they can be deployed on entryways like doorways, windows, hatches, and even walls. They are quite unique in that they are indestructible from all kinds of damage. They won’t even be destroyed from a nitro cell explosion, and the only way to disable them is by throwing something at them or if an attacker passes through them which will damage them quite a lot.

Even if they’re disabled by an attacker throwable or their own body, it will only be temporary. A disabled Surya Laser Gate will start functioning again after thirty seconds. All kinds of throwables can disable it, like drones, grenades, or any kind of projectiles, and of course, EMP from Thatcher’s special gadget or ordinary EMP grenades will also temporarily disable it. This makes Aruni one of the best anti-gadget defenders in the game, because when she’s around, chances are, attackers will be using up a lot of their projectiles, drones, or throwables, to disable her Surya Laser Gates.

What Makes Aruni a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • She has three Surya Laser Gates which can be deployed on entrances and even walls, and for attackers to disable them, they’d have to use their own bodies or throwables to disrupt and disable their lasers
  • Because the Surya Laser Gates are indestructible and would go back up after thirty seconds of being disabled, attackers will have to use a lot of their projectiles and throwables to disable them
  • The other way to disable Aruni’s Surya Laser Gate aside from hitting them with a projectile or an EMP grenade is for attackers to pass through them, but that will damage them by quite a lot
  • Because the Surya Laser Gate lasers will go back up after thirty seconds of being disabled, it can just suddenly go back up for an attacker and damage them as it would be unlikely that they’re watching out for the time that the lasers will go back up

Best Loadout for Aruni:



7. Brava (Intel, Anti-Gadget)

Brava is the newest anti-gadget operator in the game and has already become one of the best. That’s because of her special gadget, the Kludge Drone. She has two Kludge Drones and each of them can shoot three lasers that will tag defender electronic gadgets. After tagging them, if the defender electronics gadget is convertible, it will become an attacker gadget and can be used to hurt defenders instead. The most popular examples of that are Kapkan’s EDDs, as they can really be used by Brava to inflict a lot of pain to defenders or even outright kill them.

The Kludge Drone can also be used to convert Maestro’s Evil Eyes, and when that happens, Brava will be able to control them and shoot their lasers on the defenders. The gadgets that can’t be converted by Brava’s Kludge Drones will be disabled instead. This is why Brava is such a great anti-gadget operator. With two Kludge Drones, if they’re not disabled by the defenders first, she will be able to convert or destroy a total of six defender electronic gadgets. Her addition to the game really provided more dynamic to an already very strategic shooter game.

What Makes Brava a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Brava’s Kludge Drones can be used to convert defender gadgets into attacker ones, and when that happens, they can be used to hurt defenders instead. A great example of that is Kapkan’s EDDs.
  • Brava’s Kludge Drones can also be used to convert intel providing defender gadgets like Valkyrie’s Black Eyes, bulletproof cameras, Alibi’s Prismas, and ordinary CCTV cameras
  • Defender electronic gadgets that aren’t convertible by Brava’s Kludge Drones will instead be disabled, so overall, Brava is able to take away defender gadgets from them, whether by converting them or destroying them
  • Brava has two Kludge Drones and each of them can shoot three lasers that will either convert or disable defender electronic gadgets, so in total, Brava can take away six gadgets from the defenders

Best Loadout for Brava:



6. Mute (Anti-Gadget, Crowd Control)

Mute is one of the best anti-gadget operators because most gadgets in the game are made of electronics and a lot of them are controlled or detonated by remote, so if their signal is jammed, they won’t work. That’s basically what Mute’s special gadget, the Signal Jammer, does. As its name implies, it jams the signal on any enemy electronics within its radius, and Mute has four of Signal Jammers. Their radius is quite wide, so in the absence of Kaid or Bandit, Mute can also work as an anti-hard breach operator. However, especially in competitive matches, it’s best to use him as an anti-gadget operator overall.

With four Signal Jammers, he can cover a lot, if not all, entryways to the objective spot, and that means that it’ll be very hard for attackers to gather intel on the defenders as their paths will be blocked by the Signal Jammers that will completely disable them if they get too close. Another neat thing about Mute’s Signal Jammers is that defenders who are within their radius won’t have their mobile devices hacked by Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb, and if their phone is already ringing because of it, all they have to do is run towards a Signal Jammer and the Logic Bomb will automatically be cancelled when they’re inside the radius of the Signal Jammer. Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans also won’t work on defenders who are inside the radius of Mute’s Signal Jammers.

What Makes Mute a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Mute’s Signal Jammers will disable enemy electronics that gets into their radius, and he has four Signal Jammers, making him great at denying intel to enemies as well as a good anti-hard breach operator
  • Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb and Lion’s EE-ONE-D scans will not work on defenders who are inside the radius of the Signal Jammers, effectively preventing those gadgets from gathering intel on their positions
  • Since Mute has four Signal Jammers, he’d be able to cover most if not all paths of attack to the objective spot with them, and that’ll make it really hard for attackers to gather intel through their drones
  • Mute receives a warning whenever his Signal Jammers disables attacker drones and other gadgets, and that’ll allow him to disable them permanently by shooting them

Best Loadout for Mute:



5. Fuze (Anti-Gadget)

When it comes to causing chaos and destruction, Fuze is second to none, and that’s why he ranks quite high on this list. His special gadget, the Cluster Charge, releases five sub-grenades that are quite bouncy, and a lot of times, that bounciness makes their range longer. Each sub-grenade has the capability of killing or heavily damaging operators. But most importantly, because Fuze has five Cluster Charges, and he can deploy them on all breakable or breachable surfaces, he can use them to “soften up” the objective spot by destroying a lot of defender gadgets which will make it easier for attackers to push it.

It’s very hard to stop Fuze’s Cluster Charges from releasing their sub-grenades. Defenders can shoot them as soon as they start deploying their sub-grenades, but even if they hit them immediately, chances are, one or two sub-grenades will have already been released, and that could even endanger the defender that shot it. The best way to completely stop Fuze’s Cluster Charges is by jamming them with Mute’s Signal Jammers, but the problem with that is in most cases, the Signal Jammers won’t be able to jam Cluster Charges that are deployed on the wooden floor above the objective spot.

What Makes Fuze a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Fuze has four Cluster Charges and each of them releases five sub-grenades on the other side of the surfaces they’re deployed to, and that causing a lot of chaos and destruction
  • Fuze’s Cluster Charges can be deployed on all breakable surfaces, even reinforced walls or hatches, and this makes them quite versatile and able to reach more defenders or their gadgets
  • It’s very hard to stop Fuze’s Cluster Charges from releasing their sub-grenades. Even Mute’s Signal Jammers can only stop Cluster Charges that are deployed on windows or walls, but not on surfaces above the objective spot
  • Since Fuze’s Cluster Charges releases their five grenades in quick succession, even Jager’s ADS or Wamai’s Mag-NETS won’t be able to completely stop them from causing panic and destruction

Best Loadout for Fuze:



4. Jager (Anti-Gadget, Support)

Jager is a very important part of the defending team in almost every round or in almost all objective spots. That’s because attacker projectiles and throwables can cause a lot of harm or even just inconveniences to the defending team. So being able to completely destroy those utilities from the attackers is such a great asset. Jager does that for the defending team through his special gadget, the ADS-MKIV "Magpie", or just ADS for short. He has three of these special gadgets, and the great thing about them is that Jager can just deploy them during the prep phase and leave them alone.

Once deployed, they’ll automatically do their job of intercepting enemy projectiles or throwables and destroy them mid-air. That’s within their radius of course, which is quite wide. This makes Jager such a great anti-gadget operator, because with him on the defending team, a lot of attacker utilities will be destroyed. Jager plays such a huge role in defense especially because he can render attacker grenades useless. With his ADS, attackers won’t easily score kills anymore with their frag grenades, and they won’t easily be able to push after leading with their smoke and stun grenades.

What Makes Jager a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Jager’s special gadget, the ADS-MKIV "Magpie", completely destroys attacker throwables or projectiles mid-air within their radius, and he has three of them so he can cover a lot of areas
  • With Jager being present in the defending team, it’ll be very hard for attackers to be effective with their grenades which what they’ll normally use to score kills or to provide cover for their push
  • Because Jager’s three ADS-MKIV "Magpie" can be all deployed during the prep phase, he can concentrate on other things such as setting up the objective spot further or roaming
  • Since Jager’s ADS completely destroys enemy projectiles or throwables, there won’t be a chance for their effects to go off such as in the case of smoke and stun grenades

Best Loadout for Jager:



3. Thatcher (Anti-Gadget, Support)

You’ve gotta be really good at “Bandit tricking” to be able to prevent Thatcher and Thermite from hard breaching. Definitely not impossible, but also definitely hard. Most players won’t even attempt it, and that’s why most of the time, when Thatcher is around, it’s almost a guarantee that attackers will be able to hard breach. That’s because of his anti-gadget device which is also his special gadget, the EMP Grenade. He has three EMP grenades, and they have a wide radius. Enemy electronics that are caught within their radius will be disabled for several seconds.

This makes Thatcher a great hard breach enabler, because not only is the radius of his EMP Grenade large, its effects also pass through even unbreakable surfaces. So even if defender electronics were hidden in tricky spots like what Kaid players would usually do with their Electroclaw, chances are, they’d still be disabled. What makes Thatcher a really dreadful anti-gadget operator is that his EMP Grenades not only affect conventional defender electronic gadgets, they will also temporarily disable the reticles of the defenders’ guns as well as their laser sights.

What Makes Thatcher a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Thatcher specializes in disabling enemy electronic gadgets through the use of his three EMP Grenades which has a large radius and whose effects passes through even unbreakable surfaces
  • Thatcher’s EMP Grenades will not only disable defender electronic utilities, they can also disable the reticle on the defenders’ guns as well as their laser attachment
  • Since the radius of each EMP Grenades is wide and the EMP effect passes through even unbreakable surfaces or objects, Thatcher is great at disabling defender electronic gadgets en masse
  • Thatcher’s EMP Grenades can even disable the electricity from Clash’s CCE Shield, which is something that even Twitch’s Shock Drones cannot do

Best Loadout for Thatcher:



2. Wamai (Anti-Gadget, Trapper)

Like Jager above, Wamai specializes in intercepting and neutralizing enemy throwables and projectiles, but there’s quite a lot of difference between the two of them. Unlike Jager’s ADS, Wamai’s special gadget, the Mag-NET, doesn’t completely destroy all enemy throwables or projectiles that it intercepts. What it does is pull them and have them detonate on the spot where the Mag-NET is. For example, a smoke grenade that was pulled by Wamai’s Mag-NET will still pop out smoke, but instead of the attacker’s intended spot, it will pop out smoke on the spot where the Mag-NET that pulled it was deployed.

Now at first glance, it might sound like Wamai’s Mag-NETs are inferior to Jager’s ADS, however, what’s great about them is that Wamai can deploy a total of six of them per round, and since they become available to him via cooldown, he can just choose to deploy them on a spot when he’s sure that enemies are trying to push there. That way, he won’t be wasting utilities on spots that attackers won’t even go to. And because Wamai’s Mag-NETs pull enemy projectiles or throwables towards them, there are many times where their own grenades could even harm or kill them and they’re pulled back towards them.

What Makes Wamai a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Wamai’s special gadget, the Mag-NET, pulls enemy projectiles or throwables towards it, effectively changing its course and having them detonate on a spot that wasn’t intended to by the enemy
  • Wamai can deploy a total of six Mag-NETs per round, and since they become available to him by cooldown, the longer he stays alive in the round, the more he can deploy
  • Wamai can just simply wait until he has a better idea of where the opponents are pushing before deploying his Mag-NETs, and that way, he won’t be wasting them on spots that enemies won’t even go to
  • Because Wamai’s Mag-NETs pulls enemy projectiles and throwables towards them, there’s even a chance of attacker grenades hurting or killing the ones who threw them instead

Best Loadout for Wamai:



1. Flores (Anti-Gadget, Intel)

Flores has the highest rank in the list because not only can he cause a lot of destruction, he does it with precision as well. That’s because his special gadget, the RCE-Ratero Charge, is literally a drone that can explode. He has four RCE-Ratero Charges, and Flores can control them like a normal drone for up to ten seconds, and after that, it will enter its bulletproof state and detonate after three seconds. Flores can also activate its bulletproof state to start its three-second explosion countdown manually, so he actually has quite a lot of control over them.

They have an explosion power similar to that of a nitro cell, so they’re capable of destroying a lot of defender gadgets, or even killing defenders. Unlike normal drones though, they can be attached to a surface before detonating. This makes them great for destroying Castle’s Armor Panels or other utilities that block the way like deployable shields. And of course, since their explosion is really powerful, they’re capable of destroying bulletproof defender gadgets like Maestro’s Evil Eyes and Melusi’s Banshees. Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge can also be used for forcing defenders out of their hiding spots.

What Makes Flores a Great Anti-Gadget Operator:

  • Each of Flores’ four RCE-Ratero Charge has an explosion power similar to that of a nitro cell’s, so when detonated near defender utilities, those utilities will definitely be destroyed
  • What’s great about the RCE-Ratero Charge when used for gadget destruction is that they completely destroy enemy gadgets, even mechanical ones, not just temporarily disable them
  • Since they’re basically drones, Flores has a lot of control over his RCE-Ratero Charges. They can be operated like normal drones and can be attached on surfaces before detonating them
  • Since their explosion power is really strong, they’re capable of destroying even the sturdiest of defender electronic gadgets like Melusi’s Banshees, deployable shields, or Maestro’s Evil Eyes

Best Loadout for Flores:



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