[Top 25] R6 Best Operators To Play

Top 25 Best Overpowered Operators in R6 Siege
Three of them made the list, and one of them is dominating the game for two seasons now.

25. Gridlock

It’s quite amazing that the pick rate for Gridlock is quite low. Considering how great her guns, utilities, and special gadgets are. If I had to guess, it’s probably because of her one speed rating, which is probably her only weakness. Most players on Attack just love the high-octane action that fast operators like Ash, IQ, or Zofia bring. But her one speed rating comes with a three-armor rating, which makes her one of the toughest Attackers to take down.

First off, let’s talk about her guns. Her M249 Saw rivals even the most popular LMG right now which is the 6P41. The 6P41 may have more magazine capacity, but the M249 with 60 bullets per magazine is far from the low side, and the best thing about it is that it reloads fast. She can also equip a Super Shorty shotgun as her secondary which is a great utility tool for breaking down hatches or opening up holes on unreinforced walls. And of course, her Trax Stingers are great for rendering roamers useless.

What Makes Gridlock a Great Attacker:

  • Effective at rendering roamers useless by blocking paths behind her and her team with her Trax Stingers
  • Has a great LMG which has high damage, huge magazine capacity, lower recoil, on top of having a fast reload time.
  • Can deny area to enemies, making her one of the best Attackers for pushing.
  • Has a great utility tool with her Super Shorty shotgun
  • Can provide smoke cover for defuser plant attempts with her smoke grenades

Best Loadout for Gridlock:



24. Warden

Warden used to be one of the operators with the lowest pick rates, but with Operation Vector Glare, his pick rate has seen a rise, and that’s because he’s the most effective operator for countering Sens right now. And as you’ll see further down this list, Sens is one of the most OP operators currently, so to be able to counter them is a great feat. With that said, I’ve always felt that Warden has been an underrated operator long before Operation Vector Glare.

His Glance Smart Glasses is just perfect for countering enemies who think they’re so safe behind the cover of their smoke grenade. That is very important especially when it comes to Ranked where most Attacker teams try to capitalize on their smoke grenades and flash grenades in order to soften up the objective spot, provide cover, and plant the defuser. Warden is the perfect counter to that because his special gadget removes the blind effects of flash grenades, allows him to see through smoke, and of course that includes the newest special gadget in the game, Sens’ R.O.U. Projector.

What Makes Warden a Great Defender:

  • His special gadget allows him to see through smoke covers and Sens’ special gadget
  • Great for countering Attackers who think that they’re so safe behind smoke grenades
  • Best operator for countering Ying and Blitz because his special gadget removes blind effects
  • Has a nitro cell which he can use to take out multiple enemies that are hiding behind smoke grenades

Best Loadout for Warden:



23. Caveira

I’ve seen a lot of clips from pros and high-ranking streamers laughing at other players when they ban Caveira in ranked, but in reality, most players aren’t pros, diamonds or champions in rank. And seriously, have you seen how TheGodlyNoob plays Cav? Caveira is a really powerful Defender and can be a great nuisance to Attackers when they’re pushing the objective area, so I get that a lot of players, especially those who are starting out on Attack mode, want to ban her.

Her 3-speed rating combined with her Silent Step ability just makes her very hard to catch when you’re hunting her, and very hard to guard against when she’s hunting you. Plus, when she’s in close range, her Luison handgun is one of the most powerful guns in the game, and can take down an Attacker with just a couple or three shots. She also has two impact grenades which she can use for escaping or flanking. Another thing that makes her quite OP is that she can choose to go with a very powerful shotgun as her primary or an assault rifle if she feels like she will need to shoot opponents more from medium range.

What Makes Caveira a Great Defender:

  • 3-speed rating combined with her Silent Step ability makes her very hard to catch and guard against
  • Presence in the match makes Attackers uncomfortable of going alone, this allows Defenders to focus on one direction when defending.
  • An attacker who gets caught by Cav alone can mean their loss in the round because her interrogation ability when successful provides her whole team with real time intel of Attacker positions
  • Has a great choice of guns and can go for medium range shooting or close-range superiority depending on the player’s playstyle

Best Loadout for Caveira:



22. Lesion

Lesion’s most popular primary weapon, the T-5 SMG has low damage at 28 per shot, and that turns off a lot of players from using him. But in reality, he really is quite OP and that is mainly because of his special gadget, the Gu Mines. Lesion can deploy his Gu Mines on the most common paths or entrances near the objective spot that Attackers use, and when an Attacker steps on one of them, it creates a very distinct sound that can warn the whole Defending team that there’s an enemy in that direction.

That makes his Gu Mines one of the best early warning devices in the game, and not only that, the Gu Mine will slow the Attacker down, stopping him from sprinting, and will damage him overtime until he removes it. This effectively halts an Attackers’ movement and breaks his rhythm. That’s why Lesion is one of the best anti-rush Defenders, and is great for countering Attackers who are great with using shield operators like Blitz or Montagne. And the longer the round goes, the more Gu Mines Lesion can deploy, that means that the longer the round is, the stronger he can get.

What Makes Lesion a Great Defender:

  • His Gu Mines can serve as great early warning devices for the whole team
  • The longer the round goes, the stronger he gets, because he’ll be able to deploy more Gu Mines throughout the objective area.
  • His Impact grenades are great utility tools for creating rotation holes and countering Osa 

Best Loadout for Lesion:



21. Sledge

Sledge is a straight up offensive operator whose special gadget, the Tactical Breaching Hammer, can benefit his whole team as well, because with it, Sledge can open up entry holes on unreinforced walls in relative silence. Definitely more silent than Ash’s Breaching Rounds or Buck’s under-barrel shotgun that is. With that, Sledge is one of the best initiators of a rush, because he can just open up an unreinforced wall near the objective spot, and he and his whole team can proceed on clearing up the room.

What really makes Sledge OP though is his vertical attack capabilities. With his Tactical Breaching Hammer, he can keep breaking wooden floors above the objective spot, exposing the Defenders below from his or his teammates’ fire. And when it comes to that, Sledge has the powerful L85A2 assault rifle which can make quick work of the Defenders below. And when the Defenders manage to find a corner where they’re not exposed from above, Sledge has two frag grenades which he can use to kill them or flush them out.

What Makes Sledge a Great Attacker:

  • Because of his Tactical Breaching Hammer which he can use to continuously break floors, he’s one of the best vertical attackers.
  • Has two impact grenades for inflicting fatalities to Defenders below when going for a vertical attack
  • His special gadget can create entry holes in relative silence, allowing him and his teammates to surprise Defenders with a rush 

Best Loadout for Sledge:



20. Buck

Take into account what was said above about Sledge, and double that with Buck. Because with Buck, the user can perform a more versatile approach when it comes to vertical attack. Sledge above the objective area, but Buck can attack from below as well. With his under-barrel shotgun, which is the most destructive shotgun in the game, he can open up holes on wooden floors from below, which is great for harassing anchoring Defenders on Villa’s aviator room and Border’s armory.

Buck can switch from his assault rifle or marksman rifle to his under-barrel shotgun with just one click, and it happens almost immediately, so he can pound Defenders at close range with his under-barrel shotgun during sudden encounters, and he can strafe away at enemies with great accuracy using his assault rifle or marksman rifle. Because of his Skeleton Key, he has both a weapon and an effective utility tool in one gadget. 

What Makes Buck a Great Attacker:

  • His under-barrel shotgun is the most destructive shotgun in the game
  • Able to create entry holes with just two shots of his under-barrel shotgun, allowing him and his team to penetrate the objective area quickly.
  • Vertical attack capabilities are top-notch because he can also harass enemies from below
  • Excels at any range because he can quickly switch to his under-barrel shotgun for close quarters combat, and to his assault rifle or marksman rifle for medium to long-range shooting.

Best Loadout for Buck:



19. Ace

Ace is the most powerful hard breacher in the game right now because he can practically do what Thermite and Hibana do, and better. There’s really not a lot of reason to use Hibana anymore if you have Ace unlocked, because Ace has three hard breach devices just like Hibana, and what’s better with Ace’s hard breach devices is that the holes that each one of them can open up are much bigger. So, if Hibana can breach three reinforced hatches, so can Ace.

And when it comes to a horizontal push, Ace, just like Thermite, can also open up big effin’ holes on reinforced walls. It takes a bit more time, and yes, the hole is not as big as what Thermite can open up, but considering that Ace has two hard breach devices as opposed to Thermite’s two, it makes Ace a much better option than Thermite when it comes to hard breaching. Another great thing about Ace is that he has two claymores. Perfect for scoring kills against roamers and Defenders who will try a runout.

What Makes Ace a Great Attacker:

  • The best hard breacher in the game right now because he can do what both Hibana and Thermite do and better
  • Has three hard breach devices that can open up walls or hatches, exposing the Defenders inside the objective area.
  • Has two claymores that are great for countering roamers and Defenders who will attempt a runout

Best Loadout for Ace:



18. Aruni

Aruni is one of the few operators in the game that practically has two special gadgets or abilities. She has her Surya Gates which creates a laser barricade on entryways, and she has her cybernetic arm which she can use to open up big holes on unreinforced walls. On a side note, Aruni came to Siege around the same time when Cyberpunk 2077 was released, so it was a good coincidence because her cybernetic arm and leg fitted that whole Cyberpunk theme.

Back on topic, having two abilities, and those two being really strong ones makes Aruni one of the most powerful operators in the game. Her Surya Laser Gates can deter enemies from going into entryways, and if they want to, they’d have to sacrifice drones or some of their projectiles to disable the Surya Gate’s laser. And if they choose to just go through the laser, it inflicts 30hp damage on them, which is quite a lot. And as mentioned before, her cybernetic arm allows her to punch big holes on unreinforced walls, making it a great utility tool for creating rotation holes or murder holes.

What Makes Aruni a Great Defender:

  • Her Surya Laser Gates can slow opponents down by deterring them from entering an entryway
  • Great at reducing the number of enemy grenades or drones
  • Has a second ability which is her cybernetic arm. She can use it to punch big holes on unreinforced walls to create rotation holes or murder holes.
  • Can equip the Mk 14 EBR marksman rifle as her primary, making her a very deadly anchor.

Best Loadout for Aruni:



17. Smoke

The most obvious thing that makes Smoke one of the most powerful operators in the game is his Remote Gas Grenade which he can use to deny a large area to enemies for several seconds. But what makes it unique compared to most area denial gadgets in the game is that Smoke can enter its effects and not be harmed by it. That makes Smoke capable of counter pushing the Attackers with it and outmaneuvering them.

And when it comes to battling it out with his enemies, another thing that makes Smoke quite OP is that he can excel at both close range and up to medium range, because at close quarters, he can use the powerful M590A1 shotgun as his primary, and for shooting enemies at medium range, he can switch to the SMG-11 machine pistol which has a very fast rate of fire and high damage output. His secondary gadgets, the deployable shield or the barbed wires complements his special gadget. All of this makes Smoke one of the favorite picks in pro-league.

What Makes Smoke a Great Defender:

  • Can deny area to Attackers for several seconds using his Remote Gas Grenade special gadget
  • Great at countering defuser plant attempts behind smoke grenades or Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System
  • Excels at both short range and medium range because he can equip a powerful shotgun for his primary and the SMG-11 as his secondary

Best Loadout for Smoke:



16. Iana

Intel gathering is an integral part of Siege gameplay, and when it comes to gathering intel, Iana is one of the best. With her Gemini Replicator which allows her to create a holographic copy of herself which can imitate her every move except shooting and rappelling, she can scout ahead on the objective area in relative safety. And since it’s an exact copy of her, she can also use it to confuse enemies into shooting it, compromising their location through the sound of their gunfire in the process.

With the intel she’s got with her Gemini Replicator, Iana can advise her teammates accordingly and she can penetrate the objective area knowing where the enemies will be. That way, she and her teammates will be safe from ambushes, and she will know exactly where to pre-fire. And when it comes to that, her ARX200 is a great gun because of its high damage output and the availability of the 1.5x as its scope. Another scary thing about Iana is that she has frag grenades, and they become doubly lethal when combined with the intel that Iana has gathered.

What Makes Iana a Great Attacker:

  • Able to gather intel in relative safety using her Gemini Replicator which sends out a holographic copy of her that can imitate all her movements aside from shooting and rappelling
  • Can confuse enemies and compromise their locations because they’ll likely shoot her Gemini Replicator when they see it
  • Has frag grenades which she can use to kill enemies that she has spotted using her special gadget

Best Loadout for Iana:



15. Maverick

What makes Maverick one of the most troublesome operators in the game is that he is great at making Defenders uncomfortable, and that can negatively affect their movements in a huge way. And he does so with his Breaching Torch which he uses to melt portions of reinforced walls, exposing the Defenders inside to the Attackers on the other side of the wall. Maverick can use his Breaching Torch to make multiple kill holes on reinforced walls to keep the Defenders guessing where he or other attackers will be shooting from.

Of course, now that Thatcher is always banned in Ranked mode. Maverick has become the best alternative for him when it comes to enabling hard breaching. That is because his Breaching Torch are great for destroying Bandit or Mute’s special gadgets, and even Kaid’s Rtillas, because the holes that he can make on reinforced walls can be used for throwing over his frag grenades to the other side, either for destroying anti-breach devices, or for scoring kills.

What Makes Maverick a Great Attacker:

  • He’s the best Thatcher alternative now because he’s effective at destroying anti-hard breach devices
  • Able to make the Defenders inside the objective area uncomfortable because of the kill holes that he can create on reinforced walls
  • Able to surprise Defenders by creating small hard breaches with his Breaching Torch which he can use to crawl under and penetrate the objective area unexpectedly
  • Has frag grenades which he can throw over the holes on reinforced walls that he’s made. This oftentimes can inflict a fatality or at least destroy Defender gadgets.

Best Loadout for Maverick:



14. Kaid

Kaid may not be that easy to use, especially for beginners, mainly because of his 1-speed rating making him quite slow to move, but he’s one of the most powerful anchors in the game right now. He’s also the best anti-hard breach operator because his Rtillas can deny a hard breach by electrocuting a reinforced wall and they can do it from awkward angles and from a distance of 1.4 meters. That distance is more often than not enough to avoid getting destroyed by Maverick or Kali.

That is why when Thatcher is banned, which is always, it can be quite hard for Attackers to perform a hard breach if the Defenders have a good Kaid player on their side, even if the Attackers have a Maverick or Kali or Twitch with them, especially when Kaid is supported by Mute and Jager or Wamai. Kaid’s nitro cell is also great for countering pushing enemies, especially Osa. And when it comes to engaging them in a firefight, Kaid with his TCSG12 essentially makes him a sniper on the Defender side.

What Makes Kaid a Great Defender:

  • The best Defender for preventing hard breaching from the Attackers because his Rtillas can electrocute reinforced walls within a 1.4-meter radius from the Rtilla.
  • Has a primary weapon which is a single slug shotgun and is basically marksman rifle for the Defender side
  • Has a nitro cell which is great for countering pushing enemies, especially Osa or those who are hiding behind a smoke grenade.
  • Has 3-armor rating so he can be very tough to take down

Best Loadout for Kaid:



13. Mira

Mira is one of the most banned operators in platinum rank and above, and for good reason. That is because she’s really OP in certain spots, like the basement in Bank and Oregon, as well as the games and aviator room in Villa. When Mira is Defending those areas, it’ll be very hard for the Attackers to push in a conventional way, and they would have to find other paths of attack, paths that can make them more vulnerable to Defender fire.

That is why smart players who are starting out as Attackers ban Mira on certain maps. Especially now that she has a really nasty combo with Azami that allows her to put her Black Mirrors on unreinforced walls and have Azami reinforce its bottom part with her Kiba Barrier. That makes the bottom part bulletproof and allows Mira to use the sides and upper part of the wall with her Black Mirror for fragging enemies or throwing a nitro-cell at them. She also has a very useful utility tool in the ITA12S shotgun which she can use for creating rotation or murder holes.

What Makes Mira a Great Defender:

  • Situational, but very powerful in certain areas as he can basically lock down an angle or two with her Black Mirrors.
  • Has a very deadly special gadget synergy with Azami which is perhaps the best operator combo in the game right now
  • Has a great utility tool in the ITA12S shotgun which she can use to create rotation holes or punch holes on the upper part of the unreinforced wall above her Black Mirror so that she can throw her nitro cell to the other side

Best Loadout for Mira:



12. Lion

Lion’s guns, special gadget, and utility tools makes him one of the most OP operators in the game right now. First off, for his primary weapon, he has three choices between an assault rifle, marksman rifle, and a shotgun. That makes him a very versatile operator that can work on any map and any playstyle. His most popular gun of course is the V308 assault rifle, which is honestly one of the most OP guns in the game.

The V308 is an assault rifle and yet it has a huge magazine capacity, high damage, low recoil, and a variety of attachments available to it. Its recoil remains manageable even without the aid of attachments that provide recoil benefits. And of course, Lion has his EE-ONE-D special gadget which scans the whole map for a few seconds and any enemy that moves while the scan is on-going will be automatically pinged. This makes it a great gadget for halting enemy movements, disrupting their rhythm, or gathering intel on them.

What Makes Lion a Great Attacker:

  • His V308 assault rifle is essentially OP in that it inflicts high damage, has low recoil, has a huge magazine capacity, and a variety of attachments are available to it.
  • Can halt opponents’ movements and break their rhythm with his EE-ONE-D scans
  • Opponents who do not stop during his EE-ONE-D scans are automatically pinged, making Lion a great intel gatherer as well.
  • Has a shotgun, assault rifle, and a marksman rifle as his choices for his primary weapon, making him an operator that can be used in any playstyle.

Best Loadout for Lion:



11. Zofia

Zofia is a pure offensive force, and even now without her Withstand ability, remains one of the most OP operators in the game, with well-balanced speed and armor rating, as well as great guns, utility tools, and special gadget. Everyone is in an uproar now about Finka’s 6P41 LMG, which I agree is quite OP, but Zofia has an LMG that rivals that and is called the LMG-E. It inflicts great damage, has low recoil, huge magazine capacity, and can equip a variety of attachments.

And when enemies are hiding in corners, afraid to engage her in a straight up gunfight, she can use the KS70 Lifeline special gadget to send out concussion grenades which can bounce on surfaces in order to concuss said opponent and allow Zofia to go for the kill. Her KS70 Lifeline can also fire two impact grenades which she can use for destroying bulletproof gadgets or for quickly creating entry holes which are very useful for rushing. On top of that, Zofia can protect herself and her teammates from roamers and flankers with her two claymores.

What Makes Zofia a Great Attacker:

  • Brings a lot of heavy power with her LMG-E light machine gun which has high damage, low recoil, and a huge magazine capacity.
  • Can concuss enemies hiding in corners with her concussion grenades that can bounce on surfaces
  • Able to create entry holes quickly with an impact grenade from her special gadget
  • Her extra impact grenade can be used to neutralize a bulletproof Defender gadget
  • Has two claymores that are great for countering roamers and flankers

Best Loadout for Zofia:



10. Dokkaebi

As I mentioned above in Iana’s entry, intel plays an integral part in Siege’s gameplay because it’s not just a straight up team gunfight like in other first-person shooting games. It’s very tactical and there are a lot of factors that can make the difference in a match. One of the biggest factors is intel. And when it comes to handling intel, Dokkaebi is the best in the Attacker side. Not only can she gather intel, but she can deny it to her enemies as well.

Using her Logic Bomb, she can ring Defender mobile phones, and that loud ringing can compromise their locations. Not only that, it’s a great intel denier because while the Logic Bomb is active, the Defenders loses access to their cameras and the loud ringing of their phones can prevent them from hearing the sound cues from Attackers. On top of that, Dokkaebi is one of the few operators in the game which has two special gadgets or abilities. Aside from her Logic Bomb, she an also hack a dead Defender’s phone and that will give her access to all their cameras including special gadgets that have them.

What Makes Dokkaebi a Great Attacker:

  • Great at gathering intel because her Logic Bomb creates sound cues on the exact location of the enemies
  • Her Logic Bomb can also mask the sound cues from her and her teammates, making it a great gadget for pushing the objective area.
  • Can hack a dead Defender’s phone and that will give her access to all Defender cameras
  • Able to deny intel to enemies because when her Logic Bomb is going off, they won’t be able to access their cameras.

Best Loadout for Dokkaebi:



9. Goyo

Goyo is a very powerful area denial operator because his Volcan Canisters, when exploded, covers a large area on fire for 20 seconds before dissipating. That’s a really long time for Siege, especially in Ranked mode where you only have a little over 2 minutes per round. Not only does Goyo’s area denial device last for a long time, its fire also does a huge amount of damage to enemies who get too close to it at 36 damage per second. That hurts even more than Smoke’s Gas Grenade.

And his Volcan Canisters are quite versatile in that they can be attached to most surfaces, including barricaded doors and windows. That’s a great way to stop and damage attackers when they’re pushing the most common attack paths and entryways, because when they destroy a barricaded door or window, Goyo’s Volcan Canister will automatically explode. Goyo also has a great gun in the TCSG12 which allows him to snipe enemies from long range, and he also has a nitro cell which is another thing that adds to his anti-push capabilities.

What Makes Goyo a Great Defender: 

  • Can deny area to enemies for long periods of time using his Volcan Canisters
  • His special gadgets are very versatile and can be attached to most surfaces
  • Has the TCSG12 single slug shotgun which he can use as a marksman rifle
  • Has a nitro cell which is great for countering pushing enemies, especially those who are attempting to plant the defuser.

Best Loadout for Goyo:



8. Tachanka

Speaking of area denial, Tachanka trumps Goyo and Smoke quite a bit because he can shoot his area denial device from a distance, as opposed to Smoke’s where he has to throw it first and detonate it with a remote, and Goyo who, most of the time, needs to shoot it so it can be exploded. Tachanka’s Shumikha Launcher is a grenade launcher that can launch 14 fire grenades, and they can bounce on surfaces too, so Tachanka can get creative on angles for launching them in order to be more effective.

Each fire grenade can cover an area with fire for 7 seconds each. That means all 14 can cover an area in fire for a total of 98 seconds. That’s 1 minute and 38 seconds. And like I said above, ranked matches are only a little around 2 minutes per match, so this means that Tachanka can keep denying an area for the majority of the match. That’s really OP. On top of that, he has his primary weapon, the DP27 LMG which is one of the most damaging and destructive guns in the game. Tachanka can use this weapon to make quick work of his enemies as well as use it as a utility tool for creating rotation and murder holes.

What Makes Tachanka a Great Defender:

  • Can deny area to enemies for long periods of time, one minute and thirty-eight seconds in total.
  • His DP27 unique LMG is the most destructive gun in the game, able to make quick work of enemies in close to medium range and can be used as a utility tool for creating rotation or murder holes.
  • Has great secondary gadgets which works well in combination with his Shumikha Launcher

Best Loadout for Tachanka:



7. Melusi

One of the most troublesome gadgets in the game right now is Melusi’s Banshees, even after the nerf that made them non-bulletproof when they’re activated, they still remain a big threat to Attackers, that is obviously because apart from weapons that can destroy bulletproof gadgets, you’ll still need to activate them before being able to shoot them. And when an Attacker activates a Banshee, he essentially compromises his location because a Banshee would emit a distinct sound when activated.

And of course, when an attacker shoots it, the gunshot sound will let Defenders know that there’s an enemy in that direction. This makes Melusi’s Banshees not just great at slowing down enemies, but also as early warning devices. Melusi can also put them in awkward angles where Attackers could find it hard to shoot them, and when they do, they can leave themselves vulnerable to Melusi and his teammates’ fire.

What Makes Melusi a Great Defender:

  • Can greatly slow enemies down with her three Banshee Sonic Defense special gadgets
  • Her Banshees are also very effective as early warning devices and can make enemies vulnerable to Defender fire
  • Has Impact grenades for creating rotation holes or suddenly making a hole for flanking Attackers that are slowed down by a Banshee

Best Loadout for Melusi:



6. Flores

Flores is such a great and underrated operator especially in the hands of those who are quick to switch from camera mode to first person mode and vice versa. Flores’ special gadget is the RCE-Ratero Charge which is basically a drone that can explode, and before it explodes, it becomes bulletproof. Flores has four of these exploding drones and as I’m sure you can already imagine; it is great for forcing them out of their entrenched cover positions. That makes Flores a great operator for pushing, especially with a coordinated team.

But there’s more to Flores’ gameplay than that. Each RCE-Ratero Charge drone contains similar explosion power to a nitro cell. This means that, apart from it being used to get kills, it can also be used to open up entry holes on unreinforced walls or for quickly destroying Castle barricades. It also automatically moves forward, that means, Flores can leave the drone view and the Ratero drone will keep gunning forward for 10 seconds. With that, Flores can use it as bait, sending it off toward an enemy, and when an enemy runs from it or shoots it, he or she will be left vulnerable to Flores’ fire.

What Makes Flores a Great Attacker:

  • RCE-Ratero Charge drones are also great tools for destroying anti-breach devices
  • Very effective at forcing Defenders out of their entrenched positions and hiding spots
  • Great at destroying many Defender gadgets, softening up the objective spot in the process.
  • Can gather intel on enemies while instilling panic on them because of his Ratero exploding drones
  • Able to create entry points on unreinforced walls or quickly destroy Castle barricades
  • Has two claymores for protecting himself from roamers or runouts while he controls his Ratero exploding drones

Best Loadout for Flores:



5. Sens

The most recent addition to Team Rainbow. Sens brings a lot of new things to Siege including her very flashy but also tactical special gadget called the R.O.U. Projector System, as well as the newest gun in the game, the POF-9 assault rifle. What makes Sens one of the most powerful, and probably underrated operators right now is because they can provide a huge cover for the attacking team with their R.O.U. Projector System, which notably looks similar to Valorant’s Viper’s poison wall.

But fret not, the R.O.U. Projector System doesn’t do any damage to Sens’ opponents. They just provide huge swathes of cover, and that’s the best cover right now for defuser plant attempts. Sens also has two claymores which she can plant behind the R.O.U. Projector System, killing Defenders who are brave enough to try to get through the system’s cover. Sens’ POF-9 assault rifle is also very powerful in that it inflicts a good amount of damage while having a huge magazine capacity for an assault rifle.

What Makes Sens a Great Attacker:

  • Can provide huge covers for the Attacking team’s defuser plant attempt
  • Can also equip a marksman rifle for providing backline support behind the R.O.U. Projector’s cover
  • Has the newest gun in the game which inflicts good damage and has a high magazine capacity
  • Has two claymores which they can use in conjunction with their R.O.U. Projector System or to protect them and their team from flanking Defenders

Best Loadout for Sens:



4. Kapkan

Kapkan is one of the most powerful operators right now since he’s one of the few operators that can score a kill with just one detonation of his special gadget. That is because he can now put multiple, or all of his EDD traps in one entryway, which might surprise a lot of old and returning players. He can even put each of them on opposite sides now, so even after disabling one, the Attacker would still have to check the other side for a Kapkan trap.

Of course, Attackers who do not do their due diligence get damaged or get straight up killed when they detonate 2 or 3 EDDs in one entryway. This is great for countering a rush, and players who like to play fast. Just Kapkan’s presence alone forces Attackers to slow down and check every entryway if they don’t want to get killed or badly damaged. Of course, that process of having to check every entryway for Kapkan traps can leave them vulnerable to the Defenders’ fire. Kapkan also has a choice between two great secondary gadgets, the impact grenades and the nitro cell.

What Makes Kapkan a Great Defender:

  • Can inflict fatalities with just one detonation of his special gadget because he can now put multiple of them in one entryway
  • His EDD traps can force enemies to slow down their advance, leaving them vulnerable to Defender fire while they’re checking entryways for Kapkan’s traps.
  • Has great choices for his secondary gadget between the nitro cell and impact grenade. 

Best Loadout for Kapkan:



3. Azami

Azami’s ability to reshape the map and rework the enemy movements is truly OP, making her one of the best operators in the game since Operation Demon Veil dropped. And as mentioned above, she also has a very powerful combo with Mira, which is probably the best combo in the game right now. With her Kiba Barriers, she can fortify weak angles and turn them to one of the strongest angles instead. She can also fortify lower parts of unreinforced walls in the objective spot, making them bulletproof and allowing Defenders to use the upper part for fragging Attackers.

Her ACS12 single slug shotgun combined with her Kiba Barriers also makes her one of the best spawn killers right now, because she can fortify parts of the barricaded window protecting her from enemy fire while she strafes them from a small opening on the window. Her Kiba Barriers can also be put on the upper part of doorways, allowing the Defenders inside to shoot Attackers on their leg area when they’re trying to enter by destroying the Kiba Barrier with melee attacks. On top of that, she also has a great utility tool in her impact grenades for making rotation holes or destroying her Kiba Barriers, which will allow her to surprise enemies outside.

What Makes Azami a Great Defender:

  • One of the most OP spawn killers right now because she can fortify windows with her Kiba Barrier
  • Able to protect a weak angle like the part of the garage in Consulate that has a view from the yellow stairs
  • Has a great utility tool in her impact grenades which she can use to further reshape the map and use in conjunction with her Kiba Barriers
  • Has a very powerful special gadget synergy with Mira which is probably the best operator combo in the game right now

Best Loadout for Azami: 



2. Fuze

If the Defending team is defending one of the lower floors and the area above it is made of wooden floors, your team would be missing out a lot if one of you isn't using Fuze. Fuze is the most powerful vertical attacker right now because his Cluster Charges are just pure chaos, but there’s also method to that chaos, because smart Fuze players can use his Cluster Charges to force out Defenders from their hiding spots or entrenched positions, leaving them vulnerable to Fuze’s or his teammates’ fire. 

The Cluster Charges are the best Attacker device when it comes to softening the objective spot before Attackers proceed on the push. That is because the rain of explosives that the Cluster Charges brings can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets, and make the Defenders miss out on the sound cues that Attackers make. This also makes Fuze one of the best hard breach enablers in the Attacker side. And when it comes to engaging enemies in a firefight, he also has one of the most oppressive weapons in the game right now, the 6P41 LMG.

What Makes Fuze a Great Attacker:

  • Can force defenders out of their entrenched positions, leaving them vulnerable to Attacker fire.
  • Can destroy a lot of Defender gadgets by raining down explosives on the objective area with his Cluster Charges
  • Great alternative to Thatcher because he can also destroy anti-hard breach devices
  • Can equip the very oppressive 6P41 LMG as his primary weapon

Best Loadout for Fuze:



1. Finka

Ever since the buff that made her able to activate her Adrenal Surge, even when she’s in a down-but-not-out (dbno) state, her pick rate skyrocketed, and now there’s mounting calls from the Siege community to nerf her and her 6P41 LMG, because as I said above in Fuze’s entry. The 6P41 LMG is perhaps the most oppressive weapon in the game right now. But truth be told, even before the buff that changed everything for Finka, I’ve always found her an underrated and OP operator.

That is because of the numerous buffs that her Adrenal Surge provides the whole Attacker team. Her adrenal surge has always been great at toughening up the whole Attacking team’s armor before a push or engagements with the enemy. It also lowers the effects of stun grenades, as well as the ear-ringing effects of explosions, which is just great since pushing can involve a lot of those. The Adrenal Surge being activated also removes the concussion effects of Defender gadgets like Echo’s Yokai Drone or Ela’s Grzmot Mines.

The Adrenal Surge also enhances the reload speeds of Attackers, as well as allowing them to walk over barbed wires faster. Of course, the most popular use of the Adrenal Surge is its healing effects as well as its ability to revive Finka or any of her teammates from a dbno position from any distance. 

What Makes Finka a Great Attacker:

  • Provides a lot of buffs to her whole team with her special gadget, the Adrenal Surge.
  • Can revive herself or teammates who are in a dbno state with just one click and from any distance
  • Adrenal Surge can also add health points to her whole team, healing damaged Attackers, or making them tougher to take down.
  • The 6P41 LMG becomes even more powerful in her hands because of the added toughness from her Adrenal Surge. 
  • The Adrenal Surge also increases reload speed, which is great for the 6P41 LMG which has its slow reload speed as its weakness.

Best Loadout for Finka: 



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