Rainbow 6 Siege Best Maps (All Maps Ranked Worst to Best)

R6 Best Maps Ranked Worst to Best
This is a list of all the maps in Rainbow Six Siege right now. Who else is craving for a new map as opposed to a rework?

What makes an R6 map good? I’m sure opinions vary, and there are popular and unpopular ones. For the most part, I think most players care more about balance. Some care about aesthetic appeal. And there are some who want to get the best of both worlds. Here are all the Rainbow Six Siege maps ranked worst to best in this author’s opinion.


20. House

The reworked House is larger and definitely more balanced than the original, but there is a reason why it’s still not included in the ranked playlist. And it’s probably because it’s still not balanced enough. Aside from the garage, there Is another area on the top floor that can be breached from the outside and when it's breached, it’ll be too hard for defenders. 

Map rating: 6/10


19. Hereford Base

Hereford is where Team Rainbow trains. It’s also gloomy and dark. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of dark that Siege players have been missing so much in Siege. It’s full of old wood and walls. Honestly, it’s kinda depressing. And it’s even more depressing when you’re trying to attack the top floor via the stairs.
Map rating: 6/10


18. Yacht

Defending the top floor is hell in Yacht. There’s just so many windows that allow attackers to strafe safely from the outside. The engine room is even worse. Not only do you have to worry from direct outside attack, there are also two hatches above the room that are very hard to defend.

Map rating: 6/10


17. Kafe Dostoyevsky

This map is included in the ranked playlist so you’d think that it’s pretty balanced. But not really. Granted that defending the top floor is very viable, there’s still an area in the map where defenders absolutely cannot go or they’ll be vulnerable from enemy fire from the rooftop. This limits defender mobility and rotation holes can really only do so much. It’s a really bad map for a newbie. And defending the kitchen is hell when the attackers have a Fuze.

Map rating: 6/10


16. Consulate

This might be the only map in Siege where defenders literally have to leave the spot they have to defend or else they’ll get wrecked. I’m talking about the consul office and the meeting room, and the scary fact is, in ranked, most players would choose to defend those two areas rather than the basement. That says a lot about the bottom floor.

Map rating: 6/10


15. Chalet

I don’t like maps that have indefensible basements when it's breached. And for Chalet, there are two sides of them. The top floor is also very hard to defend with a large window in the bedroom that can be breached from the outside, and an angle from another window which has a really good view of the inside and a direct view of the usual rotation hole. I know because I love being an attacker and using that angle in Chalet. It's hell for defenders though. Literally the best defender area is the kitchen but somehow, it’s not that popular to players.

Map rating: 7/10


14. Presidential Plane

The thumbnail in the video above says it’s the best map. I would have agreed, if only Kali didn’t exist. Kali and Glaz are pretty much OP in this map unless the defenders are on the bottom floor. But at least Glaz’s gun is not 1 hit. 

Map rating: 7/10


13. Oregon

There’s no other map where c4 under the floor is more prevalent, but this is actually a pretty balanced map. There is enough room for both defenders and attackers to have great gun fights in this map. 

Map rating: 7.5/10


12. Theme Park

One of my favorites maps in ranked, even though I think that the old Theme Park is better. Though there’s a lot of spots for defenders to spawn peek, there’s also a lot of structures for attackers to hide. Overall a pretty balanced map.

Map rating 7.5/10


11. Outback

The most recent map rework. Only a few days old. The rework features more angles and more balancing, but I think that the original version was already pretty good. 

Map rating: 7.5/10


10. Kanal

Another one of my favorites in ranked. It even has some pretty neat easter eggs on Extraction. The map has some really good entry points and angles for both attackers and defenders, and honestly this map would have been much higher in the list if not for the Alibi clone exploit.

Map rating: 7.5/10


9. Skyscraper

Ah, the Japan map. It wins on aesthetics but not much on balance. Usually, attackers have the upper hand in this map if defenders don’t play effective run outs. But it looks great and it feels very Siege-like.

Map rating: 7.5/10


8. Bank

The rework is really good for balance. Now the top floor is much more defensible. But as a Glaz main, I actually miss sniping defenders from the Parking Area of the adjacent building. But the changes in the map is very understandable, and it does make the map better overall.

Map rating: 8/10


7. Clubhouse

The balance in this map sucks honestly, but I usually win in this map so maybe my good memories in this map prevents me from being objective. Regardless, this is a very fun map and aesthetically pleasing. I love that they didn’t change it so much with the rework so it still feels like the old Siege

Map rating: 8/10


6. Fortress

Now this map is not part of the “old Siege”, but I love it because it’s really balanced and there’s a lot of room to perform tactical maneuvers. The aesthetics of the place also really makes you feel that you’re a real specops operator.

Map rating: 8/10


5. Villa

One of the most aesthetically pleasing Siege maps. It’s also quite balanced. It’s really fun to play in this map because its size provides for more strategic maneuvers.

Map rating: 8/10


4. Coastline

This is another map where I admit that I’m not being the most objective. Being a Glaz main, I have so many sweet memories of headshots that I got from my OTs-03 while sniping from the ruins or rappelling by the main window of the bedroom. This map is not balanced, but it’s very fun to play in. Especially back when Siege still had night time matches. The map was so aesthetic at night. So, I really hope that Ubisoft brings back night time in Siege matches.

Map rating: 8.5/10


3. Border

Another map that is not so balanced. It definitely favors attackers more. Yes, even with the rework. But it gets a lot of points for being fun to play in. When you play in Border, you can really feel the intensity of the game, like you’re really in a real op.

Map rating: 8.5/10


2. Tower

I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but Tower is one of the best maps in Siege. I actually would have put it on #1 if it still had night time mode. Yes, the map may not be balanced, but it’s hella fun to play in, and that’s why it’s only available in quick matches. It’s very aesthetic, and it really feels like a real museum in Korea. It even features Korean narration audio as well as its English translation which will really make you feel like you’re in a real Korean museum. There’s a kpop room too. Which is like a fun contrast to how intense the game is. And what I love about this map is its dark corners. It's reminiscent of old school Siege which I love so much.

Map rating: 9/10


1. Favela

Another unpopular opinion, I’m sure. But honestly, this map is pretty balanced. But most importantly, it’s the most fun to play in right now. Why? Because it’s the only map available in ranked mode that has a night time mode. Playing on this map will really make you feel like you are part of the special forces and you’re doing a real op in an urban area. Tight spaces. Lots of rooms. This map really brings back the intensity in Siege. 

Map rating: 9.5/10


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