[Top 15] R6 Best Solo Queue Operators

Top 15 Best Solo Queue Operators in R6
We operate solo but we still contribute a lot to our team

Sadly, not all of our friends play Siege, and for some of us, it’s not really comfortable to just join up and voice chat with random strangers in Discord. That’s why a lot of us go in solo queue, and this can be really challenging for obvious reasons, but it also presents the player with a different kind of freedom from pressure and you know, the random singing and noises that in-game voice chat brings us sometimes. With that said, here are fifteen of the best operators to use when you’re solo queuing.


15. Thorn

Thorn, the newest addition to Team Rainbow, is a great operator for solo queue players because as long as you know the right spots to place her Razorbloom Shells, it’ll be okay not to coordinate it to your team. The Razorbloom Shells also make a very audible sound when they detonate, so there’s not a lot of need for you to issue a callout to your teammates about the location where it detonated. Her unique gun, the UZK50GI is also a great gun for players who are just starting and likely do not have a lot of Ubisoft Connect contacts yet, because it’s both powerful and its recoil is easy to handle.

What makes Thorn great for solo players:

  • Easy to handle unique gun
  • Gadget that can compromise enemy location
  • Straightforward gameplay

Best loadouts for Thorn:



14. Sledge

Solo queue players such as myself tend to play the flanker role and penetrate the mission area solo. Sledge is a great operator for that. With 2-armor and 2-speed, this operator has great mobility for hunting roamers and harassing defenders by doing a vertical attack. And as Sledge, you do not really need to coordinate your actions to your teammates that much because your role is simple; break floors and harass enemies from above.

What makes Sledge great for solo players:

  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Easy to use special gadget
  • Role that is perfect for going solo

Best loadouts for Sledge:



13. Wamai

Wamai is a great solo queue operator because you can deploy his gadgets on multiple locations and once you know the best spots to place them, you don’t really need to coordinate it to your team. Like Thorn’s Razorbloom Shells. Wamai’s Mag-NETs also make a loud sound when they perform their function, so there’s really not a lot of need for you to tell your teammates where it was activated because they probably heard it too. 

What makes Wamai great for solo players:

  • Straightforward use of special gadget
  • Can compromise enemy locations
  • Easy to handle guns

Best loadouts for Wamai:



12. Jager

Jager’s gadgets are very easy to deploy and it doesn’t take a lot of experience to know the right spots to place them, and that’s perfect for players who are just starting and presumably don't have a lot of contacts in Siege to play with yet. And while his 416-C carbine is pretty tough to control, the availability of various attachments makes it very customizable to the player, so if the player is having a hard time controlling its recoil, he can customize it to prioritize recoil benefits instead of damage and speed. 

What makes Jager great for solo players:

  • Very customizable main gun
  • Straightforward special gadget deployment
  • Straightforward role

Best loadouts for Jager:



11. Zero

The legendary Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher is a great solo queue attacker because his Argus Cams can also be accessed by his teammates, and the player really has a simple role to play. Attach them on spots that wouldn’t easily be noticed by defenders, and destroy their gadgets with the Argus Cam’s laser. Like Jager’s 416-C carbine, Zero’s SC3000K is also highly customizable, making it a very easy to use weapon for starting and veteran players alike.

What makes Zero great for solo players:

  • Special gadget that can be used by the whole team
  • Easy to use gun
  • Perfect for roamer hunting

Best loadouts for Zero:



10. Nokk

Nokk’s role as a flanker and roamer hunter is perfect for solo queue players because just as most solo queue players prefer, Nokk is most effective when operating alone. Literally, it’s not good for her to be accompanied by teammates because their footsteps and other noises that they create will just render Nokk’s Hel Presence reduction useless. With Nokk, a solo queue player will contribute to his team the most when he’s sweeping the mission area away from them.

What makes Nokk great for solo players:

  • Literally most effective when going solo
  • Easy to handle guns
  • Straightforward gadgets

Best loadouts for Nokk:



9. Gridlock

Gridlock is a straightforward operator to use and even without much team coordination, her gadget really only requires common sense to be used effectively. That is, for creating choke points, and blocking roamer flanking points. Her guns are also very easy to handle which makes her a great operator for beginner or veteran solos alike. The only downside to her is her 1-speed rating, but with enough experience, any player can get used to handling Siege’s big boss woman.

What makes Gridlock great for solo players:

  • Straightforward Role
  • Straightforward gadget deployment
  • Easy to use guns

Best loadouts for Gridlock:



8. Dokkaebi

Dokkaebi is a great operator for both solo queuing and playing with teammates. For solos like this author, it really only takes experience to effectively use Dokkaebi’s logic bomb with your teammates while penetrating the mission area. Even without being on discord or voice chat, Dokkaebi’s logic bomb will always be a great help for compromising enemy locations and preventing roamers. And when Dokkaebi is able to hack a dead defenders’ phone, the cameras will be accessible to all her teammates as well.

What makes Dokkaebi great for solo players:

  • Gadget that can be used by the whole team (when she hacks an enemy device)
  • Very easy to use special gadget
  • Great for hunting roamers

Best loadouts for Dokkaebi:



7. Ash

Aside from creating a very big effing hole, as Thermite loves to say, Ash’s gameplay is really not for slow, tactical, and coordinated plays. She excels more on hunting roamers and flanking. In essence, she’s like a high speed, high damage Nokk. And will contribute to the team more by sweeping the mission area on her own. Which is just perfect for players who are used to going solo.

What makes Ash great for solo players:

  • Great for hunting roamers
  • More effective when going solo
  • Wide variety of gun and attachment choices

Best loadouts for Ash:



6. Zofia

If Ash is like a high speed, high damage Nokk, then Zofia is like Ash on steroids. What makes Nokk and Ash perfect for solo queue players, makes Zofia even more compatible for solo gameplay. She can make entry holes like Ash, and while not being as fast, she has more armor than the former. Making her a very solid operator with high firepower that is perfect for sweeping areas in the map that the rest of the team haven’t cleared yet.

What makes Zofia great for solo players:

  • Most effective when going solo
  • Straightforward role
  • Straightforward gadgets

Best loadouts for Zofia:



5. Lesion

Lesion is a really good all-around operator which can be used so well by solo queuers. His Gu mines act like alarms whenever detonated by an enemy presence, so they already act in a similar way to a teammate callout. Lesion only has to deploy them and let them serve their purpose. Lesion also has impact grenades and once the player already knows the usual locations of rotation holes, he can just create them using impact grenades with or without coordination with teammates.

What makes Lesion great for solo players:

  • Easy to deploy gadgets
  • Gadgets that can serve as alarm
  • Easy to handle guns

Best loadouts for Lesion:



4. Melusi

Like Lesion, Melusi is another operator that is great for anchoring because her Banshees doesn’t only encumber enemies, they can serve as alarms to enemy presence as well, so even if her player isn’t on a team Discord or using voice chat, she will always be a great team contributor. For her secondary gadgets, she can choose between impact grenades or a bulletproof camera. Though I generally recommend the use of impact grenades over bulletproof cameras, both gadgets can contribute a lot to the team, with or without teammate coordination via comms.

What makes Melusi great for solo players:

  • Gadgets that can serve as alarm
  • Easy to handle  guns
  • Straightforward role

Best loadouts for Melusi:



3. Alibi

I’ve been playing Siege for years and I still get baited by Alibi’s Primas. Like the above two operators, Alibi is another operator whose gadget specializes in compromising enemy locations. With Alibi’s Prismas, the player literally doesn’t have to issue a callout to his teammates because the Primas will keep pinging the enemy location for a few seconds, giving Alibi’s whole team the general direction of the enemy.

What makes Alibi great for solo players:

  • Gadgets that can compromise enemy locations
  • Easily customizable guns
  • Straightforward gameplay

Best loadouts for Alibi:



2. Rook

With just one click, Rook’s value as a team contributor can rise so high, with or without teammate comms. His armor plates are a great help to his team, especially to roamers who usually only have 1 or 2 armor rating. As a Glaz main who uses a suppressor for the OTs-03, it’s really a pain in the ass whenever there’s a Rook in the defender team. With that said, Rook is a very solid operator for solo queuers because no matter what happens in the match, as long as he doesn’t forget to drop the armor plates at the start of the round, he will contribute to the team greatly.

What makes Rook great for solo players:

  • Buffs the team with one click
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Secondary gadgets that contribute well to the team

Best loadouts for Rook:



1. Kapkan

One of the best operators for solo players. The deployment of his gadget really mostly rests on the players’ sole discretion, so playing Kapkan doesn’t really require a lot of team coordination. His secondary gadgets are also very straightforward to use. Impact grenades for creating rotation holes, or nitro-cell which is simply thrown over an enemy’s direction. Kapkan’s EDDs not only damage or kill enemies, it disrupts their rhythm too and can serve as an alarm for the whole defending team.

What makes Kapkan great for solo players:

  • Special gadget that can serve as alarm
  • Straightforward role
  • Straightforward gadgets

Best loadouts for Kapkan:



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