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Rainbow Six Siege Best Aspect Ratio, Rainbow 6 Siege best Aspect Ratio
Insights from the professionals are always valuable

Aspect ratio directly affects how well you’ll be able to see your enemies. It is one of the most important settings in Siege and can affect the player’s performance greatly. There were a lot of times when I was still a newbie that I reported an enemy player as hacking just because in the death cam, it seemed like he cannot even see me well but was still able to aim at my head perfectly. Later on, it occurred to me that he may have been using a much different aspect ratio than I was using and probably was seeing me in a different perspective. Here we’re gonna take a look at the aspect ratio settings that professional Siege players are using.


3) 4:3 – Beaulo's Aspect Ratio

Beaulo is without a doubt one of the best Siege players and probably the one who has the most online presence and popularity among the professional players. He uses 4 : 3 aspect ratio which is the most popular aspect ratio among the pros.

Excels in:

  • Making enemy sprites appear bigger
  • Making it appear that enemies are closer
  • Enables you to see targets clearer

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You’re having trouble seeing opponents
  • You have good reaction time and can react to enemies coming from the side quickly
  • You’re used to high sensitivity (Beaulo uses 90)


2) 3:2 – Canadian's Aspect Ratio

Canadian is the top R6 pro when it comes to earnings and he uses the 3 : 2 aspect ratio which this author personally prefers rather than the 4 : 3. See, the advantage of the 4 : 3 aspect ratio is that you’ll be able to see enemies in front of you much better, but it sacrifices a lot of peripheral view. So, in this author’s opinion, this is a more balanced one.

Excels in:

  • Balance
  • It doesn’t sacrifice a lot of peripheral view
  • It still maintains a good front view

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You usually have trouble reacting to roamers and flankers
  • You are used to low sensitivity (Canadian uses 4)


1) 16 : 10 – Pengu's Aspect Ratio

For context, Pengu uses 4 : 3 for pro league matches. That is because pro league matches are done with Lan connection. But he recommends using 16 : 10 when it comes to online matches, which is where most readers of this article would probably be playing at. The reason for this is that ping and latency has a negative effect on 4 : 3 and it makes players appear to move faster, therefore; harder to hit.

Excels in:

  • Online matches
  • Balance between side view and front view

Use this aspect ratio if:

  • You’re playing online, like most of us.
  • You’re worried about not being able to see enemies on your peripheral view


Final thoughts:

Let’s take a look at how each setting looks like. These tests were done with a Field of View of 75.

This author personally uses 16 : 10 because it doesn’t sacrifice a lot of peripheral view which is very important when it comes to Siege. Of course, if you’re like Beaulo who has a very quick reaction time and can aim at the sides in a flash, the front view probably matters the most. The thing is, most of us aren’t Beaulo. The point is, treat this article as a guide, not a rule, and experiment on which settings are the best for you.


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