[Guide] R6 Best Barrel Attachments - Which to Use?

rainbow 6 siege Best Barrel Attachments, rainbow six siege Best Barrel Attachments
It appears that Hibana is using a flash hider in this cinematic

Barrel attachments play a great role in Siege. Most of them provide recoil benefits, and some provide more than that, like hiding the muzzle flash, or the sound of gunshots. In this article, we are going to examine the best barrel attachment for each operators’ best guns.


62. Thorn – Compensator

Compensators greatly lower the recoil diamond, or basically, the recoil from all directions of the gun. And Thorn’s UZK50GI’s recoil diamond is quite big. Therefore, she will benefit more from using a compensator.


61. Glaz – Suppressor

Suppressors remove the directional threat indicator of gunshots, that means with a suppressor, Glaz will be able to perform his role as a long-range support better.


60. Dokkaebi - Suppressor

Same with Glaz, Dokkaebi will be able to more effectively strafe at enemies at a distance with her Mk 14 EBR when it’s equipped with a suppressor. She will be able to hear hacked phones better as well.


59. Lion – Compensator

Lion’s V308 is another gun which has a big recoil diamond. Meaning, it can cause a lot of random recoil, that means that for his V308, Lion will benefit most from the compensator.


58. Finka – Compensator

Finka’s Spear .308 doesn’t really have a big recoil diamond, but because of her role, she will be firing at sustained fire rate most of the time, and for long sustained fire, the compensator will provide a more stable recoil pattern.


57. Castle - Extended Barrel

Castle’s UMP45 has a low inherent recoil, therefore, you don’t really need a lot of recoil benefits. What you need is more damage, and the extended barrel will provide more damage at long distance.


56. Jager - Extended Barrel

Jager’s 416-C carbine has a very rough recoil, and honestly, no matter which barrel attachment you choose, its recoil will still be rough and hard to control, so you might as well go for full damage and choose the extended barrel.


55. Frost - Extended Barrel

Frost’s 9mm C1’s biggest weakness is its low fire rate. Luckily, you can easily compensate with better damage using the extended barrel.


54. Alibi - Extended Barrel

Alibi’s Mx4 Storm is a high recoil gun but the vertical grip and the player’s own recoil control should be sufficient in controlling it, therefore it’s better to opt with the extended barrel which greatly lessens the range damage penalty of gunshots.


53. Kaid – Suppressor

Because a defending sniper will give a lot of trouble to attackers. And for snipers, the suppressor provides a lot of benefits, such as hiding the muzzle flash, dampening the gunshot sounds, and the most important of all, elimination of the directional threat indicator.


52. Wamai – Compensator

Wamai’s Aug A2 is another gun in Siege that has a huge recoil diamond, therefore, minimizing it using the compensator will provide the player with more stable sustained firing.


51. Lesion - Flash Hider

Lesion’s T-5 SMG’s recoil diamond is quite small and its recoil pattern only goes up in a straight pattern, and for guns like this, the flash hider which greatly lowers vertical recoil will give the player the most benefit. 


50. Capitao - Extended Barrel

Capitao’s Para-308 assault rifle is quite easy to control even without a barrel attachment that provides recoil benefits. Therefore, this gun will benefit the most with the extended barrel’s higher long-range damage.


49. Aruni - Extended Barrel

Aruni’s P10 Roni suffers from low damage, therefore, lessening its range damage reduction greatly compensates for its biggest weakness, ensuring you’ll be able to deal decent damage from any range.


48. Sledge - Flash Hider

Sledge’s L85A2’s recoil diamond doesn’t change much whether you attach a flash hider or compensator to it, and it's small in the first place. Therefore, Sledge will benefit from the flash hider’s vertical recoil reduction the most.


47. Kapkan - Flash Hider

While Kapkan’s 9x19VSN’s recoil diamond is quite big, it’s not that big to worry too much about, therefore Kapkan will reap more benefits from the flash hider’s vertical recoil reduction and the elimination of the muzzle flash.


46. Mute - Flash Hider

Mute’s MP5K will benefit most from the flash hider because its recoil pattern goes on a straight vertical line, therefore, the flash hider’s vertical recoil will give the player the best accuracy for this gun.


45. Buck – Flash Hider

Same with Mute, Buck’s C8-SFW's recoil pattern goes on a straight vertical pattern, meaning reducing its vertical recoil will give the player the most accuracy benefits.


44. Blackbeard – Flash Hider

Blackbeard’s MK17 CQB’s kicks are quite strong, so holding down its vertical recoil takes priority if the player wants to accurately hit enemies.


43. Jackal – Flash Hider

Jackal’s C7E’s recoil pattern kinda goes on a straight vertical line and its recoil diamond doesn’t change much even when you attach a compensator to it, therefore, the most logical choice for this gun is the flash hider.


42. Mira – Extended Barrel

Mira’s Vector .45 ACP suffers from its inherent low damage, so, compensating for that with the extended barrel will give Mira the most benefit, especially for her role of holding down areas, where she must strafe at a distance from time to time.


41. Thatcher – Compensator

Attaching a compensator to Thatcher’s AR33 makes its recoil pattern go in a straight vertical line, therefore all the player needs to do is hold it down with his own recoil control and he’ll be able to hit enemies accurately.


40. Zofia – Flash Hider

The LMG-E's recoil diamond is pretty big, but at the same time, its recoil pattern goes on a straight vertical pattern, and for guns like this, the flash hider provides the most accuracy bonus because it specializes in reducing vertical recoil.


39. Thermite – Flash Hider

There’s really not a lot of difference with the recoil of Thermite’s 556XI whether you attach a flash hider or a compensator to it, therefore, you might as well opt with a flash hider for the added benefit of hiding the muzzle flash which might make it harder for your enemies to spot where you’re shooting them from.


38. Ela – Compensator

The Scorpion EVO 3 A1’s recoil is very hard to control, and for these kinds of guns, the compensator would be the best attachment, because it specializes in reducing the recoil of guns from all directions.


37. Rook – Flash Hider

With Rook’s MP5, your only choices are the flash hider, suppressor, and the muzzle brake. Muzzle brake is out of the question, and the suppressor will further lower the MP5’s already low damage, therefore the flash hider is the only logical choice.


36. Caveira – Extended Barrel

There isn’t much difference between the recoil benefits of the flash hider and the extended barrel when it comes to Cav’s M12, therefore you might as well attach the extended barrel and benefit from the better damage at long range.


35. Valkyrie – Flash Hider

Valk’s MPX’s recoil pattern goes in an almost straight vertical pattern, therefore, attaching a flash hider to it which greatly lowers the vertical recoil will give the player the most accuracy benefit.


34. Echo – Flash Hider

Echo’s Bearing 9 is a great alternative gun for this operator and its recoil pattern, like Valk’s MPX, only goes on a straight vertical line, that’s why reducing its vertical recoil is top priority, and the flash hider specializes in that.


33. Maverick – Suppressor

And this goes for both of his primaries. Because of Mav’s role of creating murder roles, he would benefit the most from the suppressor. With it, the enemy won’t immediately know from which murder hole they’re being shot from.


32. Gridlock – Flash Hider

Gridlock’s F90’s recoil will even be more compact with the flash hider’s vertical recoil reduction benefits. The muzzle flash being hidden might also make some delay before your enemies notice where they’re being shot from.


31. Nokk – Suppressor

Nokk’s role as a silent stalker, flanker, and a roamer hunter is best complemented with additional stealth on his guns.


30. Amaru – Flash Hider

The elimination of the muzzle flash on the G8A1 greatly complements Amaru’s Garra Hook surprise factor. With a Garra Hook rush, you’re relying more on surprise, and the enemies not seeing a muzzle flash can negatively affect their reaction time.


29. Ash – Flash Hider

Ash’s G36C’ss recoil pattern goes in a straight vertical line, so further reducing its vertical recoil will give the player the most benefit when it comes to accuracy.


28. Ying – Flash Hider

Like Ash’s G36C, Ying’s T-95 LSW recoil pattern goes on a straight vertical line. Granted that it has a pretty big recoil diamond, because of the straight pattern, it’s still best to attach a flash hider to it. The elimination of the muzzle flash also complements her ability to blind enemies.


27. Thunderbird – Flash Hider

Thunderbird has the same Spear .308 as Finka but their roles are different, and for Thunderbird’s case who is a 3-speed operator and a defender who rotates a lot, the flash hider will be the most beneficial.


26. IQ – Flash Hider

IQ’s 552 Commando doesn’t have a big recoil diamond and its recoil pattern is quite straight, therefore, it will benefit the most with the flash hider making its vertical recoil more compact.


25. Twitch – Flash Hider

As you can see from the image above, Twitch’s F2’s recoil diamond isn’t that big, and its recoil pattern is pretty standard. Therefore, it will benefit the player more if its vertical kick is lowered, and the flash hider specializes in that.


24. Hibana – Flash Hider

The Type-89's recoil diamond is actually pretty big and this gun is quite hard to control, so it will also greatly benefit from a compensator, however, because of Hibana’s role as a breacher who will most of the time strafe from the area where she breached with her X-Kairos, the flash hider provides more benefits because of the elimination of the muzzle flash. With that, she can strafe at a distance while making the enemy guess where the shots are coming from.


23. Mozie – Flash Hider

The Commando 9’s recoil diamond is quite big, but it doesn’t change much even with the compensator, therefore, it is best to tame the gun’s vertical recoil down some more with the flash hider.


22. Vigil – Suppressor

Vigil’s role as a roamer and one that relies on stealth means that he will benefit the most with the suppressor on his K1A. With the suppressor eliminating the directional threat indicator of his gunshots, as well as the muzzle flash and the gunshot sounds, Vigil can keep harassing the attackers with a hit and run tactic.


21. Pulse – Extended Barrel

As a roamer, enemies can appear on your line of sight suddenly and from any distance. So, with the extended barrel, you can be sure to deal heavy damage on the attackers no matter the distance. Besides, the UMP45 already has a very stable recoil, so there’s not really a lot of need for more recoil benefits from other barrel attachments.


20. Smoke – Flash Hider

Since the FMG-9's recoil pattern goes on a straight vertical line, it will greatly benefit from the flash hider’s reduction of vertical recoil. Plus, it’ll be harder for enemies to see you when you’re shooting at them from behind your smoke because the flash hider hides the gun’s muzzle flash.


19. Maestro – Flash Hider

Although Maestro’s Alda 5.56 has a big recoil diamond and would greatly benefit from the compensator as well, the flash hider will provide him more benefits because of his role as an anchor. Without the muzzle flash, it’ll be harder for enemies to accurately return fire at Maestro, especially when he’s hiding in strategic hiding spots in the objective area with a lot of cover.


18. Fuze – Flash Hider

Just like Maestro’s Alda, Fuze’s AK-12 would greatly benefit from the recoil benefits of the compensator as well because of its pretty big recoil diamond. However, if you take in consideration Fuze’s role, the flash hider is what’s best for him. His cluster charges leave murder holes on walls where he can strafe at defenders inside, and without the muzzle flash, there’ll be some delay before the defenders realize where they’re being shot from.


17. Iana – Flash Hider

Iana is another operator that benefits greatly from the elimination of the muzzle flash on her gun. Without the flash hider, enemies could be slower to react to her gunshots, and in some cases, they might even think for a few milliseconds that it’s still her holographic copy that they’re seeing. Besides, the recoil pattern of the G36C goes on a straight vertical line, and as mentioned above, guns like this mostly benefit the most from flash hiders.


16. Bandit – Flash Hider

Bandit’s MP7 is going to be hella accurate with the flash hider because it greatly lowers the vertical weapon kick, and as you can see from the image, Bandit’s MP7’s recoil pattern only go upwards, so holding it down some more is the only logical way to go.


15. Tachanka – Flash Hider

Tachanka’s unique gun, the DP27, doesn’t have barrel attachment choices, however, his alternative gun, the 9x19VSN, does. And for this gun, the flash hider is the best. Not only does it greatly reduce the vertical recoil; it’ll also make it harder for attackers to see where you’re shooting them from, especially behind the Shumika launcher’s fires.


14. Oryx – Flash Hider

Oryx’s T-5 SMG has a very low recoil which goes on a straight vertical pattern, so it’s a no-brainer, you should go with the flash hider with this one and accurately harass the attackers as you roam around and escape through walls.


13. Warden – Flash Hider

Another gun with a very clear, straight vertical recoil pattern. Warden’s MPX greatly benefits from the vertical recoil reduction of the flash hider. You also wouldn’t want enemies to accidentally notice your muzzle flash while you’re shooting them through the smoke with the help of Warden’s Glance Smart Glasses, so equipping a flash hider when using Warden is a must.


12. Kali – Suppressor

You can’t change the barrel attachment on Kali’s main gun, the CSRX 300, so let’s take a look at the best secondary gun that she has, the SPSMG9. Its recoil pattern goes up on an almost straight line, therefore, it’ll be quite easy to control so you don’t really need much recoil benefit from the other attachments. Besides, Kali needs some measure of stealth as well, especially when she begins entering the objective area.


11. Zero – Extended Barrel

Because in Siege, you’ll never know when an opponent may come and engage you, and where. With the extended barrel, you’ll be sure to deal heavy damage regardless of range. This also complements Zero’s gadget, the Argus Cam. With an extended barrel, he’ll be able to effectively strafe at enemies that he spots with them.


10. Melusi – Flash Hider

There’s really not much of a choice. Literally. With Melusi’s MP5, the only barrel attachments available are the flash hider, suppressor, and muzzle brake. And since the MP5 is not a single shot firing gun,muzzle brake is out of the question, the suppressor is too, because it will lessen the MP5’s already low damage. 


9. Nomad – Flash Hider

Nomad’s AK-74M's straight vertical recoil pattern makes it a perfect gun for a flash hider. Not only that, the availability of the 2.5x scope for this gun, as well as Nomad’s airjabs, makes her perfect for long range support. And for long range strafing, flash hiders are great, because it hides the muzzle flash of the gun from the enemy, making them exert more effort into figuring out where the gunshots are coming from.


8. Clash – Flash Hider

Clash’s SPSMG9 can be pretty tough to handle, but the flash hider makes it a lot easier to hold it down. With a flash hider, this gun turns into a good alternative for a submachine gun. It becomes accurate and feels stable.


7. Goyo - Suppressor

Just like with Kaid, Goyo is a heavy anchor operator, and playing the role as a sniper while anchoring fits Goyo well due to his Vulcan shields that can deter enemies and hold them at angles perfect for his TCSG12.


6. Osa – Flash Hider

Due to Osa’s role of playing the “attacker Mira”, every millisecond that the defenders don’t react to her shooting counts. That is why the flash hider is perfect for her 556XI. It greatly lowers its already low vertical kick, and hides the muzzle flash.


5. Flores – Flash Hider

Since Flores’ AR33’s recoil pretty much goes straight vertically, and the recoil diamond isn't that big, the flash hider is the perfect barrel attachment for it. It also plays well with Flores’ strengths which is making enemies panic and run away from his exploding drones. While moving away from an exploding drone, it’ll be extra harder for them to return an effective counter fire if they don’t see the muzzle flash.


4. Ace – Compensator

The AK-12 has a big recoil diamond, and it’s the compensator’s specialty to reduce it. It also works well with Ace’s usual role of breaching and then providing long range support. Because when it comes to long range sustained firing, the compensator is the best barrel attachment.


3. Montagne – Muzzle Brake

With the muzzle brake, Monty’s P9 becomes very accurate, allowing him to become an effective hard-to-hit-killer, because he can easily switch from covering himself with his shield, to using his pistol. You don’t really need a suppressor with Monty since whatever he does, he will always create loud noises because of his shield.


2. Doc – Flash Hider

Again, with the MP5, you practically only have two choices, the flash hider and the suppressor, and the suppressor offers a lot of benefits, but in most cases, for Doc, the flash hider will be most beneficial since this 3-armor 1-speed operator isn’t very stealthy in the first place. Plus, the MP5 only has 27 damage, and lowering it more by attaching a suppressor will make it much harder for Doc to kill.


1. Blitz – Muzzle Brake

It’s a no contest really. Finishing off his opponents while they’re blinded by his shield or when they’re running away from him is the best tactic for Blitz, and he’ll be able to execute that more effectively with the muzzle brake greatly lowering the recoil of his trusty P12.


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