R6 Fuze Guide: How To Play Fuze Like A Pro [25 Useful Fuze Tips You Should Know]

Fuze Guide For R6 Siege: 25 Useful Tips Fuze Players Should Know
Fuze brings a lot of destruction, but there’s so much more to him than that.

25. Don't Sleep on his Breach Charges


While I would recommend anyone trying out Fuze to go with his Hard Breach Charges in general, there would also be many situations where it’ll be better to opt with his Breach Charges instead. That’s specially the case when you already have two hard breach operators, other operators in your team that are carrying hard breach charges as their secondary weapons, or no Buck or Sledge that can destroy wooden floors.

And that’s because the Breach Charges are excellent utility tools that have a combo with Fuze’s Cluster Charges. With three Breach Charges in his arsenal, Fuze can destroy large portions of wooden floors above the objective spot, leaving the Defenders below exposed. With that, he can use his Cluster Charges to flush out Defenders from their remaining hiding spots and lead them to areas that are exposed from the floors he destroyed with his Breach Charges, leaving them vulnerable to his or his teammates gunfire.


24. Know The Pattern of His Cluster Charges


Most players, especially newer ones, or the ones who don’t use Fuze that much, think that the Cluster Charges, when deployed downwards, will just release their explosive charges downwards and that they will bounce in random directions. But their movement pattern is actually more pre-determined than what it seems. As the video above shows, you can use the light on the Cluster Charges as a marker to determine where your explosive charges will go.

And most of them will go a bit forward to the direction of the light, not really too sideways or random like what most people thought. It’s also worth noting that the last charge seems to have an extra bounce on it, and that’s actually what gets a lot of Defenders killed. When they think they’re safe and that they’ve avoided the explosions. Only for that last one cluster charge to bounce right beside him. Knowing the path that your cluster charges will most likely take will let you use it more strategically.


23. Use His PMM When Your Primary is his Shield

A lot of great Fuze players use his shield as his primary. You may have seen some of their gameplays on Youtube, just like the one above. And of course, it comes with a lot of drawbacks, like being vulnerable on your shoulders and legs, not being very agile in gunfight exchanges, and not being able to finish your enemies off quickly. But at least with the last drawback I mentioned, you can remedy it by equipping the PMM handgun.

The PMM handgun does 61 standard damage per shot, and with the recoil benefits from its muzzle brake, you could finish an enemy off quickly with just a few shots at its optimal range. And the faster you finish your enemy, the faster you can cover yourself again with your shield, so that’s why it’s very important to go for Fuze’s handgun that has the most damage. It’s also great for killing enemies that will turn their back on you and run.


22. Delay the Cluster Charges


The Cluster Charges can make quite a loud thud whenever they’re attached to a surface, especially on a wooden floor or barricade, and most players, even those who are only level ten will definitely know that sound came from Fuze, because it's very distinct, and it usually leaves horrible memories. So, when they hear that, most players’ instincts tell them to run away and change position. But you can confuse them by not detonating it immediately.

With that tactic, you will be able to surprise the Defenders, because the cluster charges will be suddenly released without the usual loud thud sound before it happens. That’ll give them less time to run, and that’ll increase your chances of getting kills with it, while of course still taking out a lot of their gadgets. You can also detonate it when you and your team are ready to push, so that you can instill panic on the Defenders.


21. Use the Kill Holes Left by the Cluster Charges

Unlike in the past, Fuze’s Cluster Charges can now be deployed on reinforced walls, and this has given Fuze a lot of flexibility when it comes to using his Cluster Charges, because with that update, the Cluster Charges can now be used more for horizontal attacks, and not just the usual vertical ones. But it’s not just all about the explosive charges that the cluster charges release. There’s also another benefit to them being able to be deployed on reinforced walls.

And that’s the kill holes that they leave behind when they’re finished releasing their explosives. Interestingly, a lot of Defenders will be on guard when they know that Maverick is out there making kill holes on the reinforced walls, but most of them won’t be so on guard when it comes to the holes that Fuze’s Cluster Charges create. And Fuze players can use that to their advantage, because more likely than not, they’ll be able to get kills from those kill holes.


20. Don't Use Fuze in Hostage Mode

I know we all make fun of Fuze killing hostages with all the memes and jokes in the Siege community, but it’s also true that with Fuze, there’s a very high probability of killing a hostage. And that’s because the explosive charges that get released from his special gadget can bounce, making their path quite unpredictable. So, even if you know the general direction that the explosive charges will take, the objects inside the objective area can make them bounce in different directions.

And of course, in Hostage mode, it only takes one explosive charge from Fuze’s special gadget getting near the hostage for your team to lose the round. And while it may just be a Quick Match round, it would still be embarrassing as well as a waste of time and renown if you lose the whole match because of it.


19. Don't Sleep on the Gsh-18

While I recommend the PMM when you’re using the Ballistic Shield as your primary because it can take your opponents down faster with its superior damage, that doesn’t mean that the Ghs-18 is something to sleep on. I actually prefer the Gsh-18 when I’m carrying Fuze’s 6P41 LMG or his AK-12, and that’s because I can use it for shooting down cameras silently with its suppressor, and it’ll still have a lot of bullets remaining in its magazine.

While the PMM inflicts heavier damage, the Gsh-18 has superior magazine capacity, so it’s more useful as a utility tool for shooting down Defender gadgets with its suppressor so as to lessen the chance of Defenders being alerted to your presence. The Gsh-18 also has a much lower recoil than the PMM, so with it, you’ll be able to hit your targets with better accuracy.


18. His LMG is Still Great

While they have made changes in the recoil progression of guns, especially the LMGs, with the most recent season, Operation Brutal Swarm making it harder to control the recoil of long sprays, it’s still not a reason to finally quit using Fuze’s 6P41 LMG. It remains a powerful weapon with high damage, and has a wide variety of attachments available to it.

And that wide variety of attachments make it much more customizable for the player’s own playstyle and recoil control. Of course, its huge magazine capacity is still its biggest strength, so it’s still great for applying suppressive fire while your teammates flank and do their own roles. The long sprays that the 6P41 can provide will also be great in distracting the enemies while your teammates plant the defuser. 


17. Stick to Short Burst Firing

Like I mentioned above, Ubisoft has made a lot of big changes to the game with the release of Operation Brutal Swarm, and perhaps the biggest of all is the change in recoil progression of guns across the board. They made it much harder now to control the recoil when it comes to longer sprays, and that really changes the gun meta in the game. Now, players won’t win gunfights simply because they have bigger magazine capacity.

The main goal of this change is to nerf the LMGs, especially Finka’s 6P41, because they’re really quite OP with their high damage, low recoil, and massive magazine capacity. This is great because Siege is going back to its tactical roots by forcing players to rely more on short burst firing. So, my advice for players, especially with Fuze’s LMG and assault rifle is to stick with short bursts as much as possible.


16. The Hard Breach Charge is Very Valuable


Fuze is one of the most feared vertical attackers because he can rain down explosives after explosives on the objective spot, killing Defenders who don’t get away in time, and most importantly, destroying a lot of Defender gadgets in the process. But another thing that makes Fuze such an effective vertical attacker is his Hard Breach Charges, and he has two of them.

With his Hard Breach Charges, Fuze can destroy the reinforced hatches that are present in many objective spots located on the lower floors and basements. With their hatches destroyed, the Defenders will be a lot more exposed from above, and they’ll be a lot more uncomfortable and panicky. And because Fuze has two Hard Breach Charges, he can also use them for a horizontal breach in case his team’s hard breacher fails to perform his role.


15. Never Come in First


Fuze is a 1-speed Attacker, so he’s one of the slowest Attackers in the game and because of his heavy armor, he makes a lot of noise when he moves. So, it’s not ideal for him to go in first for room clearing. Because chances are, he’ll be the one who’ll get fragged. And when the objective spot is on a lower floor and the Attackers are planning to do a vertical attack, Fuze being killed early will be very detrimental to that plan.

And as mentioned above, recoil of guns especially when it comes to longer bursts is stronger now, and Fuze’s 6P41 LMG and AK-12 assault rifle have rough recoils, so it’s really not ideal for Fuze to be the entry fragger and perform the early room clearing. It’ll be better if you let your teammates who are better suited for that job to go in first and you come in the middle once the roamers are clear and you’re free to rain down explosives on the objective spot with your Cluster Charges.


14. Learn the Maps That Are Great for Fuze


There is a saying that just because you can doesn’t mean you should, and that applies to Fuze, especially when you’re not in a coordinated team. A lot of Fuze players, especially newer ones, think that just because the map has a lot of wooden floors and barricaded windows, it’ll be perfect for Fuze. But a lot of those maps aren’t, because the areas where Fuze can perform his vertical attack is wide, making him susceptible to roamers.

So, unless you’re playing in a coordinated team and you know that your teammates will support you while you’re performing your role, don’t pick Fuze in maps like Chalet, Consulate, or Villa. Like the video above says, Border is an example of a really good map for Fuze, because the spots where he will perform his vertical attacks are riddled with choke points, so you won’t be easily exposed to roamers.


13. Never Turn Off Teammate Outlines with Fuze

Now this especially applies when you’re not in a coordinate stack, but I also wouldn’t recommend you to turn off your teammate outlines even when you’re in a 5-stack and coordinated through Discord. That’s because you could easily kill your teammates if you’re not careful with your Cluster Charges. And now having teammate outlines on means you wouldn’t be able to see exactly where your teammates are in real time.

And that would be a bummer, because even when you’re communicating with your teammates through Discord, it is not like you will always be able to tell where they are through their callouts. So, it’s just better all-around to leave teammate outlines on in the HUD options. That way, you’ll always have a good handle on where your teammates are, and it’ll be less likely for you to team kill them with your Cluster Charges.


12. Flush Your Opponents Out with the Cluster Charges


Now this is one of the best ways to use Fuze. As mentioned in one of the videos posted above, you shouldn’t really be aiming to get kills from the Cluster Charges, although, don’t get me wrong, the Cluster Charges do get kills from time to time, but most of the time, Defenders will be able to get away from them, so what you really need to be focusing on when it comes to Fuze’s special gadget is gadget destruction and forcing Defenders to move out of their positions.

And we talked about it in one of the above entries. You can really use the Cluster Charges to force Defenders to move into an area where they will be exposed. This is generally easier from above, especially when you’ve followed some of the tips above about destroying hatches, or using the Breach Charges to destroy wooden floors. Knowing the pattern of how the Cluster Charges get released will really be helpful as well.


11. Don't Use Fuze to Get Kills


As mentioned above in one of the entries and in the video, you shouldn’t really be using Fuze’s Cluster Charges in order to rack up kills. And while the Cluster Charges do get kills from time to time, and it feels great when it happens, it’s just a simple truth that it doesn’t happen that much, and most Defenders, especially experienced ones, will be able to get away from them.

Now what you should really be focusing on when you’re playing Fuze is gadget destruction. Fuze is one of the best alternatives to Thatcher in that he’s able to neutralize a lot of Defender gadgets, and in some maps, he’s great for enabling hard breaching. The objective area would also be much easier to push for your teammates if most of the Defender gadgets are already destroyed by you.


10. He Has a Good Assault Rifle. Use it.


Fuze’s AK-12 is one of the most powerful assault rifles in the game with high damage output and fast rate of fire. It can make quick work of enemies, especially at close to medium range. While its horizontal recoil is quite hard to control, especially with the latest update that makes the recoil progression of guns across the board stronger, it’s still one of the best options for Fuze as a primary weapon.

And that’s especially more so right now that his LMG has been severely nerfed with the very same recoil progression update in Siege that I just mentioned. The great thing about the AK-12 is that it has a wide variety of attachments available to it, so when the user feels that its recoil is hard to control with a particular attachment, he’ll have many options to replace it with.


9. Move While Crouching as Much as Possible

Fuze is a 3-armor 1-speed operator, so it goes without saying that this operator is heavy. And while it comes with the added benefit of having more armor, he suffers a lot when it comes to movement speed. But being slow isn’t the only drawback of being a 3-armor 1-speed operator. It also comes with heavier sounding footsteps. And this is why most Fuze players, for as much as possible, should move around while crouching.

Crouching will minimize the sound of your footsteps, making it harder for enemies to pinpoint your location through sound cues. And that helps a lot when it comes to not being fragged by a roamer. It also lessens the chances of the Defenders below hearing where your approximate location is, so they won’t be able to counter you with the nitro cell as effectively as they would if you’re running around with your heavy footsteps.


8. Remember That Fuze Isn't Just for Vertical Attacks


A lot of Fuze players mostly just pick him when they know that the Defenders’ objective spot is going to be on the basement or on a lower floor, forgetting the fact that Fuze is also a very effective horizontal attacker, especially when he’s in a coordinated team. Or even by himself, if the Fuze player really knows what he’s doing. That is because even horizontally, Fuze can use his Cluster Charges to force players out of their entrenched positions.

Even without the intent of pushing Defenders out of their hiding spots, Fuze remains a very strong operator for a standard horizontal attack because he’ll be able to destroy a lot of Defender gadgets and soften up the objective spot before the Attacker team makes their push. That's especially the case right now that Fuze is allowed to deploy his Cluster Charges on reinforced walls.


7. Master the Maps

If you really want to be a great Fuze main then you will have to master the maps, there’s no other way around it. And I’m not talking about general map familiarity, I’m talking about knowing every nook and cranny of the maps, especially the areas that are usually chosen as objective spots. And not just those objective spots, you gotta know the area above it really well too. That is because you won’t really be as effective as Fuze if you don’t know where you should put your Cluster Charges.

So, you gotta take some time to make your custom game and destroy some wooden floors above the usual objective spots. That way, you will know how the objective area looks from above, and you will know exactly where you should deploy your Cluster Charges next time. Knowing all these, and not just the general outline of the maps will allow you to use Fuze more strategically and accurately.


6. Use His Cluster Charge to Secure Defuser


When you’re able to plant a Cluster Charge above the defuser, it will almost be a sure thing that your team will win the round. Of course, that is because all you will have to do is detonate the Cluster Charge after you hear the sound of a Defender canceling the defuser. Your Cluster Charges don’t even have to kill the Defender when you do this, because chances are, once he hears your Cluster Charge detonating, he will run, and he will waste a lot of time doing it.

Just be careful that you don’t detonate the Cluster Charge too early. Detonate it when you hear the Defender defusing the defuser for about 4 seconds. That way the Defender would have to cancel it in the middle of doing it, and he won’t be able to just run out of the room and come back to finish it, because he simply won’t have enough time. Most of the time, this is a great addition to your Fuze highlight reel because most Defenders won’t run and try their luck to finish canceling the defuser.


5. Coordinate with Your Team

While it’s very possible to play Fuze effectively even when you’re solo queueing, especially when you’re an experienced player. It’s still going to be much better if you’re able to coordinate with your team well by either communicating with them through the in-game voice comms, or playing on a five stack with your friends in Discord. That is because despite all the destruction and chaos that he brings, Fuze is actually a very tactical operator.


4. Use his Ballistic Shield


Now this isn’t recommended for beginners. But once you’ve gained more experience in the game and in using Fuze, you shouldn’t really sleep on his Ballistic Shield because it will give you a lot of advantages. The Ballistic Shield is actually the best primary for Fuze, especially considering his role, because it gives you a much higher chance of surviving the opening salvo of gunshots when you enter the room. And this will be really effective when you’re in a coordinated team.

For example, you will perform a vertical attack and you’re supported by one or two teammates who will enter the room first to perform room clearing. Even if you’re supported by one or two teammates, there will still be times when enemy roamers will find a way to get you because experienced Defenders will target Fuze. But with the Ballistic Shield, it will be harder to take you down, even when you’re deploying your Cluster Charges, because the shield will go to your back and could protect you from gunshots. 


3. Fuze is a Great Alternative to Thatcher


Because Fuze specializes in gadget destruction more than anything else, he is actually a really great alternative to Thatcher, especially when the objective spot is on the basement or a lower floor and there are wooden floors above the reinforced walls that Attackers need to breach. When that is the case, all Fuze has to do is to deploy his Cluster Charges on the part of the floor above the reinforced walls and its explosions should destroy any hard breach preventing devices.

But it’s safe to say that Defenders will expect this, especially if they’re experienced in the game. So, make sure that you do this along with one or two teammates that can cover you. Especially if you apply the tip above to use his Ballistic Shield as his primary, enemy roamers should have a hard time taking you down before you’re able to perform your role.


2. Soften Up the Objective Spot


Always remember that your role as Fuze isn’t really to get kills with your Cluster Charges, but to destroy as many Defender gadgets inside as you can. So, even if you’ve applied all the other tips above and you know the nooks and crannies of all the maps and you know where the Defenders would usually be entrenched, you shouldn’t just go and rain down explosives on them as soon as you clear the room above.

You should coordinate with your team or drone the objective spot yourself so that you’d know the position of their gadgets. Because the Defenders themselves might be able to run away from the Cluster Charges, but their gadgets can’t. And it would be really helpful to your team if you would be able to take out their anti-grenade gadgets, especially Maestro’s Evil Eyes, or Melusi’s Banshees. So make sure that you case their objective area first, know where the pesky gadgets are, and then target them with the Cluster Charges.


1. Use the Cluster Charges Strategically


When you’re using Fuze, always remember that he’s not just there to ensue chaos and destruction inside the objective spot. Fuze is at his best when he’s being used strategically, and with four Cluster Charges, you’ll have a lot of chances to do that, be it vertically or horizontally. Do not waste a single Cluster Charge by just placing it on a random spot above the objective area. Use your map knowledge and the intel you’ve gathered inside the objective spot to pick the spot that you’ll target with your Cluster Charges.

And one of the best uses of the Cluster Charge is for flushing Defenders out of their entrenched positions, as well as making them panic. When they panic, they’re more susceptible to making mistakes and just running the hell out without any plan. That’s when they will be a lot more vulnerable, so you and your teammates will be able to pick them off. Even without your teammates’ help, you’ll be able to frag Defenders by using the Cluster Charges to lead them to a vulnerable spot, just like what the video above shows.


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