[Top 10] R6 Siege Best Anti-Entry Operators

R6 Siege Top 10 Best Anti-Entry Operators
The ten best operators when it comes to anti-entry in Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 2.3

10. Azami (Anti-Entry, Support)

Azami is one of the best anti-entry operators because her special gadget, the Kiba Barrier, can be deployed safely from a distance and it will activate quickly. So for example, if you’re playing Azami and want to prevent enemies from entering a doorway, all you have to do is to deploy your Kiba Barrier on that doorway and it will block it depending on how well you deployed the Kiba Barrier. The Kiba Barrier is bulletproof and the only way to destroy it is by hitting it with a melee strike three times or using explosive utilities like frag grenades, gonne-6 and some explosive special gadgets.

This is great especially if it’s nearing the end of the round and the attackers have already used up most of their utilities. That means they will have to use melee hits in destroying the Kiba Barrier instead, and the thing is, Azami can deploy five Kiba Barriers per round, so if the Azami player has some more Kiba Barriers reserved, she can just block the doorway with another Kiba Barrier after the first one has been destroyed. This will waste a lot of the enemies’ time, and time is very crucial in Siege. Azami can also use the Kiba Barriers to block certain entryways in order to prevent enemies from effectively flanking.

What Makes Azami a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Her Kiba Barrier can be used to quickly block an entryway like a window or doorway and she can deploy it safely from a distance, so there’s less chance that she’ll be vulnerable to enemy fire while doing it
  • Azami’s Kiba Barriers are bulletproof and the only way to destroy them is by hitting them with a melee attack three times or using explosive utilities like grenades or the gonne-6 to destroy them
  • Azami can deploy a total of five Kiba Barriers per round and if she’s using them for anti-entry, she can effectively block quite a lot of entryways, which will hinder enemy movement
  • When used near the end of the round where attackers have used up most of their utilities, the Kiba Barriers being used to block entryways can really waste a lot of the attackers’ time

Best Loadout for Azami:



9. Lesion (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Unlike Azami’s Kiba Barriers, Lesion’s special gadget, the Gu Mine, can’t really completely block an enemy from going through an entryway. However, Lesion is a very effective anti-entry operator because he can deploy his Gu Mines on entryways and attackers who step on them will be prevented from sprinting, and they will experience damage-over-time. The Gu Mines also produce quite a loud sound when triggered, and that sound is usually enough for the defenders to hear, which basically means that the attacker who triggered it has their position already compromised. 

That is why with Lesion on the defending team, it can be very hard for attackers to flank with stealth let alone enter the objective spot without defenders noticing. It’s going to even be much harder soon because Lesion is set to have a huge buff that will be implemented next season which will bring back the initial damage from stepping on his Gu Mines and increase their damage-over time. The catch is, they won’t be invisible anymore, but since they will lose their electronic part that makes them invisible, they will also not be detectable by IQ’s Electronics Detector anymore and Twitch and Brava’s special drones won’t have an effect on them.

What Makes Lesion a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Lesion is a great anti-entry operator because with him on the defending team, it’ll be very hard for the attackers to enter the objective spot unnoticed, and that’s because of his Gu Mines
  • There would be a loud sound when an enemy steps onto one of his Gu Mines, so when they’re placed on entry points, it’s almost a guarantee that defenders will be warned when enemies go through them
  • When stepped on by enemies, the Gu Mines will poison them and they’ll experience damage-over-time which will also prevent them from sprinting, and that can make them very vulnerable to defender fire
  • Enemies will only be able to stop feeling the effects of the Gu Mine once they remove it, but removing them takes a few seconds, during which they won’t be able to do anything, and that can leave them vulnerable to defender fire

Best Loadout for Lesion:



8. Castle (Anti-Entry, Support)

Castle is great at preventing entry to his enemies because of his special gadget, the Armor Panel. He has access to four Armor Panels per round and they can be used to replace barricaded doors or windows. They can also be deployed on entryways that don’t have the default barricades as long as the entryway is compatible. The Armor Panels are bulletproof and can only be destroyed by nine melee hits or explosive utilities like frag grenades, gonne-6 hand cannon, Ash’s Breaching Rounds, and others. This makes Castle not just a great anti-entry operator. He's also great at making attackers use up their utilities.

Castle’s Armor Panels are great for reworking the movement of enemies, because a lot of times, enemies who aren’t carrying explosive utilities will just choose another path of attack instead of spending time to hit an Armor Panel with nine melee hits. Not only will that take a lot of their time. It can also leave them vulnerable to defender roamers. With Castle on the defending team, entryways that can be used by enemies for flanking can be blocked. Exposed areas with many windows will not be so vulnerable anymore. And that will allow the defenders to concentrate in one direction.

What Makes Castle a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Castle has four bulletproof Armor Panels which he can use to replace the default barricaded doors and windows, and since they’re bulletproof, the defenders behind them will be much safer
  • The Armor Panels are great anti-entry utilities because they’re very sturdy and takes nine melee hits or explosive utilities to break, so a lot of times, attackers just choose to use other paths of attack instead of destroying Castle’s Armor Panel
  • Since Castle has four Armor Panels which he can use to block entrances to the objective spot, he can effectively prevent attackers from flanking, allowing defenders to just concentrate on one direction
  • The Armor Panels can also be used to strengthen weak spots, for example, spots with a lot of windows, as they can be very exposed to attacker gunfire once the default barricaded windows are destroyed

Best Loadout for Castle:



7. Kapkan (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Kapkan doesn’t really particularly block or slow you from going through entry points like the operators we’ve discussed above. However, what he does is to punish enemies who carelessly go through entrances. That’s because he deploys his special gadget, the EDD, on entrances like doorways and windows, and they basically act like traps. Kapkan can deploy five EDDs per round and they have a laser which detects enemies going through the entryway that they’ve been deployed to. When their laser detects an enemy, they will explode, which will cause major damage to that enemy, and depending on the number of EDDs deployed on that entrance, that enemy could even be killed.

Two or three EDDs are usually enough to kill an attacker, making Kapkan one of the very few operators in the game that can inflict instant death with their special gadget. He becomes even deadlier as a trap and anti-entry operator when enemies do not know that he’s present in the defending team. But even when he’s detected by them during the prep phase and attackers know to be careful of each entrances they go through, Kapkan will still have a negative effect on them, as the knowledge that he’s around will force them to slow down and check each entryway for his traps if they don’t want to get badly damaged or killed.

What Makes Kapkan a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Kapkan specializes in heavily punishing attackers who carelessly goes through entrances because his special gadget, the EDDs, are traps that are deployed on entrances, and they can badly damage or kill attackers
  • Kapkan becomes even deadlier when he’s not detected by the attackers during prep phase and they don’t know that he’s around, because they won’t know that they’ll need to look out for traps on entrances
  • Even when attackers knows that Kapkan is around and they’re being careful when going through entrances, he still has a negative effect on them as watching for traps on each entrances they go through will slow them down
  • Even one EDD is enough to severely damage an attacker. Two or three of them are usually enough to cause instant death, making Kapkan one of the very few operators that can get instant kills with their special gadget

Best Loadout for Kapkan:



6. Tachanka (Anti-Entry, Crowd Control)

Tachanka’s special gadget, the Shumikha Launcher, allows him to deploy fire grenades from a distance, and when each fire grenade lands, they will cover a large spot in a carpet of fire which will last seven seconds before dissipating. That carpet of fire will obviously damage operators who step into its radius, so it’s a great way to prevent enemies from going through an entryway or an area. The scary thing is, Tachanka can fire a total of twenty fire grenades with his Shumikha Launcher, and as mentioned before, the fire from each of them lasts seven seconds.

Of course, there’s some more caveats like the reload time of the Shumikha Launcher, but in total, the fire duration from his Shumikha Launcher can last up to two minutes and twenty seconds. Even if realistically, players won’t be able to perfectly get that duration because of other factors, it gives you an idea of how long Tachanka can prevent enemies from going through an area, because if they force their way in, they’ll get badly damaged by the fire. This makes Tachanka a great anti-entry operator that can waste a lot of attacker’s time and prevent them from planting the defuser.

What Makes Tachanka a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Each of the twenty fire grenades that he can shoot from his special gadget, the Shumikha Launcher, can create a carpet of fire on an area that will last seven seconds before dissipating completely
  • The fire from the Shumikha Launcher’s fire grenades can quickly and badly damage enemies, so most enemies know that it’s a bad idea to go through the carpet of fire that Tachanka’s fire grenades create
  • Because Tachanka can deploy a total of twenty fire grenades from his Shumikha Launcher and each of them can cover a spot in fire for seven seconds, Tachanka can deny area to the attackers for around two minutes
  • Tachanka’s choice for his generic gadget, the barbed wire and the deployable shield, are also great for anti-entry as the former will slow enemies down and the latter can block them from simply going through a doorway

Best Loadout for Tachanka:



5. Aruni (Anti-Entry, Anti-Gadget)

Aruni can deploy three of her special gadgets, the Surya Laser Gate, per round, and what they do is project lasers on the entrances that they’ve been deployed to. They can be deployed on doorways, windows, hatches, and even walls. The Surya Laser Gates are indestructible, and they can only be temporarily disabled. This makes Aruni a great anti-entry operator, because she greatly discourages enemies from going through entryways where her Surya Laser Gates has been deployed. That’s because if they do, they’ll get damaged by thirty health points.

Now that may not sound a lot. Certainly not enough to kill you. But that’s still thirty points that could have been used to save you from a fatal gunshot instead. So most attackers try to disable the Surya Laser Gates first before entering, and the only way to disable them is for a utility to pass through their lasers, an attacker’s body touches their lasers, or the use of EMP. All methods that don't mean sacrificing health points mean that attackers will be sacrificing utilities instead, and all that only for a temporary disablement. This makes Aruni such a troublesome anti-entry operator.

What Makes Aruni a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • She deters enemies from simply going through entrances with the use of her Surya Laser Gates which puts up lasers on entryways that will damage enemies that touches them
  • Attackers can only disable them through EMP grenades, throwing their utilities at them, or going through them using their own body, which means disabling them can be quite troublesome
  • The Surya Laser Gates can only be temporarily disabled since their core is indestructible, and this can give a lot of trouble to the attackers because once they disable it, the lasers can go back at a time that they’re not expecting and damage them
  • Aruni’s Surya Laser Gates are also effective in making attackers use up their utilities as most will rather sacrifice their utilities to disable the lasers instead of their health points

Best Loadout for Aruni:



4. Smoke (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Like Tachanka above, Smoke specializes in area denial. He does that with his special gadget, the Remote Gas Grenade, which is very effective at denying entry to enemies. Instead of a carpet fire, Smoke’s gas grenades create a large cloud of chemicals that will rapidly damage enemies who enter its radius. Smoke has three gas grenades, and they can be detonated remotely, hence the name Remote Gas Grenade, and the chemical cloud from them will last ten seconds before dissipating completely. Now Smoke may not be able to deny entry or an area as long as Tachanka above can, but there’s a reason why Smoke’s ranking is higher.

That’s because unlike other anti-entry defenders, Smoke can enter the effects of his special gadget without getting damaged by it. So if he’s detonated his gas grenade on attackers that have already pushed a site, those attackers will either die or be pushed back out, and since Smoke doesn’t get harmed by his own gas grenade, he can swiftly enter its effects and regain control of the site, which also positions him closer to the enemies where his shotgun will be have the superiority. And like the other anti-entry operators we’ve discussed above, Smoke also has access to the barbed wires which are great anti-entry utilities.

What Makes Smoke a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • He prevents enemies from entering a site using his special gadget, the Remote Gas Grenade, which produces a large cloud of chemicals that quickly damages operators inside its radius
  • Operators apart from Smoke will get fifteen damage every two-thirds of a second, which is very fast, and means that his gas grenade can down a full health operator in just a few seconds regardless of their health rating
  • He has three gas grenades that can be activated remotely, and the cloud of chemicals that come from them lasts ten seconds before completely dissipating, which means Smoke can deny an area to enemies for thirty seconds
  • Smoke is unique in that unlike most anti-entry operators that uses area-of-effect type of utilities, he doesn’t get harmed by his own gas grenade, and he can use that for outmaneuvering enemies

Best Loadout for Smoke:



3. Bandit (Anti-Entry, Anti-Gadget)

Bandit denies entry to enemies in a different way than the operators that we’ve discussed above. That’s because Bandit prevents attackers from breaching reinforced walls using his special gadget, the Shock Wire. He has access to four Shock Wires per round, and one Shock Wire can electrocute one segment of a reinforced wall. That electricity on walls caused by Bandit’s Shock Wires destroys hard breaching devices like Thermite’s Exothermic Charge, Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets, Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, or ordinary hard breach charges.

That is why when Bandit is on the defending side and the attackers need to perform hard breaching, they will need to destroy or disable Bandit’s Shock Wires first. The thing about the Shock Wires though, is that they can be picked up again by Bandit quite quickly and their deployment is fast as well. This allows Bandit players to perform the “Bandit trick” and prevent their Shock Wires from being disabled even by Thatcher’s EMP Grenades. Bandit also has access to another anti-entry utility in the barbed wire which he can also electrocute with his Shock Wire.

What Makes Bandit a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Bandit specializes in preventing entry to enemies by preventing them from breaching the reinforced walls around the objective spot, and he does that with his special gadget, the Shock Wire.
  • Bandit has four Shock Wires and each of them can electrocute a segment of a reinforced wall. That electricity destroys utilities that get attached to the walls like attacker hard breach devices
  • Bandit can pick up his Shock Wires again and that action is quite quick. Similarly, he can deploy them fast, and that allows him to perform the “Bandit trick” which prevents them from being destroyed or disabled
  • Bandit has access to two barbed wires per round and they’re excellent anti-entry utilities in their own right. They’re also very helpful in preventing flankers from taking out Bandit from the sides or back

Best Loadout for Bandit:



2. Goyo (Anti-Entry, Trapper)

Goyo is another operator that specializes in preventing enemies entry through area-denial. The device he uses to do that is called the Volcan Canister. Goyo has access to four Volcan Canisters per round, and when they’re detonated by a gunshot or explosion, they will cover a large area in carpet fire for a whopping twenty seconds. That’s really a long time in Siege considering that competitive matches only have a little over two minutes time limit. They can be attached to almost all flat surfaces that Goyo can reach, so when they’re attached to barricaded doors or windows, the attackers will automatically trigger them when they destroy those doors or windows.

The fire from Goyo’s Volcan Canisters can damage an operator rapidly with thirty-six damage per second. So opponents who are trapped by other defender utilities such as Frost’s Welcome Mats, or slowed down by Melusi’s Banshees, Ela’s Grzmot Mines, or Lesion’s Gu Mines, on the spot where Goyo’s Volcan Canister has been detonated will likely die or at least be badly damaged. And since Goyo’s Volcan Canisters are purely mechanical, they can’t be disabled by EMP grenades or Twitch and Brava’s special drones. The only way to disable them is to detonate them and even if they don’t damage enemies, they’ll be taking up a lot of their time.

What Makes Goyo a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • He denies entry to his enemies through his area-denial device, the Volcan Canister, which, when detonated, will cover a large area in fire that will deal high and quick damage to operators
  • Goyo has access to four Volcan Canisters per round and the carpet fire that comes from each of them will last for twenty seconds before dissipating completely, and twenty seconds is a long time in Siege
  • The Volcan Canisters can be attached to most flat surfaces as long as they’ll fit and Goyo can reach them, and when they’re attached to barricaded doors or windows, they’ll get detonated when attackers destroy those doors or windows
  • Goyo’s Volcan Canisters are purely mechanical, so they cannot be disabled by EMP grenades, Twitch’s Shock Drones, or Brava’s Kludge drones. Enemies will have to detonate them in order to destroy them.

Best Loadout for Goyo:



1. Kaid (Anti-Entry, Anti-Gadget)

Like Bandit, operator Kaid specializes in preventing entry to attackers through hard breaching. But unlike Bandit, Kaid doesn’t only prevent attackers from hard breaching reinforced walls, he can do that for reinforced hatches as well. That’s because his special gadget, the Electroclaw, can be deployed from a distance, and it will stick to most surfaces. He’s got two Electroclaws and each of them has a wide radius. Reinforced walls or hatches, as well as utilities made of metal like barbed wires or deployable shields that are inside an Electroclaw’s radius will get electrocuted.

That electricity will of course prevent attackers' hard breach devices from working, so they’ll have to destroy or disable Kaid’s Electroclaws first. However, it can be trickier to disable Kaid’s Electroclaws because they have a wide range and their effects pass through even unbreakable surfaces like cement walls or floors, allowing Kaid to deploy them in tricky ways that’ll make it hard for attackers to destroy or disable them. As mentioned before, Kaid’s Electroclaws will also electrocute utilities like the barbed wires and deployable shields, and that’s another way that Kaid can prevent entry to enemies.

What Makes Kaid a Great Anti-Entry Operator:

  • Kaid specializes in preventing enemies from hard breaching, and when he’s successful, enemies won’t be able to enter the objective spot through walls or hatches
  • His hard breach denial device is called the Electroclaw and they can be deployed from a distance and that’s why until now, only Kaid is capable of preventing attackers from breaching reinforced hatches
  • The Electroclaws have a wide radius and their effects passes through unbreakable surfaces like cement walls and floors, and that allows Kaid to deploy them in tricky ways which will make it harder for attackers to disable them
  • Since Kaid’s Electroclaws can also electrocute utilities made of metal like the barbed wires and deployable shields, he can also use them to prevent entry to enemies

Best Loadout for Kaid:



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