[Top 15] R6 Best Defenders, Ranked (Current Meta)

R6 Siege Top 15 Best Defenders In The Current Meta
The fifteen best defender operators for the current meta in Rainbow Six Siege

15. Rook

Defender Score:  90/100

Rook used to be known as the “beginner operator” because he is very simple to use. He just needs to drop his special gadget, the Armor Pack, which contains armor plates that everyone in the defending team can use to boost their health rating and that’s it, he’s done his job. The armor plates are very useful because it allows defenders to tank more damage before they fall, and that usually lets them win in one-on-one gunfights as long as they don’t get hit in the head.

However, after the latest season, Operation Brutal Swarm, Rook jumped from a beginner operator to an almost OP defender. That’s because of the buff on his armor plates. Now, everyone who has Rook’s armor plates will not only have additional health points, they will also be able to revive themselves from a down-but-not-out state. This is a really powerful ability because now with Rook, defenders will have a really increased chance of surviving the round.

What Makes Rook a Great Defender:

  • Will be able to boost the health rating of the whole team through his armor plates.
  • His armor plates now provide defenders the ability to revive themselves.
  • Is a 3-health operator so he’s very tough to take down especially with his armor plates.
  • His MP5 submachine gun can be equipped with a 2.0x scope which is really great for accuracy.
  • The recoil on his MP5 submachine gun is very manageable so he can attach a suppressor to it.
  • He has impact grenades as his secondary gadgets which is great for creating rotation holes.
  • His P90 is also now a really great weapon with a 1.5x sight, low recoil and huge magazine capacity.

Choose Rook if:

  • Your team has a great Doc player. Rook and Doc is one of the best operator combos in the game.
  • No one in the team has utilities for creating rotation holes or reworking the map
  • Enemy team displays high aggression every round

Best Loadout for Rook:



14. Valkyrie

Defender Score:  91/100

Valkyrie is the best intel gatherer on the defender side, and intel will always be of high importance in a competitive and tactical game like Siege. She has three Black Eye cameras which she can deploy on inconspicuous areas so that they won’t easily be spotted and disabled by enemies. Each of these three Black Eye cameras can provide Valkyrie and the whole the defending team up to a 180-degree view of an area.

These cameras are quite small so they can be tucked in corners or deployed inside many objects in the map in order to hide them better. But even when attached to a wall with no other objects around it, because of their small size, there’s a high chance that they won’t catch the attention of the attackers when they’re not in use. That’s because they won’t emit any light when they’re not being used, so they could easily appear like another speck of dirt on a wall.

What Makes Valkyrie a Great Defender: 

  • Able to effectively gather intel on enemies’ current whereabouts through her Black Eye Cameras
  • Her Black Eye Cameras are small and can easily by hidden or tucked in corners
  • Her MPX submachine gun has a really manageable recoil which makes it perfect for a suppressor
  • The C4-under-the-floor strat is very effective with her due to the intel that she can gather
  • Also has impact grenades in her arsenal which is a great utility for her
  • Has a very powerful handgun in the D-50 which is great for finishing off enemies

Choose Valkyrie if:

  • Your team doesn’t have other intel gathering members
  • Map has a lot of wooden floors which is great for C4-under-the-floor strat
  • You have great map familiarity and can issue callouts well for your team
  • You love roaming

Best Loadout for Valkyrie:



13. Tachanka

Defender Score:  91/100

We talked about the importance of intel in the entry above about Valkyrie, but another aspect of the game that is very important is area denial. Positioning is also very important in Siege, so for attackers, being able to push and take control of an area is one big step to winning the round. But that could be very hard for them to do when Tachanka is on the defending team. That’s because he can deny large areas to the attackers and he can do it for long periods of time.

He does this with his special gadget, the Shumikha Grenade Launcher, which shoots fire grenades that cover a large area in fire when they drop. These fire grenades can bounce on walls, so Tachanka can get creative when it comes to launching them, and that means that he doesn’t need to expose himself out of cover in order to deny the area to enemies. The scary thing about Tachanka is that the fire from each of his fire grenades lasts for seven seconds, and he has fourteen of them. 

What Makes Tachanka a Great Defender: 

  • Able to deny a large area to enemies for long periods of time
  • Able to launch his fire grenades from awkward angles because they can bounce on walls
  • His primary weapon, the DP27 LMG packs heavy firepower per shot
  • The DP27 can also be used as a utility due to its high destructive profile per shot
  • He now has a Bearing 9 machine pistol in his arsenal which is a great secondary weapon for him
  • The 9x19VSN submachine gun is also a great alternative primary weapon for him

Choose Tachanka if:

  • Enemies are implementing a smoke + plant strat
  • Enemies are used to pushing in one direction
  • You need someone in the team that can make a lot of lines of sight and rotation holes

Best Loadout for Tachanka:



12. Lesion

Defender Score:  92/100

Lesion is one of the simplest operators to use in Siege and his guns don't really do much damage so he’s not one of the flashiest defenders out there, but he’s a very strong defender. That is because he can slow opponents down and also gather intel on them. His special gadget, the Gu Mine, can be easily deployed on most surfaces of the maps, and once an attacker steps on one of Lesion’s Gu Mines, he will get damaged overtime if he doesn’t immediately remove it.

A triggered Gu Mine will also prevent an attacker from sprinting, therefore, effectively slowing him down. And as for the intel gathering part, a Gu Mine when triggered will produce a distinct sound that can be heard from a long distance. This makes Lesion one of the best counters for rushes, especially if the attacker team has shield operators like Blitz, Montagne, and Osa. That’s because those shield operators will have to stop and lift their shields while removing a Gu Mine.

What Makes Lesion a Great Defender: 

  • The longer he stays alive in the round, the stronger he grows because he’s able to deploy more Gu Mines.
  • His Gu Mines are great early warning devices, so with Lesion, it’s unlikely to be caught off-guard.
  • Great at forcing highly aggressive enemies to slow down
  • Great at countering shield operators because they will have to stop and lift their shields to remove his Gu Mines
  • Has impact grenades in his arsenal which he can use to rework the map
  • His T-5 SMG is a great weapon with very manageable recoil and fast rate of fire

Choose Lesion if:

  • You observed that your enemies are highly aggressive
  • Enemies love using shield operators
  • No one else in the team have utilities for reworking the map
  • No one else in the team have early warning devices

Best Loadout for Lesion:



11. Pulse

Defender Score:  93/100

Pulse, with his special gadget, the Heartbeat Sensor, can detect enemies in real time from nine meters away. This basically gives him a wall-hack of some sorts, because nine meters is a pretty long distance in Siege. And while he’s not able to use any weapons while he’s using his Heartbeat Sensor, he can use the real time intel he has on the attackers to issue callouts for his teammates. Basically, when you have a Pulse in your team, it’ll be very hard for you to be caught unawares.

But Pulse isn’t only great for issuing callouts to his teammates, he’s also great at acting out on the intel that he’s gathered. With a nitro cell in his arsenal, he can perform the very deadly c4-under-the-floor strat wherein he places a nitro cell under a wooden floor and uses his Heartbeat sensor to know when an enemy gets to the spot where his c4 is under. So, with his Heartbeat sensor special gadget, he will know the exact time for detonating his nitro cell.

What Makes Pulse a Great Defender: 

  • Able to track enemy locations in real time due to his Heartbeat Sensor special gadget
  • Very effective in issuing callouts to his teammates due to his intel gathering capabilities
  • He’s the best when it comes to C4-under-the-floor strat because he can know the real time whereabouts of enemies
  • Has the UMP45 submachine gun which is the most underrated gun in the game
  • His M45 Meusoc handgun is a great secondary weapon with high damage and very manageable recoil
  • Is a 3-speed operator which allows him to roam effectively and get to places quickly

Choose Pulse if:

  • Common attacker paths are made of wood which is perfect for a C4-under-the-floor strat
  • You’re great at roaming
  • You’re great at issuing callouts for your teammates
  • You have great map familiarity including the maps’ verticality

Best Loadout for Pulse:



10. Maestro

Defender Score:  94/100

Maestro may not appeal to a lot of players because understandably, most players want to be shooting at enemies most of the time. But to play Maestro’s role effectively, the player would mostly have to monitor his two Evil Eyes which are basically bulletproof cameras that can shoot lasers. That’s because these Evil Eye cameras are excellent for gathering intel for the whole defender team, as well as denying intel to the enemies because they can shoot their lasers to disable attacker drones.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that Maestro doesn’t pack a lot of firepower when it comes to straight up shooting enemies with his own guns. His ALDA 5.56 LMG is actually one of the most powerful guns right now and is unique to him, because the user can freely equip it with a suppressor which is now the meta for weapons in Siege. That is because the ALDA 5.56 has a very manageable stock recoil, so the user doesn’t really need to equip it with a barrel attachment that provides additional recoil benefits.

What Makes Maestro a Great Defender: 

  • Great at intel gathering because his Evil Eyes provide a wide view of an area
  • Able to deny intel to enemies because his Evil Eyes can shoot lasers that can disable attacker drones
  • His special gadget gives a lot of trouble to attackers because it’s bulletproof and can be attached to hard-to-reach surfaces
  • His ALDA 5.56 LMG has a very manageable recoil which makes it perfect for a suppressor
  • Has a Baliff 410 for his secondary weapon which is an excellent utility for reworking the map
  • Also has impact grenades which he can use to further rework the map
  • His Evil Eyes has a thermal sight which allows the defending team to see enemies through smoke

Choose Maestro if:

  • You’re great at monitor cameras and issuing callouts for your teammates
  • You’re good with playing the intel-gatherer role and not playing aggressively
  • Enemies are using the smoke + plant strat

Best Loadout for Maestro:



9. Kapkan

Defender Score:  94/100

Kapkan has really become part of the meta since the update that made him able to deploy multiple EDDs in one entryway and in both sides at that. That means Kapkan is now among the very few operators that can inflict a fatality with just one detonation of his special gadget. It has also led to players getting really creative in his EDD placements, like deploying one EDD on the more exposed side of the entryway as bait for the other EDDS that were deployed on the other side.

Kapkan isn’t only great at inflicting damage or fatalities to his enemies. His EDDs are also great for gathering intel because when an attacker triggers one of them, it produces a loud explosion that basically tells the whole defending team that an attacker is in that particular direction. Kapkan’s EDDs are also great for making attackers slow down their push because his presence alone forces them to check each side of an entryway before entering.

What Makes Kapkan a Great Defender: 

  • He’s one of the very few operators in the game that can kill with just one detonation of his special gadget
  • His presence alone forces attackers to slow down to check every entryway for his EDDs
  • Great for countering rushes or highly aggressive enemies because of his EDD traps
  • His 19x19VSN submachine gun has a very manageable recoil which allows the user to attach a suppressor to its barrel
  • Has impact grenades which allows Kapkan to rework the map by creating rotation or escape holes
  • His SASG-12 shotgun is a very underrated shotgun and can finish off enemies quickly and silently
  • Able to play the role of roamer and anchor effectively

Choose Kapkan if:

  • You’ve noticed that the enemies are highly aggressive
  • Enemies like rushing
  • You want the capability to rework the map
  • You want the capability to inflict damage or death to enemies even when you’ve already been taken out

Best Loadout for Kapkan:



8. Wamai

Defender Score:  94/100

Wamai and Jager are the only operators that are a direct counter to projectiles in Siege, and when it comes to that, Wamai’s Mag-NET is inferior to Jager’s ADS because it doesn’t intercept Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets and it doesn’t completely destroy the projectiles. However, Wamai is the better anti-projectile operator than Jager overall and that’s why he’s part of the current meta and Jager isn’t. That’s because in general, Wamai’s weapons and utilities make him a better operator than Jager.

First of all, his primary guns are a lot easier to use than Jager’s primary weapons despite them being equally as powerful. Second, Wamai has a great pistol in his arsenal in the Keratos handgun which has a high destruction profile per shot and he can use it to create lines of sight or murder holes. Third, Wamai has impact grenades as his secondary gadget which is a great utility for creating rotation holes, as well as countering Osa.

What Makes Wamai a Great Defender: 

  • He’s one of the only two operators that can directly counter enemy projectiles
  • Has powerful and easy to control primary guns in the Aug A2 and the MP5K
  • His secondary weapon, the Kerators .357, can be used as a utility for creating more lines of sight.
  • Has impact grenades as one of his choices for secondary gadgets, and he can use them to create rotation holes.
  • Great at holding high traffic angles like the Pixel in Kafe because he can protect himself from enemy grenades

Choose Wamai if:

  • Your team doesn’t have an anti-projectile operator
  • You need someone in the team that can rework the map
  • You need someone in the team that can hold an important high-traffic angle

Best Loadout for Wamai:



7. Kaid

Defender Score:  95/100

Kaid is definitely part of the current meta because he remains to be the best when it comes to countering hard breaching. It may be harder to prevent hard breaching right now because of the newest gadget in the game, the impact EMP grenade, which is present in some of the attackers’ arsenals as their choices for a secondary gadget. But because of the range of Kaid’s Electroclaws, he can still effectively prevent a hard breach, especially if the player is creative in his deployment of the Electroclaws.

Both of Kaid’s primary weapons, the AUG A3 submachine gun and the TCSG12 shotgun, can be equipped with a suppressor due to their manageable stock recoil, and as mentioned above, the suppressor is the meta when it comes to barrel attachments right now. That’s because suppressors don’t reduce the damage of weapons anymore and of course, they retain their stealth benefits such as dampening the weapon’s gunshot sounds, hiding its muzzle flash, and most importantly, the removal of its directional threat indicator.

What Makes Kaid a Great Defender: 

  • Great at preventing hard breaching because his Electroclaws have a wide range
  • To this day, he’s the only defender capable of preventing unreinforced hatches from being breached
  • Can play the role of a defending sniper because his TCSG12 single-slug shotgun is basically a rifle
  • His AUG A3 submachine gun has a very manageable recoil so Kaid can attach a suppressor to its barrel
  • Can prevent attackers from rushing through an entryway by electrocuting barbed wires with his Electroclaws
  • Has a nitro cell in his arsenal which is perfect for countering enemies attempting to plant the defuser

Choose Kaid if:

  • Thatcher is banned and you need to prevent attackers from hard breaching a wall
  • You’re playing basement and you need to prevent attackers from destroying hatches
  • You want to prevent enemies from easily advancing through an entryway by electrocuting barbed wires
  • You want to snipe enemies with the TCSG12 shotgun

Best Loadout for Kaid:



6. Mira

Defender Score:  95/100

Mira remains to be one of the most banned operators in the higher elos. That’s because she’s practically OP in certain areas of the map, because through her Black Mirrors, which offers a clear view of the other side of the wall, she can practically lock down an angle and make it almost impossible for attackers to push it. A few examples of those areas would be the Study on the second floor of Villa, and the basement area in Oregon.

She becomes a lot more effective of course when her Black Mirrors are also supported by anti-projectile and area denial operators like Wamai and Smoke. Mira also has a great primary weapon in the Vector .45 ACP which is a headshot machine due to its recoil and very high rate of fire. It may have a really strong vertical recoil but it’s not prone to horizontal recoil, which makes it perfect for short burst firing which is what Mira would be doing most of the time anyway when she’s quick leaning from her Black Mirrors.

What Makes Mira a Great Defender: 

  • Can really make it hard for attackers to push two areas of the map due to her Black Mirrors
  • Able to provide a lot of intel to the whole defending team due to the one-way mirror from her special gadget
  • Her Vector .45 ACP has a very fast rate of fire and is a headshot machine
  • Has the ITA12S shotgun as one of the choices for her secondary weapon which is a great utility tool for her
  • Has a nitro cell which she can use to effectively counter enemies who are attempting to push inside the objective spot
  • Also has proximity alarms as one of her choices for her secondary gadget and they allow her to not get caught off-guard from behind

Choose Mira if:

  • The objective spot is on the aviator and games room in the second floor of Villa
  • The objective spot is on the theater and bedroom in the second floor of Coastguard
  • The objective spot is on the basement area of Oregon
  • The objective spot is on the basement area of Chalet

Best Loadout for Mira:



5. Goyo

Defender Score:  96/100

As mentioned in Tachanka’s entry, positioning is one of the key factors to getting the advantage over your enemies in Siege, and to be able to deny area to enemies means denying them key positions and angles. And when it comes to area denial, Goyo is one of the best if not best in the defender side. That’s because his area denial devices, the Volcan Canisters, can be attached to most surfaces, and once detonated, they can cover a large area on fire for twenty seconds.

And as experienced players know, twenty seconds is a very long time in Siege. On top of that, Goyo has four Volcan Canisters. They can be attached on barricaded doors and windows so that when attackers bring down those doors or windows, they’ll automatically be detonating the Volcan Canisters attached to them and the attackers will have to wait twenty seconds for the fire to dissipate. Goyo can really waste a lot of the attackers’ time and he’s great in clutch situations.

What Makes Goyo a Great Defender: 

  • Able to deny large areas to attackers for long periods of time (20 seconds) through his Volcan Canisters
  • He can attach his Volcan Canisters on barricaded doors and windows so that they would automatically be detonated when attackers destroy those windows and doors
  • Has proximity alarms in his arsenal which is a great combo to his Volcan Canisters
  • Can use the TCSG12 single-slug firing shotgun and play the role of a defending sniper
  • Has a nitro cell as one of the choices for his secondary gadget and it’s another great utility in his arsenal for countering defuser plant attempts
  • He can opt for the Vector .45 ACP for his primary weapon and it’s also a very viable weapon for him as an anchor

Choose Goyo if:

  • The enemies are prone to rushing
  • The enemies love using the smoke + plant strat
  • No one else in the team have picked an area-denial operator
  • No one else in the team have picked an operator with proximity alarms

Best Loadout for Goyo:



4. Smoke

Defender Score:  96/100

Speaking of area-denial operators, Smoke is the OG when it comes to that, and to this day a favorite in the pro-league. Goyo’s Volcan Canisters may be superior in the radius, duration, and damage of its area-denial effects, however, unlike Goyo, Smoke is able to enter the area of effect of his Gas Grenade and this provides him with more versatility. That means he can quickly take over control of an area that was just under the control of the attackers.

He can also use the cover of his Gas Grenades to outmaneuver and surprise retreating enemies. Another great thing about Smoke is that he really excels at close to medium range. That’s because for his primary, he can equip the very powerful M590A1 shotgun which provides close range superiority over his enemies, and for his secondary, he can equip the SMG-11 machine pistol which has a very fast rate of fire and high damage.

What Makes Smoke a Great Defender: 

  • Able to deny a large area to his enemies due to his special gadget, the Gas Grenade.
  • Can freely equip a shotgun for his primary weapon because he can use the SMG-11 machine pistol for his secondary
  • The only defender who can step inside the area of effect of his area-denial special gadget
  • Has a deployable shield as one of his choices for secondary gadget and it’s great for holding an angle
  • Able to quickly take back control of an area from the enemies by using his gas grenades to outmaneuver them

Choose Smoke if:

  • You need to prevent enemies from implementing a smoke + plant strat
  • You need to hold down an important angle
  • No one else in the team has the capability to rework the map

Best Loadout for Smoke:



3. Alibi

Defender Score:  98/100

Alibi is one of the most versatile defender operators around because her arsenal is full of weapons that she can use as utility. While her Mx4 Storm submachine gun is a very powerful gun with high rate of fire and damage, she also has one of the best weapons in the game, the ACS12 which is a single-slug firing shotgun. She can use the ACS12 as a utility for creating rotation holes, lines of sight, and destroying hatches. But it is also a very deadly weapon which inflicts high damage per shot.

On top of that, the ACS12 has a very low recoil so Alibi can hit her enemies with pinpoint accuracy and stability with it. Despite being technically classified as a shotgun, it’s effective at medium range which is perfect for Alibi when roaming. Apart from her excellent weapons and utilities, Alibi of course is known for her Prisma holographic clones which are excellent when it comes to confusing enemies and gathering intel on their current whereabouts.

What Makes Alibi a Great Defender: 

  • Her primary weapon, secondary weapon, and secondary gadget can all be used to rework the map.
  • Her special gadget isn’t only great for confusing enemies, it’s also great for gathering intel on them.
  • Her ACS12 single-slug firing shotgun is one of the best weapons in the game with high damage and very low recoil
  • Her Mx4 STorm submachine gun is also a great weapon which has high damage and very fast rate of fire
  • Her impact grenades allow her to easily escape enemies when they begin hunting her while she’s roaming

Choose Alibi if:

  • Your team needs a roamer
  • Your team needs someone who can effectively counter vertical plays
  • Your team needs someone to rework the map
  • Enemies are highly aggressive and prone to rushing

Best Loadout for Alibi:



2. Melusi

Defender Score:  98/100

Despite the nerf on her Banshee Sonic Defense that made it non-bulletproof when it’s active, Melusi remains a part of the current meta because her special gadget remains to be one of the most troublesome in the game. Even though attackers can now destroy it by shooting at it, they’ll have to activate it first to make it non-bulletproof, and by activating it, they’ll basically be alerting the defenders due to the distinct sound that the Banshee makes when it’s active.

That means that Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense isn’t only great at slowing down opponents, it’s also great as an early warning device, and Melusi has three of them. Basically, with Melusi, it would be very unlikely for the defenders who are anchoring the objective spot to be caught off-guard. The Banshees can also be attached in awkward angles, making them hard to shoot even when they’re active. In many cases, the attackers leave themselves vulnerable to defender fire when trying to disable a Melusi Banshee.

What Makes Melusi a Great Defender: 

  • Her Banshee Sonic Defense is one of the best utilities in the game when it comes to slowing down enemies
  • Her Banshees aren’t only great for slowing down enemies, they’re also great as early warning devices.
  • She has impact grenades which is very useful for reworking the map to the defenders’ advantage
  • She has 3-speed rating and she can use it to quickly respond to enemies that are within the effects of her Banshee
  • Her MP5 submachine gun can be attached with a suppressor due to its low stock recoil
  • Her RG15 handgun is one of the best handguns for long range shooting and scoring headshots

Choose Melusi if:

  • Enemies are prone to rushing and very aggressive
  • You need early warning devices for your team
  • You need someone in the team for reworking the map
  • Your team needs an excellent anchor for securing the objective spot

Best Loadout for Melusi:



1. Azami

Defender Score:  99/100

Azami is the most versatile operator on the defenders’ side, and of course, that makes her part of the current meta. She has the special gadget and utilities to go along with it when it comes to really reworking the map to her team’s advantage. Her Kiba Barriers can provide additional cover and make previously vulnerable angles, strong ones to hold. Because Azami’s Kiba Barriers can be deployed to most surfaces, there’s so many ways to use them.

She can use them to make a quick fix on breached walls. She can use them to cover up drone holes and prevent enemies from gathering intel on the objective spot through drones. And she can use them to make the bottom part of unreinforced walls bulletproof. That allows the defenders to make safer head-high holes, because the attackers can’t just wall bang them from the bottom part. Azami also has a combo with Mira which is one of the most powerful operator combos in the game.

What Makes Azami a Great Defender: 

  • Because of his Kiba Barriers, she’s the defender with the most capabilities to rework the map to her team’s advantage.
  • Her ACS12 is very deadly and she can use it with a scope 1.5x. It inflicts heavy damage per shot and has a very low recoil.
  • She has impact grenades that she can use to further rework the map
  • Has a very powerful combo with Mira’s Black Mirror wherein she reinforces its bottom part with her Kiba Barrier
  • Can also run with the 9x19VSN submachine gun which is also an excellent primary weapon that has low recoil, therefore, can be used with a suppressor.
  • Has the D50 handgun for her secondary weapon which packs a heavy punch her shot

Choose Azami if:

  • You need to reinforce a vulnerable angle
  • There’s a Mira in the team
  • No one else in the team can rework the map to your team’s advantage

Best Loadout for Azami:



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