[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Bundles That Are Excellent

R6 Siege Top 10 Best Bundles
An up-to-date list of the best bundles that are both practical for a competitive game like Siege, as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes

10. Nomad City Trail Bundle


Nomad has one of the worst default skins in the game because of its bright brown color scheme. Yes, it does blend well to some backdrops but those backdrops aren’t common in most maps. In most cases, her default skin just makes her be easily seen by enemies, and of course, for a tactical shooter like Siege where stealth plays a big factor, having a bright or loud skin wouldn't be great competitively. Thankfully, Nomad has one of the best bundles in the game which provides her with really practical and yet beautiful skin.

With this bundle, Nomad will have the Tar Brush headgear which will make her really look like a specops character with its sunglasses and camouflage cap. The Tar Brush uniform will also replace Nomad's light brown one, and with this, Nomad will have a dark blue leather uniform as well as dark green camouflage pants. All of these changes are great for Nomad when it comes to concealing her presence since they will blend well with most surroundings in the maps, especially on dark corners or areas.

What makes the Nomad City Trail Bundle great:

  • Will help Nomad blend better to her surroundings especially dark areas due to its dark blue and green camouflage theme
  • Completely replaces Nomad's horrible default skin which makes her be easily seen by enemies due to its light brown color scheme
  • The new skin on her AK-74M will also be better than the default one because it has a simple red-brown and gray color
  • It's one of the most beautiful and tactical looking skin bundles in the game and it's also very practical for a competitive game like Siege

Nomad City Trail details:

  • Tar Brush uniform
  • Tar Brush headgear
  • Morocco Stop charm
  • Hedge Blossom weapon skin for the AK-74M
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


9. Wamai Immersion Bundle


This might be the loudest bundle featured in this list, but even this isn't as loud as so many other skin bundles in the game nowadays. It's a great bundle for Wamai because as its name implies, it's for immersion as it really fits Wamai's background as a deep-sea diver. It provides him with the Artificial Lung Headgear which looks really badass and is great for a tactical shooter like Siege; as well as great weapon skins for his Aug A2 and MP5K.

And of course, the first thing that anyone will notice when they look at this bundle is Wamai's Azure Diver uniform, which is what I talked about before in terms of its color scheme being loud. But this is one of those bundles in the game that has a loud color that I'll still be using because it fits the operator's background lore so well and they just simply look beautiful. The good thing is that, even if you can't stand the loud color scheme of the uniform, you can just use the head gear and the weapon skins which are great for blending into most surroundings in the maps.

What makes the Wamai Immersion Bundle great:

  • This bundle is a great callback to Wamai's background lore as a deep-sea diver as shown on the bundle's headgear and uniform
  • The bundle provides Wamai with the artificial lung headgear which has a very specops vibe to it and is perfect for the theme of the game
  • The weapon skins for the AUG A2 and the MP5K are great for blending into most surroundings due to their simple gray color scheme
  • The outfit contained in the bundle is easily one of the most beautifully designed outfits that you'll encounter in the game

Wamai Immersion details:

  • Azure Driver uniform
  • Artificial Lung headgear
  • Saltwater weapon skin for the Aug A2 and MP5K
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


8. Zero Platinized Bundle


This is easily one of the most badass looking bundles available in the game, so it's no surprise that it's one of the most expensive on the list. It provides Zero with a very tactical looking skin for his headgear, uniform, and his weapons. Although one could argue that the bright green lights on his chrome-plated headgear could be easily seen by enemies, this is one of those skins that just looks so beautiful that I'd forgive some of the loud colors that it has.

It's also a great callback to Zero's Splinter Cell days when he was still known more simply as Sam Fisher. This bundle really embodies Zero's background as a stealth and reconnaissance special operator, so the user will really feel like they're on a real spec ops mission. And aside from the green lights on his chrome-plated headgear, overall, the costume is great for blending into most surroundings in the game because it has a simple looking olive color scheme uniform

What makes the Zero Platinized Bundle great:

  • It's a great callback to Zero's days in the Splinter Cell days and really evokes the tactical vibes from both R6 Siege and Splinter Cell
  • The simple olive color scheme on Zero's uniform from this bundle will allow him to blend into most surroundings in the game
  • The skins for Zero's SC3000K, MP7, and 5,7 USG from this bundle also looks badass while at the same time great for concealing Zero's presence
  • Easily one of the best-looking bundles in the game that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing

Zero Platinized details:

  • Windbreaker uniform
  • Chrome-Plated headgear
  • Tempered Allow weapon skin for the 5.7 USG, MP7 and SC3000K
  • 1,200 R6 credits


7. Yakuza Complete Bundle


This is very different from most of the bundles in this list and this one features two operators. Normally, I recommend skins that evoke more specops vibes because it fits the game more. This bundle, however, is from a collab with the Yakuza game, basically making Echo and Hibana cosplay Yakuza characters. But I still believe that this is one of the best bundles in the game, because it's not just a fun bundle to have, it's also quite practical, and if you think about it, it does have a specops vibe to it.

A lot of special operators dress in civilian attire, and that's what Hibana and Echo will be having through this bundle. What's even better for practicality is that their suits will be black and gray, and that will help them blend in with the surroundings better. Hibana's suit and Type-89 skins from this bundle are easily some of the best skins in the game, and Echo's light gray suit is perfect for concealing his presence, especially when he's in front of a white or gray backdrop.

What makes the Yakuza Complete Bundle great:

  • Provides skins for two operators and both operators affected by this bundle fits the bundle's theme really well
  • The skins from the bundle aren't too loud even though it's from a game collab, and it actually has competitive uses
  • The dark and gray suit that Hibana and Echo receives from this bundle will help them blend to their surroundings better
  • Clearly shows Echo and Hibana faces which is great for those interested in seeing what they look like without headgear

Yakuza Complete Bundle details:

  • Yakuza Huntress uniform and headgear for Hibana
  • Sotenbori Special weapon skin for the Type-89
  • Kazuma Kiryu charm
  • City Defender uniform and headgear for Echo
  • Dragon of Dojima weapon skin for the MP5SD
  • Goro Majima charm
  • 2,160 R6 credits


6. Zofia Midnight bundle


This bundle has the right mix of badassery and cuteness which is a perfect fit for Zofia. The main theme of this bundle is concealing yourself, and it's totally accurate. Its dark gray color scheme is perfect for blending in most surroundings in the game. It provides Zofia with a Nocturnal uniform, Night Owl headgear, as well as the Foggy Eventide skin for her M762 assault rifle. All those skins evoke a feeling of seriousness which totally fits Zofia's personality.

It's also a very practical skin for a competitive shooter like Siege because it can make it harder for enemies to see Zofia. It also has a camouflage pattern on her uniform and that irregular pattern will help her blend in with most objects in the maps. Aside from its practical and competitive uses, the bundle is simply a thing of beauty, and is a great upgrade from Zofia's default skin, which wasn't bad, but the headgear and uniform that she gets from this bundle are just simply better.

What makes the Zofia Midnight Bundle great:

  • Greatly helps Zofia to conceal herself due to its dark gray color scheme with camouflage patterns, allowing her to blend in with most surroundings
  • Provides Zofia with the best headgear and uniform available to her which is not only practical but beautiful as well
  • Gives players the Nighttime companion charm which is one of the best-looking weapon charms in the game
  • The weapon skin for the M762 assault rifle from this bundle can make it even harder for enemies to see Zofia due to its simple gray color scheme

Zofia Midnight details:

  • Nocturnal uniform
  • Night Owl headgear
  • Foggy Eventide weapon skin for the M762
  • Nighttime Companion charm
  • 40,385 renown
  • 970 R6 credits


5. Thermite Arid Bundle


I've always said that the best skin for operators in the game would be the skin that the terrorists have in Training Grounds because it would allow operators to blend in with their surroundings more effectively than most skins in the game. Sadly, players don't have access to the terrorist skin, however, if you love playing Thermite, the Arid Bundle will provide you with a skin that looks kind of close to the skins that terrorists use in Training Grounds.

It changes Thermite's helmet into a hood, which makes him look even more badass. It also changes his uniform, giving him more of a mix of gray and olive color scheme. It also has camouflage patterns, and all of these will help Thermite blend better into his surroundings, and that's always important in a competitive shooter like Siege, because it has a big effect on your enemies' reaction time. Aside from the uniform and headgear changes, it also changes Thermite's 556XI's skin, and gives the player the Viper Head charm.

What makes the Thermite Arid Bundle great:

  • Helps Thermite blend in with his surroundings better due to the gray and olive color scheme of the bundle
  • Provides Thermite with a new and badass looking skin for his 556XI assault rifle as well as a Viper Head charm
  • Gives Thermite a hood and face covering which makes him look even more badass and fits the overall specops vibes of the game
  • It can make it harder for enemies to recognize you especially on grayish areas or the darker corners of the maps

Thermite Arid details:

  • Pebble Storm uniform
  • Pebble Storm headgear
  • Viper Head charm
  • Flare Dunes weapon skin for the 556XI
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


4. Finka Rad Guard Bundle


Finka is one of the few operators in the game that has a horrible default skin. It's basically mostly bright yellow which is really loud for the context of Siege's gameplay. It's just simply bad for a tactical shooter game where stealth and a more careful approach can be very rewarding. Using Finka's default bright yellow skin is almost like giving your enemies a free thermal sight, since it contrasts so strongly to most objects and backdrops in the game, so if you like using Finka, it's best to change that.

And this bundle provides Finka with the best skin for her because it changes her uniform and headgear to ones with a dominantly gray color scheme. That's very important when it comes to the practical side of the game because it could make it harder for enemies to see you when your Finka is wearing it, as it will blend with most backdrops and objects in the maps. It also looks really slick and has the specops vibes that most Siege players want because it fits the overall theme of the game. So this bundle for Finka is great for both competitiveness and aesthetics.

What makes the Finka Rad Guard Bundle great:

  • Changes Finka's headgear and uniform into more grayish looking ones, allowing her to blend more into most surroundings in the game
  • Finka's default bright yellow skin is just so loud as color schemes go in the game so it's best to replace it with this one
  • It also changes the skin of Finka's best weapon, the Spear .308 and her PMM handgun which can make it even harder for enemies to see her
  • Provides Finka with a skin that is best suited for the specops theme that the game has

Finka Rad Guard details:

  • Volatile Gray uniform
  • Volatile Gray headgear
  • Perimeter Buffer weapon skin for the Spear .308 and PMM
  • 34,615 renown
  • 830 R6 credits


3. Sledge Danger Zone Bundle


Radioactive hazard is the main theme of this bundle, and it can be clearly seen from its uniform design which closely resembles a hazmat suit. Although this one looks more of a mix of a combat suit and a hazmat suit. Which totally makes sense since it's for Sledge to go into a combat zone with radioactive material around. What really makes this bundle great for Sledge players is that it has probably the blandest color scheme among all the bundles in this list.

And I know what you're thinking, but being bland is actually a great thing for Siege, because first and foremost, it's a tactical multiplayer shooter, and if you want to keep your win rate high, you should invest more in practicality. This bundle provides Sledge players with the most practical skin possible because it will allow them to blend into their surroundings easier and make it harder for enemies to see them. Aside from that, despite the uniform being bland, it actually evokes a feeling of badassery and makes Sledge even more intimidating.

What makes the Sledge Danger Zone Bundle great:

  • It will allow Sledge to blend into his surroundings better because of its simple looking color scheme
  • The color scheme on Sledge's uniform from this bundle is similar to so many backdrop and object colors in the game so it could make Sledge harder to see
  • It looks quite aesthetic and evokes that specops feeling that Rainbow operators really should have because it's the theme of the game
  • It changes the skin of Sledge's headgear, uniform, as well as his L85A2 assault rifle. It also adds a weapon charm.

Sledge Danger Zone details:

  • Hazardous uniform
  • Hazardous headgear
  • Radioactive weapon skin for the L85A2
  • Waste Detection charm
  • 50,0000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


2. Dokkaebi Petroleum Bundle


This is a great bundle for Dokkaebi because as the in-game description says, it'll allow her to meld in the shadows and work from the darkness because of its dark gray camouflage pattern. Well, because of balancing issues, there's not much dark corners in the maps anymore, but there's still some, it's just harder to use the dark corners for hiding unlike in the old days, but this bundle will still allow Dokkaebi to meld with the surroundings really well.

That's because most backdrops in the maps have a pretty bland color like gray, brown, or white, so this color scheme will work really well when it comes to blending with the surroundings and making it harder for enemies to see you. Aside from practicality uses, it's simply just a gorgeous looking skin for Dokkaebi as well, because it has that specops vibe to it, which, as we all know, Rainbow operators are. The bundle also changes the skin of Dokkaebi's best weapons which are the Mk 14 EBR and the SMG-12.

What makes the Dokkaebi Petroleum Bundle great:

  • This bundle will allow the user to blend in with most of the backdrops and objects in the map due to its color scheme
  • The irregular pattern from the uniform and headgear will make it harder for enemies to see you because it's basically a camouflage pattern
  • It also changes the skin for Dokkaebi's Mk 14 EBR and SMG-12, making it harder for enemies to recognize your weapons
  • Aside from its practical uses, the bundle looks gorgeous as well and has that specops vibes that fits the game so well

Dokkaebi Petroleum details:

  • Molten Pitch uniform
  • Molten Pitch headgear
  • Coal Stained weapon skin for the Mk 14 EBR and SMG-12
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


1. Lion Rad Guard Bundle


Have you ever gone to the Training Grounds, formerly known as Terrorist Hunt, and realize that the terrorists are actually kind of hard to spot? Well, that's because of their outfit. It's really just a mix of bland gray and white, so it blends so well to most objects and backdrops in the game, because your mind at first glance just thinks that the terrorist is just another object in the map. Because of that, for competitiveness, that's the look that players should strive for in order for their enemies to not see them quickly.

And Lion's Rad Guard bundle really captures that look. Okay, it's not that bland, and the outfit design is really great. It really makes Lion look like he’s part of the specops, and there's a stark contrast from his default yellow uniform, which to me is like providing your enemies with a free thermal sight. But despite its slick design, the outfit is far from loud, which is what players should really go for if they're prioritizing competitiveness, because of course, if you're serious about winning in Siege, you'd want to make it even a bit harder for enemies to find you.

What makes the Lion Rad Guard Bundle great:

  • It can make you blend to your surroundings easier due to its simple gray color scheme
  • It can make you feel more like a real operator since it's more serious looking than the default Lion skin
  • It has a great costume design that really goes well with a specops game like Siege
  • It's a drastic change from the horrible default yellow skin that Lion has which was just giving enemies a free thermal sight

Lion Rad Guard details:

  • Volatile Gray uniform
  • Volatile Gray headgear
  • Perimeter Buffer weapon skin for the V308 and LFP586
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


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