[Top 10] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Bundles That Are Excellent

Top 10 Best Bundles That Are Excellent in Rainbow 6 Siege
Dokkaebi and Vigil’s Snowpine bundle deserves a special mention because of how badass it looks and how it blends to a lot of surroundings in the game

10. Capitao Gang Breaker Bundle

What makes the Capitao Gang Breaker Bundle great:

  • Lore-friendly
  • Looks really badass
  • Would blend to many surroundings in the game

Capitao Gang Breaker details:

  • Urban Scourge weapon skin
  • Gang Breaker uniform
  • Gang Breaker headgear
  • Streetwise charm
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


9. Goyo Rainforest Bundle

What makes Goyo Rainforest Bundle great:

  • Blends into most surroundings
  • Lore-friendly
  • Very tactical-looking

Goyo Rainforesst Bundle details:

  • Retro Shades Headgear
  • Sweltering Heat uniform
  • Tropical leaves TCSG12 skin
  • Sacred Heart charm
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


8. Zofia Midnight Bundle

What makes Zofia Midnight Bundle great:

  • Tactical
  • Conceals Zofia’s presence well
  • Really fits Zofia’s background story well

Zofia Midnight Bundle details:

  • Night Owl headgear
  • Foggy Eventide M762 skin
  • Nocturnal uniform
  • Nighttime Companion charm
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


7. Dokkaebi Spirit Bundle

What makes Dokkaebi Spirit Bundle great:

  • Asian theme skin always looks cool
  • Still tactical-looking even though it’s loud

Dokkaebi Spirit Bundle details:

  • Mischievous Fire uniform
  • Sorrowful Gleam headgear
  • Phosphorescence Mk 14 EBR skin
  • Onibi charm
  • 1,680 R6 credits


6. Kaid Barren Bundle

What makes Kaid Barren Bundle great:

  • Blends to most surroundings
  • Lore-friendly

Kaid Barren Bundle details:

  • Willow Rhombus uniform
  • Willodw Dusk headgear
  • Adorned Ivory Aug A3 skin
  • North Jewel charm
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


5. Valkyire Civic Bundle

What makes Valkyrie Civic Bundle great:

  • Show’s Valk’s pretty face and hair
  • Tactical
  • Great for concealing presence

Valkyrie Civic Bundle details:

  • Public Servant uniform and headgear
  • Swimmer Beads charm
  • Studded Metal MPX skin
  • 50,000 renown
  • 1,200 R6 credits


4. Zero Platinized Bundle

What makes Zero Platinized Bundle great:

  • Great callback to Sam Fisher’s Splinter Cell roots
  • Very tactical
  • Great for concealing presence

Zero Platinized Bundle details:

  • Windbreaker uniform
  • Chrome-Plated headgear
  • Tempered Alloy 5.7 USG, MP7, and SC3000K skin
  • 1,200 R6 credits


3. Ascending Bundle

What makes Ascending Bundle great:

  • Complements Azami’s already great theme
  • Lore-friendly

Ascending Bundle details:

  • Kunai charm
  • Windborn Majesty 9x19VSN, ACS12, and D-50 skin
  • 40,000 renown
  • 960 R6 credits


2. Hibana Eternity Bundle

What makes Hibana Eternity Bundle great:

  • Great callback to Hibana’s Japanese roots
  • Looks really intimidating
  • Still great for blending into surroundings

Hibana Eternity Bundle details:

  • Wilderness Kimono uniform
  • Wounded Immortal headgear
  • Ligature Type-89 skin
  • Ukigumo charm
  • 1,680 R6 credits


1. Dark Age Bundle

What makes Dark Age Bundle great:

  • Great for blending into most surroundings
  • Makes operators look tougher

Dark Age Bundle details:

  • Medieval themed uniforms and headgear
  • 4,080 R6 credits
  • 170,000 renown


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