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3. Dishonored

Dishonored is set in a dystopian fantasy world that combines Victorian sensibilities with steampunk, horror, and the occult. Add a plague that’s turning the city’s populace into mindless zombies, an authoritarian religion, and an enigmatic god-like entity with inscrutable motivations, and you’ve got a recipe for epicness.

Dishonored 01

What Corvo does ain't pretty, but it's necessary

Dishonored follows Corvo on his mission to avenge his slain Empress. It’ll have him breaking into a seedy brothel, crashing a party, and kidnapping a scientist from his well-guarded laboratory. While his espionage skills are impressive, his supernatural gifts are even more amazing. Bad at dodging bullets? Freeze time and pluck them out of the air like they’re daisies. Like pets of the tiny, sharp-toothed variety? Summon swarms of ravenous rats to feast on your enemies. You can even teleport short distances and possess people.

Few stealth games are this well-executed, making Dishonored one of them most important entries in the genre.

Dishonored 02

Vantage point

Dishonored 03

Corvo should cut these boys down to size...

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