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6. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

While Deus Ex: Human Revolution lets you storm enemy headquarters with guns blazing, you have to admit that in this dystopian cyberpunk RPG, sneaking is the way to go.

As augmented human Adam Jensen, your job is to unravel the web of conspiracies plaguing a world where cybernetic augmentations have become the norm.

Deus Ex 01

Badass angel

Want to become a human hacking machine? Get the Hacking: Capture augmentation. How about the ability to turn invisible so that you can finally live out your dream of sneaking into dressing rooms undetected? Good news, there’s an upgrade for that too! You can also punch through walls, survive hundred-foot drops, outrun cars, and jump higher than basketball stars.

You can even install silencers on your firearms to make sure every kill is as quiet as possible. The future sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Deus Ex 02

"You shouldn't have lit my car on fire..."

Deus Ex 03

Lock n' load!

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