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2. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

One franchise immediately pops into mind the moment someone utters, “stealth games.”

Metal Gear Solid.

The Legacy Collection compiles the series’ excellent stealth games, including Snake Eater, Guns of the Patriots, and Peace Walker. It even includes the 8-bit wonder that started it all: 1987’s Metal Gear.


Just an old, badass killer

In the games, you control soldier, spy, and assassin Solid Snake (and the original Snake, whom he was cloned from). Not only is the man skilled with fists and firearms, he has all the high tech gadgets to help him stay invisible to the enemy. And he’ll need them, too, because in these games, you’re not only up against intelligent, well-trained soldiers; you’ve also got giant mechs to destroy.

The games also provide commentary on the dangers of military technology, from nuclear weapons to A.I. So while Metal Gear is military espionage action at its most intense, it’s also intelligent and socially aware.


Sneaky Snake!


Time to take this bad guy down...

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