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8. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you plumb the depths of a gargantuan castle to uncover its bloodcurdling secrets.

The bad news is you’re literally weaponless in this game.


Looks like someone... or something has been busy butchering pigs

Those things prowling the corridors eager for the taste of manflesh? They can’t be killed. To survive, you’ll have to use your wits.

Make too much noise while opening that door, and they’ll know where you are. Darkness provides concealment, but also causes your sanity to plummet, drawing the monsters to you. Your lantern can stave off the madness, but keeping its light can attract the attention of those same monsters. Talk about a lose-lose situation!

The Dark Descent masterfully combines a surreal atmosphere thick with Lovecraftian undertones, the feeling of total impotence in the face of implacable evil, and nerve-racking stealth gameplay to make it one of the best stealth games to play in 2015.


Eerie windows


"Where am I??"

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