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4. Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City gives you an open world overrun by the caped crusader’s most dangerous villains. Without superpowers, though, Batman has to rely on skill, wits, and stealth to win the night.

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as swooping down on a bad guy from your perch on the roof, or popping out of a ventilation shaft to tackle an unsuspecting foe. How about smashing through glass ceilings to give enemies the shock of their lives, or blowing up walls to render them unconscious? You’ve also got a hacking device that messes with electronics, a grappling hook that allows you to soar above the city, and other toys.

Batman 01

Does Mr. Freeze look like he wants to play hide and seek??

This year’s excellent Arkham Knight nevertheless downplays the series’ stealth elements; you have a car that transforms into a tank, for crying out loud. Also, the game’s current PC version is broken. That’s why we’re sticking with Arkham City for this list!

Batman 02

Poison Ivy... before she looked like someone else

Batman 03

Good old-fashioned fist to the face

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