The Latest Dishonored Cheats for PC

When they game gets too tough to get certain achievements sometimes you just want to give a little boost to help get you along.

How To Cheat In Dishonored

To be able to get the cheats you’ll need to download software from Games Softpedia. After downloading it open it and a menu like this should appear:

The program menu that allows you to have cheats in game.

This menu shows you all the hotkeys that turn the cheat on and off. Open the game, press the hot key you desire and off you go.

Dishonored - Unlimited Health Mana Coins Runes & More - Tutorial (PC) HD!

All of us have hit that wall in a game. You get so far and you just can’t get past a boss or a level no matter how hard you try. This is especially a pain when you’re a game completionist and need to get every achievement and every ending. 

The Cheats

There aren’t many cheats available for Dishonored that aren’t just a walkthrough guide, but what is  given is very useful.

  • Infinite Health and Mana – This cheat allows you to never run out of mana, meaning you can use high power abilities one after another, and you’ll never die in game.
  • Infinite coins and runes – You will never run out of money and you’ll never run out of bone runes, so you can upgrade as you please.
  • Infinite ammo/arrow – you’ll never run out of arrows or ammo and can keep shooting as much as you like
  • Infinite Breath – you can stay underwater for as long as you want
  • Infinite health elixir/ spiritual remedy – if you don’t decide to do infinite health and mana then this will give you the ability to have as many potions as you need to stay alive.
  • Blink, no cool down – you can use blink as much as you want and you don’t have to wait.
  • Undetectable player – no one will ever notice you, it’s the perfect stealth.
  • Super Speed – go twice as fast in game than you already did, perfect for out running the authorities
  • Slow Motion – you can trigger slow motion to make it easier to defeat someone or see what’s going on in the chaos of a fight.
  • One Hit Kills – You can become the perfect killing machine and everyone will die once you hit them, perfect for a murder run.

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