Dishonored 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers and Latest News

Dishonored 2: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers and Latest News
Everything you could possibly want from the next Dishonored installment

Dishonored 2 Release Date

Dishonored 2. The much-awaited sequel to Dishonored, is finally due to be released this year, November 11, 2016. Arkane Studios is the main company in charge of its’ development (yes, the same people who worked with Valve to create the timeless Half-Life ), and in conjunction with Bethesda publishing it, it is safe to say that the developing story of Corvo, Emily, and the fate of Dunwall is in good hands. The 4-year-long wait is definitely going to have been worth it.

Interestingly enough, no-one is really sure about how long the game was in the making, due to Bethesda and Arkane’s excellent ability to keep things under wraps. The closest we know is when it was announced at E3 in 2015, though my guess is that as the first instalment of Dishonored took 3 years from idea-to-reality, it likely began its development sometime just after the release of Dishonored in 2012.

Dishonored 2 Trailers

The E3 release and gameplay trailers are enough alone to have Dishonored Vet’s and rookies watering at the mouth.  Instantly in the videos, you see the huge improvements in play-style, and the updates and the sheer effort that has gone into creating the new game. If you haven’t yet seen them, worry not, for I have placed them here at your disposal:

So, what can we tell from these short, 2 and a half minute videos? Well actually, an incredible amount.


First and foremost is the fact that Emily is an (optional) main antagonist. Emily, of course, the daughter of the Empress whom was murdered in Dishonored’s exposition, appears to have grown up by roughly 15 years, and has undergone training to become an assassin (much like somebody we know, a name beginning with a C, perhaps? ) She, much like Corvo, has been given the gift by the ever-notorious Outsider- the mysterious god-like entity with a smooth, yet wet-yourself threatening, voice of gold. Her powers are much more eloquent than her tutor/saviour/father counterpart Corvo, including a far-reaching, dark tentacle-esque terrifying ability to traverse long distances at great speed, whilst simultaneously looking as though she’s become a demon sent from hell to tear apart the very essence of her target.

 a short snippet of the in-game action!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dishonored game without the choice between ripping apart somebody’s face; or to silently sneak around a manor, not even so much as tripping an alarm. Dishonored 2 promises to give you such choice, and goes further to even allow Emily to refuse to accept the Outsider’s gift (the game’s “this is the hardest mode we can think of” option). It further remains in first person mode to create the all-immersive aspect of play that is adored by many. It creates the real atmosphere when attempting a sneak-kill, or adds to the adrenaline when in the centre of a bloody gun-fight.

So far so good- what else?

More on the gameplay, we know that the overseer’s defence detail appear to have acquired an upgrade-with the most threatening  mechanical spider/octopus/Star Wars droid with too many bladed- arms robot serving as their personal guardians. In the footage, you can see the fierce battles with Emily’s blade versus the arm/knife hybrids, as well as the inclusion of the ever-loved gadgets from its’ predecessor, such as the razor-wire mines and a new EMP variant to help turn the odds in your favour against what can only be described as “rather unfair” situations.

With Emily’s tentacle-power of darkness, the seamless transitions between wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor and alive-NPC-spot, to spot-where-NPC-used-to-be-alive, show just how much further Dishonored 2 takes its potential than its hugely successful predecessor. The flawless assassinations and the incredible gameplay footage show that Bethesda is listening to the feedback they constantly receive about bugs and glitches in games; and paired with next-gen console graphics and game engine, the overall product is looking to shape up to be one of their greatest pieces of work to date.

sentinal of deathstands watch

So where does the game take place?

Exploring the game in a more general term, we can see it is set in the same world as the previous Dishonored; though instead of revisiting Dunwall (which if one recalls, has a slight rat-problem) the game is set in the southern part of the city, named Karnaca. Now Karnaca isn’t exactly Palm Springs in the summer, as it too has an infestation problem. Bloodflies swarm this part of the city, keeping the plague all-too prevalent. Imagine malaria-carrying mosquitoes, but triple the size and multiply the pain by a factor of 10. In the videos, there still remains marshal law enforcement, and the human guard’s guns, batons, and no-nonsense attitudes are what keep the people in the street in check. 


Anarchy (foreground) Normality (Background)

Tell me about the story!

As far as the story is concerned, it is a shame to see that whatever your decisions in Dishonored, it does not matter for Dishonored 2 (although for some of us that’s a good thing, as I achieved to “total chaos” ending where Emily died… I might be a monster) though, it redeems itself. Emily’s reign has been usurped by an unknown supernatural being, and now the pair of the royal family members make haste to reinstate the true empress and save the city from total destruction.  Arkane studios decided to make the nice ending of Dishonored the cannon, and to be totally honest I don’t blame them- I’m super excited about playing as Emily ( despite previous regretful choices) and  I’m only filled with  anticipation the more I consider seeing the dual-perspective approach to the game.

Total chaos ending in Dishonored

You mentioned Emily as ‘one of’ the main protagonists earlier?

Indeed, Arkane has put an incredibly hard choice on the player right at the beginning of the game. You can choose to either play as Emily (a character we have never seen in this context before), or as the much- loved Corvo, who we know is already a pro in the revenge business. Once you have made your decision, it is final- you can’t switch between missions for example. However, it only adds to the replay ability of the game as then you can play for a second time and see the alternative perspective on the run through. Corvo rightfully at Emily’s side on the throne

What platform(s) will Dishonored be available on?

Dishonored 2 is set to be released on Xbox one, Ps4 and PC at around the same time. So far, the pre-order prices for the two consoles are looking to be the most expensive way to purchase the game, with prices circling about £45 (or about $60 for our friends across the pond). Yet again, we see the PC Master-race being the most cost-effective way of playing Dishonored 2, with pre-order prices ranging at closer to £35 ($45)

Look out below!

Clearly, the game has not yet been released, and as such there’s still a chance that more information will come to light about it, and we can’t wait to see what this game will bring us when we finally get our grubby fingers on it. On the official Facebook and Twitter pages, you can keep up to date on all the latest news and gossip about this incredibly highly anticipated game, so to save you guys the effort of having to go search for it yourselves, I’ve included the link here :

Facebook Page

Twitter Feed

Keep up with the latest news and information, and any speculations about specifics of the plot, what you would like to see, what you wouldn’t like to see and all that good stuff, definitely comment them below! See what everyone else thinks, and hold on tight for the next few months!


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