[Top 3] Dishonored 2 Best Powers for Emily and Corvo

Dishonored 2 Best Powers for Emily, Dishonored 2 Best Powers for Corvo
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Howdy guys, do you like to slaughter people in video games? Well, slaughtering people in Dishonored 2 can get very creative and satisfying as hell - attaching a spring razor to a decapitated head and throwing it at a group of people causing mass dismemberment or slowing time, shooting arrows from your crossbow at 5 different targets, and killing all of them at the same time. This game is just too amazing!

I’ll share with you my 3 most favorite powers - they’ll focus on assassinating your foes, sneaking right past them, or just having fun with some NPC’s before violently slaughtering them! Anyways, let’s started with my favorite powers in Dishonored 2:

3. Shadow Walk

Spooky. Reminds me of some terrifying Asian horror movie I’ve watched as a kid!

Shadow Walk allows you to morph into a shadowy, ghost-like creature that can sneak past your opponents and even execute them with two terrifying arms grabbing your target and ripping him/her apart. It’s especially useful if you’re wounded and need to escape and/or recover(This power costs 4 runes).

This power can also receive upgrades, such as:

  • Rat Shadows - in short, it allows you to move through rat tunnels. Might seem insignificant, but it does make your Emily more mobile and accessible!(1 rune)
  • Improved Shadow Attack - It allows you to gruesomely kill/incapacitate up to 2 targets at a time. Quite useful, especially when you want to use your Shadow Walk for a bit longer(2 runes)
  • Shadow Run - You move faster when you morph into the spooky floor ghost. That’s pretty much it(2 runes)
  • Greater Shadow Attack - Let’s you execute or incapacitate up to 3 people. Again, your Shadow Walk stops working after killing 1 target, this simply prolongs your Shadow Walk(2 runes).

It’s also worth mentioning why Shadow Walk is bloody awesome:

  • Let’s you become some disturbing creature that violently kills people
  • Allows you to sneak past your enemies
  • If you’re doing a 0-kill run, don’t worry! This ability allows you to incapacitate your enemies, leaving them only with soiled pants when they wake up!

2. Domino

Cause a domino effect today!

Domino is an awesome power that allows you to link multiple targets together, these linked targets share damage done to them - so if you link 2 targets with the Domino power and decide to kill one of them, the second target will also die. The awesome thing about Domino is that you can combine it with other powers, crossbows, and your pistol, allowing you to pull off awesome combos, gruesome deaths, and other cool tricks(This power costs 4 runes).

Upgrades for Domino:

  • Link Three - Simply lets you link 3 people together instead of 2.(3 runes)
  • Link Four - The final upgrade for Domino, lets you link 4 people together.(3 runes)

Yeah, it only has 2 upgrades, but this power is fun nonetheless. It’s my second most used power(right next to Far Reach&Blink) and it’s ALMOST my favorite :-).

What’s great about Domino:

  • Allows you to kill or incapacitate multiple people at once
  • Becomes useful if you want to save up on ammo and arrows
  • Domino lets you link your opponents with your Doppelganger(If you kill your doppelganger, your opponents will meet the same fate).

And that’s all for Domino, let’s talk about my last and my most favorite power in Dishonored 2!

1. Possession

You can even possess a corpse!

I had trouble deciding whether to include Bend Time or Possession, after a few million years I have finally decided to place Possession on the first spot of this article. But why?

Possession is a power that lets you take control of your opponent’s mind, ultimately becoming him and being able to move the possessed person wherever you wish, you can also quit possessing him/her whenever you wish(This power costs 4 runes).

This ability should pop plenty of lightbulbs over your head right now and just give you an idea of how useful this power is. Did I mention that you can also possess rats? That’s right, you can become a rat and slip through holes that normal human beings can’t get through. Or better yet, attach a spring razor to a rat, possess it, and use it as a mobile bomb against your foes. Cruel, but brilliant!

Upgrades for Possession: 

  • Chain Hosts - allows you to transition from target to target(3 runes)
  • Corpse Possession - Possesses the corpse of a dead person(1 rune)
  • Lasting Possession - Increases the duration of Possession(1 rune)
  • Human Possession - Lets you possess a human(4 runes)

At first, you’ll only be able to possess an animal(rat, hound, etc),  but after upgrading your power, you’ll be able to possess other humans.

What’s badass about Possession:

  • Possession of a guard will allow you to pass through a Light of Wall
  • Possessed animals can go through vents and other unaccessible-to-players areas
  • Synergizes super well with other powers(Bend Time, for example)
  • How cool is it to possess somebody, take them to a cliff and kick them off of it? lemme tell ya, it’s very badass and cool!


That’s Dishonored 2 for ya. Powers are either for evading, neutralizing, or slaughtering your foes, and it’s all up to you what you want to do. Of course, keep in mind that killing your opponents might be tempting, but can affect your ending in a bad way - just like in the first part of Dishonored. There are many more powers that you might love, but I decided to put out only 3 of my favorite powers that I consider to be the best. Anyways boys and gals, thank you for reading my article and ciao!

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