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Dishonored 2, released in 2016, follows on from the events of its predecessor, continuing the saga of Royal Protector Corvo Attano and his daughter, the recently crowned Empress Emily Kaldwin. Dunwall, 15 years after the original game's events, has prospered somewhat under Emily's rule as Empress. Delilah Copperspoon, a mysterious and powerful figure who claims to be the true successor to the kingdom as the sister of the late Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, enters and disrupts the calm.

Dishonored 2 is unique in its franchise in that players may choose between Corvo and Emily. Since every individual has their own special qualities, it's crucial to determine which ones will be most useful in reclaiming the crown from Delilah before making this crucial choice.


10. Bonecharm Crafting (Corvo/Emily)

This is the ultimate power for individuals who value hard work culminating in a substantial reward. When first using it, you'll be much weaker than in previous runs. If you dedicate yourself to improving a skill to its full potential, you'll be able to do feats that were previously impossible in any other playing. For instance, Bonecharms may be merged to make room for more. If you want to give your character even more firepower than usual, you may increase their characteristic energy and give them access to even more abilities.

What Bonecharm Crafting Excels In

  • Create your own bonecharms.
  • Mix different effects for the perfect bonecharm.
  • The more you upgrade the ability, the less chances of bonecharm corruption.


9. Shadow Kill (Corvo/Emily)

It's interesting to note that this is one of the abilities where the greatest result is achieved by just picking it up and leaving it at its default setting. Any unsuspecting foes you eliminate will be reduced to ashes. A no-kill run would be hampered by this, but it would be ideal for stealthily dispatching the fewest possible foes. You can't leave a corpse on the higher levels without it being reduced to ash or swarmed by Bloodfly Swarms. They are both terrible for stealth and will hinder your efforts. However, understanding that this is a capability you can have and never invest in again will allow you to maximize the stealth efficiency of any situation.

What Shadow Kill Excels In

  • Enemies killed will turn to ash.
  • Best for maintaining stealth.
  • Enemies won’t spot dead bodies.


8. Agility (Corvo/Emily)

With more agility, you'll be able to leap further and higher. Higher jumps are possible, and you're less likely to hurt yourself when you land. Also works as a double leap, allowing you to go greater distances in a shorter amount of time than with the blink ability. There is a side benefit to this capability in that it allows for some quite sophisticated game design. You can obtain excellent results using blink but relying on your own wits to navigate swiftly is far more exciting.

What Agility Excels In

  • Jump higher.
  • Increases moveability.
  • Double jump allows you to reach higher.


7. Reflexes (Corvo/Emily)

When it comes to winning fights, blocking, and parrying are crucial, hence it's necessary to have access to the Reflexes Enhancement. With quick reflexes, the player can block incoming attacks. Having the ability to deflect shots will be useful, since many of your foes will likely be armed.

Focused Slide, Superior Deflection, Adept Parry, and Snap Reaction are the four tiers of improvement available for Reflexes, although Agility and Vitality only have two. If you want to parry more effectively, the first improvement you should obtain is Adept Parry. Like Corvo's abilities Bend Time, Snap Reaction temporarily pauses time when an adversary is sighted. If you aren't using Emily, spending Runes on the Snap Reaction improvement is pointless.

What Reflexes Excels In

  • Block incoming shots.
  • Helps in combat.
  • Best for dodging bullets and arrows.


6. Mesmerize (Emily)

Emily's most costly Power, Mesmerize, costs a whopping six Runes to activate. Emily's Mesmerize ability calls forth a void ghost that holds two people or dogs in its thrall. As the spell wears off, the enchanted opponents will regain their senses. If you're trying to slip past lone guards or guards working in pairs, mesmerizing them may assist.

Emily may improve her Mesmerize ability to impact up to four foes at once and for a longer period of time. Mesmerize should be used with caution, since foes that are immune to the void's effects may become suspicious of your unusual behavior.

What Mesmerize Excels In

  • Take control of your enemies.
  • Move by enthralled enemies without being spotted.
  • Enthralled people and dogs can cause a distraction.


5. Shadow Walk (Emily)

If you're trying to make a stealthy run, this ability is perfect for you. As you assume the appearance of a shadowy monster and move through the shadows, you are almost undetectable to your foes. You may also choose to augment the power so that it attacks with more ferocity. Once again, if you're murdering everyone on your stealth runs, this makes you a really amazing killing machine. Even so, it's a nice ability to have at your disposal.

What Shadow Walk Excels In

  • Move past enemies unnoticed.
  • Move under doors and drains.
  • Helps in looting some black markets.


4. Doppelgänger (Emily)

Having just one Emily around is no fun when you can have two! With the help of Doppelgänger, Emily may conjure a doppelganger of herself to distract her foes. When the double is destroyed, the danger is thought to have been removed, and the foes relax their vigilance.

If you're looking for a new way to have a blast playing as Emily, check out the new and improved Doppelgänger. With Deadly Shade, Emily's double may battle alongside her and even kill unsuspecting adversaries. Emily may use transposition to switch places with her double, opening up a ton of new possibilities for getting about town. The costliest Power to acquire is Mesmerize, however Doppelgänger is more useful and costs less.

What Doppelgänger Excels In

  • Distract enemies with a doppelgänger.
  • With upgrades, the doppelgänger fights alongside Emily.
  • Can be used for stealth and head-on combat.


3. Bend Time (Corvo)

Corvo's power to halt the passage of time is a pivotal Power. Corvo uses Bend Time to get through a bunch of adversaries or to kill off some unfortunate guards. Straightforward improvements include the ability to halt time, the ability to bend spacetime, and the ability to bend time indefinitely.

The passage of time may be halted by purchasing the Stop Time upgrade. Relativity enhances Corvo's movement speed in relation to the impacted time, while Lasting Bend Time lengthens the duration of the ability. If Corvo is cornered by several foes, he may utilize his power to slow or halt time to get out of there uninjured.

What Bend Time Excels In

  • Stop time.
  • Affects everything around you except your speed.
  • Quickly kill all enemies without them noticing.


2. Domino (Emily)

Emily's trademark move consists much of this ability. It connects foes such that when one is killed or knocked out, they all fall. Assuming you can find a good view position, it makes emptying rooms a breeze. After linking up your foes, all it takes is one sleep dart to send them all to sleep at once. The other option is to connect your foes to a mirrored version of yourself and eliminate them by eliminating your own reflection.

What Domino Excels In

  • Link enemies.
  • Kill multiple enemies by killing one.
  • Make multiple enemies unconscious by sleep darting one.


1. Blink/Far Reach (Corvo/Emily)

It's important to note that Corvo and Emily's Blink and Far Reach aren't the same Power, although they do serve comparable purposes. Returning players who choose Corvo will be familiar with the foundations of Blink since it is the same ability he employed in the first Dishonored game. If secrecy is a top requirement, Corvo's ability to utilize Blink to teleport from one location to another is invaluable.

Emily's Far Reach functions similarly, enabling her to move fast from one location to another, but she is visible to others around her. She doesn't teleport as Corvo does; instead, Emily is pulled toward the location she aims for using her power, Far Reach. The Power's lack of stealth is compensated for by its potent attacking capabilities. Emily may slow down the passage of time while falling, drag items or foes toward her for midair assaults, and more if she upgrades Far Reach.

What Blink/Far Reach Excels In

  • Quick movement.
  • Signature dishonored moves.
  • Stop time mid-air with the full upgrade.



Though it isn't Arkane Studios' most recent release, Dishonored 2 is still quite well-liked. We often find ourselves jumping back into the game for another go with stricter rules. Given the sheer number of options, it's tough to think of a good enough excuse to sit this one out. Hopefully, this post will help you in pinpointing the abilities that are worth upgrading first as you progress in the game.

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