Dishonored 2 Best Difficulty - Which To Choose

Dishonored 2 Best Difficulty
Ridin’ a clockwork!

Howdy, sweethearts. You ever played that one game where you mercilessly slaughter tens of people via the sword&supernatural powers? That game where you either run around as a middle-aged man or a young, innocent-looking girl with short hair - Well, I’m talking about Dishonored 2 - this game can be difficult for some people even on the easiest difficulty. And that’s what I’m going to talk to you about in this article <3

In total, there are 5 difficulties in this game and I’ll be discussing each one separately, which one I’m currently playing on, how difficult they are and at the end of the article it’ll be up to you which one you’ll pick. Anyways, let’s get to it!

5. Easy


The picture sums it pretty well - this is the easiest difficulty, you’ll be obliterating hostile NPC’s in the blink of an eye. If it’s in your desire to calmly explore all of the zones, not worry about running out of elixirs or kill low-skill NPC’s, this difficulty is for you. Keep in mind that with time, this difficulty might get boring and you might want something more challenging.

How it works:

  • Elixirs give more health/mana
  • Enemies have low awareness and make sneaking for you easier
  • Enemies are more prone to give up on chasing you

Pick this difficulty if:

  • You want a chill playthrough
  • Want to explore more areas
  • Don’t want to run out of elixirs too fast
  • Slaughter enemies with ease

4. Very Hard

2 seconds away from getting rekt by a Clockwork!

This is the hardest difficulty in Dishonored 2 - I placed it on a 4th spot as it’s hard to have fun on this difficulty and only a minority of mega god gamers can withstand the harsh environments this game offers on the Very Hard difficulty. So pretty much yeah, if you want to get 1-shotted by pretty much everything, want to pull hair out of your head, smash your face on the keyboard this difficulty is 100% for you!

How it works:

  • More reinforcements
  • Noise travels further
  • Enemies deal more damage/increased attack speed
  • Increased awareness of enemies
  • Elixirs restore less mana/health

Choose this difficulty if:

  • You want an extremely difficult playthrough
  • You got bored of playing on anything easier than Very Hard
  • If you want a new keyboard!

3. Medium


This is the best difficulty if you want a fair line between Easy and Hard - enemies are more dangerous, but not too much. They’re also more aware, but just a notch more. This is the difficulty for players that are experienced with FPS action-styled games and it’s the default setting of the game!

How it works;

  • Enemies are slightly more dangerous in combat
  • Elixirs don’t receive as much of a penalty as in Hard/Very Hard
  • It’s a suggested difficulty(for beginners)

Pick this difficulty if:

  • You desire a balanced playthrough
  • You want your enemies to have a fair chance against you
  • If you want to explore areas

2. Custom

So many options!

Here you can customize your difficulty, it’s pretty cool as it lets you change specific things for your difficulty(Enemy Perception, Search Persistency, Footstep Noise, etc).

There are 11 options in total with each selected having some information to the right. I never bothered with picking this difficulty, but I can understand players who can be picky with settings in Dishonored 2.

How it works:

  • You can adjust your difficulty more specifically
  • The picture speaks for itself, you are given plenty of options with which you can alter the style of your gameplay!

Pick this difficulty if:

  • You are picky with settings in Dishonored 2
  • There’s that one stupid mechanic(let’s say it’s Enemy Perception) that you want to change
  • You’re not satisfied with other difficulties

1. Hard


This is the difficulty that I currently play on and it is in my opinion the best difficulty that you can play on, although if it’s your first time playing I’d suggest playing on Medium, just to get a hang of things.

This is a difficulty for veterans of Dishonored - for players that very well know what Dishonored is about and who know what to expect - enemies are harder to kill, dangerous in combat and they will spot your butt from a mile away! 

“Easily”, the best difficulty in Dishonored 2!

How it works:

  • Durable opponents
  • Increased perception of enemies
  • More damage is taken from hostiles

Choose this difficulty if:

  • If you want a reasonable challenge(Just hard, but not super hard, ya know what I mean?)
  • You don’t want your enemies to fall in 1 single sword swipe
  • You want to feel like you’re vulnerable, and not like some unkillable John Wick


That’s all when it comes to difficulties, lads. Remember the lessons I taught you today - if you don’t want to break your keyboard, play on Easy/Medium - if you wish to partially destroy your keyboard, play on Hard. If you wish to annihilate your keyboard, mouse, PC, desk, and every other human being in a 100-meter radius, play on Very Hard. And if you want to adjust your difficulty, pick Custom.

Dishonored can be a lovely game for all types of tryhards and n00bs, Arkane Studios did a great job at satisfying everyone. But anyways boyz and galz, sorry but I gotta go and cut some NPC’s in half. Thanks for reading my article and ciao!

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