[Top 10] Dishonored 2 Best Bonecharms (And How To Get Them)

Bonecharm in Dishonored 2
Getting a supernatural edge is how you can eliminate an entire army!

Dishonored 2 provides a gaming experience that is unique and incredibly diversified. As an example, see Bone Charms. These trinkets may alter how your characters interact with the universe and can be discovered or manufactured in the game world. Curiously, a Bone Charm may have either a beneficial or bad impact. You may also utilize Bone Charms that you no longer need to generate Raw Whalebone, which can be used to create further Bone Charms.


10. Lucky Needle

Those who want a covert, long-range strategy will want to find this initial bonecharm. The Lucky Needle is a weapon improvement that provides the player a small chance of picking up Sleep Darts when using the silent crossbow, which is immensely handy for anybody who wants to avoid making noise or running out of darts.

This common bonecharm is lurking inside an Overseer Outpost in the Dust District. Locate the balcony above the streets and the entrance using Far Reach. Inside, directly atop the desk and surrounded by corpses lies the Lucky Needle Bonecharm.

What makes Lucky Needle Great:

  • Possibility of recovering Sleep Darts.
  • Excellent for stealth.
  • Spend less on sleep darts.


9. Swift Shadow

This bonecharm increases your movement speed when creeping; it is beneficial if you emphasize mobility while remaining undiscovered, or if you wish to catch up with fleeing targets while you're attempting to kill them.


What makes Swift Shadow Great:

  • Constructing an x4 Swift Shadow bonecharm increases your creeping speed by double.
  • Becomes really important if you want to catch up to an enemy.
  • Makes you a little bit more mobile


8. Lightweight

The one Corrupted bonecharm in this list incurs a minor penalty. When worn, falling from a height will do less damage to the player. This occurs rather often when the assassin dashes from the rooftop to the darkness below, thus this charm is quite advantageous.

In addition, it will reduce health regeneration by half. Crafting this charm takes three Raw Whalebone.


What makes Lightweight Great:

  • You take less damage from falling.
  • The rate of health regeneration is half.
  • Craftable with three whalebones.


7. Spirit Water

This item enables you to replenish your mana by consuming tap water. This will help you save on Mana Elixors so you can simply drink water to replenish your mana and use your powers whenever you want.


What makes Spirit Water Great:

  • Useful for those that struggle with mana management
  • This is a dependable bonecharm since sinks and fountains are rather frequent and easy to find.


6. Undertaker 

This perk, like the majority of bonecharms, may be acquired randomly or produced with the Bonecharm Crafting ability. This item is made using a Raw Whalebone and Movement.

What makes Undertaker Great:

  • Increased movement speed while carrying a corpse
  • Excellent for stealth.
  • The bodies will go unnoticed.


5. Spiritual Sacrifice

As with the Dishonored series, this bonecharm lets you to replenish mana by killing rats and blood flies; it's amazing since there are billions of rats everywhere. It synergizes effectively with many of Corvo's abilities and almost always restores your mana to fullness. 


What makes Spiritual Sacrifice Great:

  • One visit to a sewer/infested flat replenishes one's mana.
  • Excellent if you hate rats. Or terrifying red flying insects of doom!
  • Compatible with Devouring Swarm


4. Unnerving Target

The Unnerving Target bonecharm forces your targets to toss grenades beneath their feet, causing them to make fools of themselves. This bonecharm is incredible if you want to kill numerous foes with a single grenade, assuming that odds are on your side. It may also save your life if one of the perks attempting to murder you blows himself up along with his accomplices!


What makes Unnerving Target Great:

  • Causes AoE damage
  • Can save lives in perilous circumstances
  • Particularly effective in cramped spaces


3. Healthy Appetite

The Healthy Appetite bonecharm increases the amount of health restored by all ingested food. Now, Corvo or Emily may preserve those luscious Bastillian Peaches and Pratchett Jellied Eels for a later time, rather than pausing the action to devour them during a street brawl.

What makes Healthy Appetite Great:

  • Food heals slightly more.
  • The best Bonecharm to equip when food is discovered.
  • Reduces the cost of Elixors.


2. Robust

In the Dishonored series, Corvo and Emily depend on the S&J Health Elixirs, which function as health potions and save the player while they're hunched in the corner trying to survive a brutal combat. Utilizing these elixirs when equipped with the Robust bonecharm will restore somewhat more life to the player. Collect one Raw Whalebone and one Restoration to create.

What makes Robust Great:

  • Potions augment health somewhat
  • For making, one Raw Whalebone and one Restoration are needed.


1. Whirlwind

Whirlwind is a combat bonecharm that increases the attack speed of your sword - in my experience, I always looked forward to getting this bonecharm because it made me faster than the NPCs trying to kill me, I could always strike before they could block, and it's the most useful bonecharm I can think of. Whirlwind synergizes effectively with other bonecharms and performs well against many foes; it's just a shame that the majority of bonecharm sites are random. I hope you get this as soon as feasible - it is the greatest!


What makes Whirlwind Great:

  • Enables you to effectively outrun your foes
  • Makes blocking difficult for foes
  • Excellent for combating several enemy groups
  • Mixes effectively with combat-related bonecharms such as Leech Cuts, Cornered Animal, and others.



Bone charms are magical artifacts crafted from the bones of whales, humans, and other creatures, each of which has a distinct impact on the user's constitution and skills. These objects may be discovered across the Empire by Corvo Attano, Daud, Emily Kaldwin, and Billie Lurk, who can then utilize them to supplement their mission plans.

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