Dishonored 2 Corvo: 10 New Things You Should Know About Him

Dishonored 2 Corvo: 10 New Things You Should Know About Him

10. Corvo is Believed to be the Crown Killer

The apartment of the real crown killer, featuring what looks like to be a painting of them.

In the game Delilah uses an experiment gone wrong to have Emily’s enemies assassinated. This assassin was dubbed the “Crown Killer.” As Corvo is known for his ability as a spy and an assassin, many believe he is the perpetrator.

9. Corvo’s abilities are now Stronger

Corvo and Emily preparing to fight Delilah as she takes the throne.

In the game Corovo keeps the same abilities that he had in the first one while Emily has her own. Because Corvo has had these abilities for some time he knows more about them and how to use them.

8. Corvo returns to his Home, Serkonos

A painting done of Corvos home, Serkonos

As Corvo is not from the country, he returns to Serkonos to try to bring down Delilah. Specifically he returns to the capital Karnaca. Here is were Corvo works to once again restore Emily to the throne.

7. Corvo was Serious from a Young Age

Young Corvo showing his sister arriving ships, looking rather wily even when young.

In the visit you can find his mothers diary. In her diary you can see that he was very sersious from a young age. He was also very strong and skilled when he was young as well, since she was not surprised that he won the Blade Verbena.

6. Corvo has a sister

A portrait of Beatrici Attano as a child playing with Corvo.

While in Serkonos you discover that Corvo had a sister named Beatrici. The two of them fought in the streets together until she moved to Morley. After that the family lost all contact with them.

5. Corvo was born to a lower class family

A panorama of the District Corvo was born and raise in.

Corvo was born to a mining family in Serkonos. The family lived together happily until his father died in a work accident.

4. Corvo gained his rank through winning a contest of skill

The Trophy that Corvo won, it’s not the prettiest but it signifies where his path started.

Corvo won the Blade Verbena, in a competition of skill. He impressed the duke so he was then given a position as an officer in the Grand Serkonian Guard. As a soldier he dealt with gangs and other delinquent city groups.

3. Corvo was a diplomatic gift to Jessamine Kaldwin

Jessamine Kaldwin from the first Dishonored Game.

Corvo had greatly impressed the Duke of Serkonos with his skill. Because of this, Corvo was sent to Dunwall as a diplomatic gift and was to serve the emperor. He then became Jessamine’s royal protector and spy.

2. Jessamine Kaldwin and Corvo were “secret” lovers

Corvo placing a rose at Jessamine’s memorial, a somewhat heartfelt image.

While serving her Corvo and Jessamine became lovers. This of course resulted in Emily being born.

They kept the relationship secret but many of the nobles and other ranking officials around them were well aware of their relationship.

1. Corvo was so well known that there’s a commemorative plaque outside his home

A plaque outside Corvos’ home that says “Lord Corvo Attano, made royal protector in 1817, was born here on the 25th day, Month of Nets, 1798."

Corvo’s mother died shortly after he left for Dunwall. During the mission that allows you to access his home you can see there’s a plaque outside his home.

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