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5. Mark of the Ninja

It’s funny how most of our stealth games don’t feature history’s sneakiest killers: ninjas.

Side-scrolling stealth game Mark of the Ninja is here to change all that. You play as a modern-day ninja out to wreak havoc on his enemies of his clan.


Super villains really should try hiring guards who know to look up

Sure, your foes are armed with modern weaponry. But you’ve got all the ancient tools of your trade (smoke bombs, poisonous darts, caltrops, etc.), and they’re good at getting the job done. Your dearest friends, however are silence and darkness. With them, you can remain undetected as you slink towards an enemy for a brutal sword thrust through the heart.

It’s bloody and brutal, not to mention gorgeous to look at, with a look and animation style that harks back to yesteryears’ Saturday morning cartoons.


Storming the enemy headquarters


They won't know what hit 'em

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