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9. Hitman: Absolution

Everyone’s favorite assassin who’s never had to use shampoo in his life is back in Hitman: Absolution.

Despite his stern demeanor, we suspect Agent 47 is a prankster who simply enjoys raising hell. He’s a master not only of guns and disguises, but he also knows exactly what buttons to push to transform any environment into of whirlwind chaos.


"I like the feel of cold steel on my bald head."

Don’t want to waste bullets on your enemies? Why not just blow up a gas station? Envious that your target gets to enjoy a cup of coffee while you have work to do? Why not poison his cup? You can make disco balls plummet to the people below, start fires, cause scaffolding to collapse, and even set off fireworks indoors for maximum mayhem. Talk about getting punked!

Who knew the life of a hired killer could be so much fun?


Gotham at night... wait, wrong game.


This will all be over in a second...

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