[Top 5] The Last of Us 2 Best Weapon Upgrades and How to Get Them

Top 5 Best weapon upgrades in The Last of Us part 2
Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't

The Last of Us Part 2 puts a lot of weight on the player’s shoulders, but it also provides just enough glimpse of that light at the end of the tunnel to maintain the idea of “hope”. In between all that dread and drama, Ellie manages to find respite when standing near a workbench, and do some scheming of her own. After all, in a world such as that, being stoic and not trading function for form – seems like the right move.

Here are our Top 5 picks for the best weapon upgrades in The Last of Us Part 2.

5. Fire rate upgrade for the Semi-Auto Pistol (40 scraps required)

Ellie will immediately find good use for this one

Unsurprisingly, this early game weapon won’t pack a ton of punch, but nevertheless, one can find good use in it, if he/she plays into its strengths. Namely: although the bullets fired from this pistol mainly tickle your foes, the fact remains that they aren’t exactly a rare find. So, strength in numbers it is!

Therefore, it would be more than wise to increase the barking speed of the handgun and evolve it into a more of a “spitfire” type of armament. The game creates a lot of situations for “run and gun” tactics, so being able to produce an array of bullets in a second or two – does come in handy.

What makes increasing the fire rate of the Semi-Auto Pistol awesome:

  • The low asking price of only 40 scrap – a bargain for the +45% increase in fire rate
  • Turns an arguably weak weapon into a reliable option

How to get this weapon upgrade:

Details about this weapon upgrade:


4. Increased capacity upgrade for the Pump Shotgun (50 scraps required)

Metal upon metals

The Pump Shotgun doesn’t even try to mask its authority in a game where close-quarters combat is extremely common. Once found, it feels empowering and even suitable in Ellie’s hands. Each shot spreads in a healthy amount of space, thus proving that it’s a weapon with an appetite.

However, its reload speed it’s not a highlight, as every single shell needs to be manually inserted in. So, we should avoid having to go through that process in the heat of the moment, at any cost. This is achieved by increasing the weapon’s modest capacity, which will effectively prolong the countdown till the next lengthy reload animation.

What makes increasing the capacity of the Pump Shotgun awesome:

  • The affordable asking price of 50 scraps, with immediately noticeable effect
  • Makes those costly misses with this weapon, a little more bearable (but they are still unwelcomed)
  • A very potent early game choice

How to get this weapon upgrade:

Details about this weapon upgrade:


3. Increased damage for the Revolver (70 scraps required)

Size isn't everything

Another excellent choice for DPS-oriented players is to timely increase the damage capabilities of this classic weapon. Utilizing mean-looking and pointy bullets, successful hits with the Revolver evoke a sweet “bulls-eye” notion amidst the chaos. The fact that they demand a steady and deadly aim, makes them all the more coveted. 

Packing a lot of stopping power right from the get-go, the natural upgrade path for this weapon lays via its damage potential. Even better that is a “two for one” deal, increasing the damage output by 40%, as well as the accuracy of the handgun, by 25%. Win–win.

What makes increasing the damage of the Revolver awesome:

  • A fitting answer for the consistent increase in the game’s difficulty
  • Using this weapon often makes one a better player overall

How to get this weapon upgrade:


2. Increased stability for the Semi-Auto Rifle (50 scraps required)

Now we are talking

One of the most useful weapons in the game, the Semi-Auto Rifle, starts off strong and, admittedly, stays strong without any upgrades at all. That’s not to say that there isn’t any room for improvement, though. It’s no secret that it’s an “untamed” firearm in its basic form, whit a reticle that bounces wildly upon prolonged, Rambo-like bursts.

This is remedied sagaciously (for a whole 55% percent) when 50 scraps are paid to add weights to the stock of the rifle. The results are a much, much more manageable weapon sway of this beast, and a higher hit-ratio for the player.

What makes increasing the stability of the Semi-Auto Rifle awesome:

  • A ton of bullets saved for a fairly low amount of scrap
  • Second to none in terms of efficiency against hordes of enemies

How to get this weapon upgrade:


1. Increased reload speed for the Crossbow (80 scraps required)

Hurl those bolts

Being able to take down multiple foes without being seen is the bread and butter of this series. Yet, there aren’t enough weapons around who can score a one-shot kill, all while keeping the other baddies completely clueless. Luckily, there’s the Crossbow.  

Immensely powerful and 100% percent silent, with bolts recoverable from within the flesh of the target, it’s a true comrade of a weapon. If fired in quick succession, this contraption can easily clean a room full of adversaries in such a “clean” manner, that no one will be able to raise an alarm – ‘cuz they’ll be dead before they can even spot anything unusual. 

In order to tap into such levels of professionalism, we have the convenient option to decrease the weapon’s worryingly long reload speed.  It may be a bit costly at 80 scraps, but the payoff is well worth the price of admission.

What makes increasing the reload speed of the Crossbow awesome:

  • Supremely beneficial even if surrounded, thanks to the innate punch-through capabilities of the bolts
  • Enhances the “guerrilla warfare” flavor of the later parts of the game

How to get this weapon upgrade:


With all that being said, these choices are by no means the only way to beat the story. Above all else, games should be fun, and in our opinion, these 5 upgrades bring out the best aspects, expose the true nature of the beautifully rendered armaments in this game. So, which paths did you opt for through this nightmarish ordeal?

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