15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever

15 of the Best Horror Game Trailers Ever
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Take a look at the 15 Best Horror Game Trailers

Love some good old horror? Let’s reminisce over some of the best horror game trailers ever.


15. Penumbra: Black Plague

We can’t pass up Penumbra, it’s a bit of an older game, but it is a classic.

This trailer shows Penumbra’s first person gameplay. The character uses a light stick to guide them in the darkness. Players learn that they need to pull and drag items around in order to navigate the environment and uncover clues. 

A textual message tells the player that they need them to do something that only they can do. The message urges the player not to make the same mistakes that they did. A strange human looking creature emerges. It is entirely bone white except for its disturbing red smeared grin. When it attacks the player we can see that its eyes are sunken in and it looks painfully emaciated.

This trailer doesn’t leave us without plenty of dead bodies that are thrown around the area and actually falling from above. There’s even a huge and creepy worm out to get the character. This game has players covered on all fronts.


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