10 Easter Eggs That Can Be Found in The Last of Us 2

There are many secrets scattered throughout the game

Naughty dog has placed many Easter eggs within its newest game, The Last of Us 2. These can be things you find laying around the environments, or collectables you can pick up throughout the game. Here are 10 Easter eggs you’ll be able to find within the game.

Playstation 3

This Easter egg you can find in Ellie’s own home. In one of the rooms, you can find a PS3 with the games Jak and Daxter and Uncharted 2. You will additionally be able to find some other PS3 games scattered throughout the game.

Uncharted Ring

This item is a reference to Uncharted, another popular series from Naughty Dog. At one point in the game you will be inside a bank with infected. When you open the large safe within, you can find the ring owned by Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted games. It even has the same inscription “sic parvis magna”. Finding this Easter egg will also grant you an achievement!

Star Wars

While you are in an abandoned museum, you can find this item laying around as an artifact. In the section housing the lost space artifacts, you will find what looks just like a lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise!

PS Vita

While you are infiltrating the WLF base in search of Nora, you can find a guard playing a PS Vita. After the guard has been dealt with, you can take a closer look at the PS Vita’s screen. If you do this, you will find that she was playing Hotline Miami!

Strange Relic

This one is a recurring Easter egg for Naughty Dog. There was an item called the Precursor Orb in the Jak and Daxter games, and it has been used as an Easter egg in every Uncharted game. Now it makes its first appearance in The Last of Us, being able to be found in the Chinatown street. This is another Easter egg that will grant an achievement once you find it!

Jak X Combat Racing

This Easter egg originally appeared in the first game’s DLC and makes a reappearance here. While traveling by boat, you will end up in an abandoned arcade. While in here, you can see an arcade machine for a game called Jak X Combat Racing, a reference to the PS2 spinoff of Jak and Daxter. You can even sit in the seat and pretend to play it!

PS Vita (Again)

There’s a second appearance of a PS Vita you can find while in the WLF base. While in there, you can find aother person that’s playing one. This time however, the game he’s playing is the Jak and Daxter collection.

Deus Ex Door Code

While in downtown Seattle, you can find a safe that can be opened with the combination 0451. This is a famous code combination from Deus Ex, though it started earlier. It was originally the actual door code to the Looking Glass Studios’ Cambridge office, and went on to be used in various games such as Thief and System Shock.

Druckmann the Superhero

This Easter egg references the game’s creative director, Neil Druckmann. In one of the open areas in the game, you can find a superhero card that is inspired by him. His description describes him as a researcher who was doing experiments to test the psychological limits of human beings, and was expelled from the scientific community. After being expelled, he becomes a villain.

Gustavo Santaolalla

This Easter egg is actually a cameo from the music composer for the game (and the original), Gustavo Santaolalla. Near the beginning of the game while walking around Jackson, you can find Santaolalla sitting on a rocking chair in front of a building. You’ll find him playing guitar, with a dog lying next to him.

There are likely to be many other Easter eggs scattered throughout The Last of Us 2. Some have already been found, while there are others still hiding, waiting for observant players to find them!

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