Why Dying Light Is Popular: 10 Reasons Players Love It

What makes this zombie horror stand out from the rest?

Dying Light was a big deal when it first came out in 2015. At first, many people did not have big expectations of it as it was released when the gaming market was already flooded with open-world zombie titles, but Dying Light managed to stand out amongst them all. So what is it that made this game so loved by many? 


10. Coop 

As fun as Dying Light is, it is even more fun with friends or other players. You can play the story mode, together slaughtering hordes of zombies, and just in general, it is great fun messing around with other players. You can also play as a zombie in “Be the Zombie” mode, where one player takes the role of a “Night Hunter” alpha zombie whose job is to hunt down the human players. 


9. Plenty of things to do

Dying Light’s open world has a ton of activities to keep the player hooked for hours. From raiding quarantine zones for supplies, and clearing areas for safe homes to doing side quests scattered across the map, you can always find something to do in the city of Haran. 


8. Immersive open world

Dying Light features an open world that truly feels alive (or rather dead). Doing certain quests and activities makes you feel like you are really making a change in that world. After clearing an area for a safe house for example you might see new human inhabitants move into that area, also destroying volatile hives reduces the number of volatiles roaming around at night, making you feel like you are making it a somewhat safer place in a city full of chaos.


7. Variety of enemies

There is a wide variety of enemies that you must face in the city of Haran. There are several types of zombies as well as human enemies, and each must be approached in a different way. This keeps the flow of the game engaging and fresh. From volatiles, and hordes of walkers to demolishers you are certain to be kept on your toes.


6. Intense gameplay moments

Certain moments in the game can honestly get your heart racing as you are hunted by a pack of volatiles or stuck in a dark, tight corridor with zombies screaming all around you and not knowing what side they're going to run at you from. Few games can give you such a thrill without the reliance on cheap jump scares. 


5. Combat

There is nothing quite as satisfying as drop-kicking a zombie off a rooftop. One of the staples of combat in Dying Light. Apart from drop-kicking the player has access to a vast variety of weapons to choose from be it ranged, melee, or even unarmed. The player can also use a variety of environments to their advantage such as spikes that enemies can be pushed into or heights that enemies can be thrown off. By leveling up and unlocking new perks, you gain access to new abilities making you ever more powerful.


4. Parkour

One of the things that really made Dying Light stand out is its parkour. Dying Light’s parkour system offers the player complete freedom to traverse the world. You can basically climb on top of anything and explore nearly every detail of the map. You can easily sink in a few hours just mindlessly free running through the city. 


3. Night Time

While Dying Light’s zombies are extremely sluggish and stupid, constantly tumbling and falling over, during the night they change into incredibly vicious monsters. On top of that, volatiles only come out during the night making nighttime even more terrifying. Everyone who played Dying Light remembers that first night chase and what a horror that was with volatiles running at you from every angle. For those who are brave enough though, double XP is given for spending time out in the night.


2. Atmosphere

One thing that always makes a game stick with me is its atmosphere and how it makes me feel. Dying Light’s foreboding setting is truly one of a kind. Yes, there is a plethora of open-world zombie games, but none quite strike like this one. Most of them give off this silly vibe that can’t be taken that seriously, meanwhile Dying Light’s dark and grim atmosphere makes it feel a lot more real. It is somewhat beautiful watching the sunset over Haran, hearing all the chaos throughout the city while you’re safe inside your room in the Tower. Not many games can make you feel this sort of way. 


1. Lots of content

Dying Light as big as it is, offers a huge amount of additional content for you to play. Adding in lots of weapons, outfits, quests, and even an entirely new expansion called “The Following” which adds a whole new campaign as well as a buggy to drive around in and a huge new area to explore. This DLC I found to be an absolute blast and its story I would say was even better than the story of the main game. With the addition of these DLCs, you are sure to add many hours to your game. 

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