10 Zombie Movies You'll Enjoy If You Liked Dying Light

dying light movie
Run before you too become a zombie.

Looking for a Dying Light movie? Here are 10 Zombie movies that you will enjoy

Dying light is one of the best zombie survival games ever made, If you liked dying light and still want some more zombie fun, then here are 10 zombie movies that you will enjoy.

10. Extinction (2015) 

When your parents catch you doing some mischief.

It’s been 9 years since an infection turned most of the humanity into rabid flesh eating creatures. Three survivors of the outbreak, Patrick, Jack and Lu, a nine year old girl live in calm and peace in the town of Harmony. Patrick and Jack have their differences and a deep hatred towards each other which keeps them apart.

Don’t know what’s worse, the spine chilling winter or the zombies.

When the creatures start appearing again Patrick and Jack must set aside their differences and work together as a team to save Lu from the rabid creatures.

Lu, Patrick and Jack from the movie.

The movie direction is well done and the apocalyptic setting is well put. Fans of the horror and zombie genre will surely like this movie.

9. Attack the Block (2011)

Nothings better than riding with your friends, especially during an alien invasion.

A bunch of delinquent teenagers make an unlikely alliance to defend their turf from an alien invasion. Each time they kill a wave of aliens, bigger and better ones come back to haunt their block. The gang does their best to keep their block safe and sound from the aliens.

You sure don’t wanna mess with these guys.

The movie is fun to watch and is quite enjoyable, especially when watched along with the friends and family. The acting is decent and overall the movie is pretty good. Redundant and boring

They will give the expendables a run for their money.

8. Pride and Prejudice and Zombie {2016}

When someone talks trash about your favorite movie.

The movie is set in an alternate version of Victorian England in the 19th century. A mysterious plague has brought the dead back to life which has caused widespread panic and havoc.

Elizabeth Bennet along with her sisters.

The movie starts with Colonel Darcy on a mission to investigate the emergence of Zombies. Fate leads him to Elizabeth Bennet, daughter of a wealthy family and also a master of martial arts and weaponry. Although she hates his company Elizabeth joins forces with Darcy to fight off the zombies and save their country.

Elizabeth Bennet and Colonel Darcy fighting side by side.

The story is an alternate take on Pride and Prejudice and contains lots of humorous bits. The movie is fun and will surely keep you hooked up till the end. This is the third time you are using this phrase in the article.

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