Dying Light 2: Will Kyle Crane Return As Protagonist?

Kyle Crane as protagonist
Kyle Crane is the main character of Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following.

Is Kyle Crane really going to come back?

The hack-and-slash parkour game Dying Light is getting its sequel in fall of this year, and fans couldn’t be happier. The last major content for Dying Light released in 2017, with The Following DLC, in which we stepped back in the shoes of the base game’s protagonist, Kyle Crane: A man sent by the Global Relief Effort (GRE) into the fictional city of Harran to track down a man by the name of Kudir Suleiman, best known as Rais.

With a new game and an unknown person to see through the eyes of, some have speculated the protagonist of Dying Light to return. They expect him to be ready and willing to continue his fight against the zombie virus that now plagues the whole world.

Throughout Dying Light, we watch as Crane struggles with the infection, warding it off with Antizen, the drug that suppresses the virus. As the story progresses, there seems to be a possible cure. Crane struggles, fights, and eventually succeeds in finding the components necessary to at least begin the creation of said cure.

However, in The Following DLC, as well as Dying Light 2, it seems the cure was unsuccessful in being created. Though The Following DLC may not be canon, according to some sources, one way or another, the people in Harran would’ve run out of Antizen eventually in this now global pandemic. With that being the case, it’s highly possible that our loveable protagonist would be dead by the 15-years-later events of Dying Light 2.

If we take the events of The Following as canon, however, he would be dead anyway. He either turned into a volatile and escaped into the world to spread the virus or got blown up along with Harran in a nuclear explosion.

Though we sadly may have lost Kyle Crane as a protagonist following Dying Light, there are many great moments to remember him by in the game. The following list is 5 of the most memorable moments with Kyle Crane.

Top 5 Most Memorable Kyle Crane Moments:

5. His arrival into Harran

A nice view of the beautiful city of Harran.

Opening up to the back of a plane, Kyle Crane is briefed on the state of Harran and Sulieman, the main antagonist. Jumping from the plane, we, as Crane, see the city closing in, giving us an idea of the scale of the city. In an error on landing, Crane is nearly looted by some random members of one of the main factions. He fires off a gunshot, alerting the first zombies he would see to his presence.

This is the first moment we experience as Crane, and it is one of the most memorable. This is where he gets bit, this is where he meets the two factions, and this is where he is introduced to the remains of the city of Harran.

4. His First Reaction to the Toad

You can't blame Kyle for how he reacted to this. Honestly, who would want to interact with... this.

Seeing such a creature would give anyone a stir, but only someone born and raised in a city like Chicago like Crane could pull off such a curse-filled reaction. A funny snippet of dialogue occurs as Crane ducks out of the way of some bile being spit toward him by the creature, and he proceeds to find a way to destroy it.

This scene gave some real personality to our protagonist and showed off some humor in the action-packed game.

3. Cutting Off Rais’s Hand

Our antagonist, Rais, provokes Crane. Little does he know what will be happening to him in the near future...

With guns pointed at him following his victory over the massive infected moments ago, Sulieman, AKA Rais, talks to Crane for the first time. He makes it clear that he knew who Crane is and why he’s here. In a sudden moment of pure skill, Crane swings around, grabs a knife, kills the two people pointing guns at him and cuts off the antagonist’s arm.

Such a sudden display sent chills down our spine as we watched him fall back, spilling blood along the arena floor before we made our escape back to the Slums.

2. Saving the Day

Rais taunts Crane, telling Crane to kill him. 

Climbing Rais’s tower for the final confrontation, Crane finds himself face to face with the man who was the cause of many deaths along the journey of Dying Light. In a final showdown, struggling with a machete with the now one-armed man, he manages to overpower Rais.

Crane chose not to kill Rais, but to take the documents Rais had stolen, which was the reason for Crane being there in the first place. He found himself in turmoil as Rais regained his footing behind him and tackled him, dangling him from the edge of a crane.

In this final moment, Crane pulls a knife embedded in his hand, and stabs Rais, climbing back up to find the documents still secure and ready to deliver to his doctor friend in the Old Town of Harran.

1. Becoming the Night Hunter

After Crane rejected Mother's offer, she angrily turned him into a monster,

Out of options and faced with a potential cure, Crane decided not to listen to the Mother’s words. He decided to take what he felt could save everyone. Being forced to drink the liquid in its pure form, Crane began to hallucinate as he climbed to the surface from the sewers. Reaching the top, he looked upon a family at a park, an area populated and unharmed by the virus, and moved toward them. As the family noticed him and began to run, he looked down to his arm, which was that of a volatile’s, and let out a blood-curdling scream: the scream of a Night Hunter.

This would be our final moments as Crane. It is unsure whether that ending proved canon or not, but one way or another, it was an amazing scene of pure horror as we realize there was no hope


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arztbosen 4 years 2 months ago

The following is canon. I'm pretty sure there had to be more zombies because volatiles are pretty easy to kill at night time with guns and i'm pretty sure that the police force would attempt to shoot crane when he came out. So some other zombie probably bit someone and so on and so forth.

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