Top 10 Games Like Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion

Games Like Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion
Spooky, like most of the characters in this article, would absolutely murder Santa.

I’ve been playing Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion and thought I would share a list of similar game with you kind folks that’ll keep your heart pumping. It’s nearly Halloween time, if you ask a very specific portion of the internet, after all! So, you’re going to need some spooky games!

10. Dark Deception

Dark Deception Gameplay

Nowhere to rest, nowhere to hide, you can only run from your nightmares chasing you through a Pac-Man looking maze. Just run and keep running, and hopefully you can make it out of the maze alive. And also there’s a mysterious woman trapped with you, go find out what’s going on with her.

What’s great about this game:

  • AAA game quality graphics.
  • A game with a dark sense of humor.
  • One of the enemy types are giant monkey head guys, and that just tickles me.


A handy dandy map to keep you on track

9. Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep Gameplay

This one is actually on my “play soon” list! Among the Sleep is a first person horror game in which you take on the role of a two year old child. Some troubling sounds in the night wake you up, and you go on a quest to find your mother.

What’s great about this game:

  • No jumpscares, the horror comes through in the environment.
  • Unique take on a horror game!
  • Tackles serious issues through a lens of innocence.

The world from the view of a small child.

Well...that’s not good.

8. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Gameplay 

Sneak into your neighbor’s house and find out what he’s hiding in the basement. Watch out, though. He learns quick. You have to be sneaky to keep up. Use all means of trickery to get past your neighbor and into the basement to discover the truth...however horrible it may be.

What’s great about this game:

  • Play against an evolving AI that learns your behavior patterns.
  • A sandbox game, so you can really get creative.
  • A one on one battle of wits that is sure to wrack up the tension.

He’s comin attcha like Cleopatra!

Here’s the house, now break into it.

7. Granny

Granny Gameplay

Granny is another first person horror game, but it’s kind of the opposite of Hello Neighbor. Instead of trying to get into the house, you’re trying to get out of the house. You have 5 days to escape the house, and there are all sorts of dangers lying in wait. Be careful, though, Granny can hear any noise you make!

What’s great about this game:

  • Stealth with an emphasis on sound. Granny has really good hearing.
  • Multiple ways to escape, and even a way to extend your time.
  • Even just watching someone else play, Granny’s jumpscare really made me jump.

Granny found you, and boy could she use some...lips.

You can also escape via the car!

6. Pacify

Pacify Gameplay

You are an intern with a Paranormal investigation team, and your first mission is to check out this old house that has rumors about a little girl spirit. Guess what, it’s true. She switches around from good to evil, and you must pacify the evil within her before you’re all dead.

What’s great about this game:

  • Play by yourself or with friends, though playing by yourself is hard mode.
  • The game has a sense of humor.
  • There’s also a PvP mode where the person who does the most work gets a raise.

I think I see the girl, over.

You’re gonna want more than one person to deal with the baby parade.

5. Outlast

Outlast Gameplay

You are a journalist investigating an insane asylum in Colorado. You must get to the bottom of this and discover the horrible truth. The most horrible monsters come from the human mind, and those monsters are coming for you. You can’t fight, so you better get to the running and hiding.

What’s great about this game:

  • AAA graphics.
  • Mysteries to uncover.
  • A classic survival horror.

Welcome to the asylum, you’ll have so much fun.

Someone’s having a bad day.

4. Emily Wants To Play

Emily Wants to Play Gameplay

You are a pizza delivery person, it’s 11pm, you want to get home, it’s your last delivery, and the stupid door closes behind you. Now there’s a little creepy girl and some dolls chasing you around. How and why did she order pizza? You just want to get home but now you’re in a survival horror game and you have to survive til morning,

What’s great about this game:

  • Play how you want, you could just sit around if that’s what you really want.
  • Keep the game’s lights on or off, for your preferred level of spookiness.
  • Pizza delivering action!

Peekaboo, Emily wants to playyyy.

And she brought toys!

3. Monstrum

Monstrum Gameplay

You’re in a ship, and you have to escape. Why? Because it’s a survival horror game. But there are monsters chasing you. Hide, distract, escape. But beware, when you die, you die, and you’ll have to start all over. You will be sent to a new ship with probably a new monster. Better run!

What’s great about this game:

  • Randomly generated ship with new resources and challenges.
  • Perma-death, no save points here, you get a new ship every time you die
  • Different enemy types with different AI.

A new day, a new life, a new ship to explore!

One of the many enemies...melty lava man.

2. CASE: Animatronics

CASE: Animatronics gameplay

Think Five Nights at Freddy’s but with more moving around and no worrying about power, because the power is already out. Search for the truth, survive through the night, and avoid the animatronics. Something sinister is guiding them.

What’s great about this game:

  • Security camera system that you take with you via a tablet.
  • Different animatronics have different abilities.
  • Keep track of a world that is changing around you.

I think that animatronic sees you.

The tablet that will help you see the animatronic that is right in front of your eyes.


FNAF gameplay 

I don’t think there are many people out there who are unfamiliar with the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In the first installment, you play as a new employee at a Chuck E Cheese knock off restaurant with haunted animatronics. Sit in the security room, watch for killer robots, and keep an eye on the power If it goes out, you lose.

What’s great about this game:

  • Secrets, secrets. Look at the little details to find out what’s been going on here.
  • A game filled with tension, you are forced to sit and watch.
  • Well known for its jumpscares and difficulty.

Behind the scenes of the restaurant.

Ooops, he found you.

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