Top 10 Games Like Civilization. If You Like Civilization, You'll Love These Games

Just... one... more... turn!!!!!
Just... one... more... turn!!!!!

Sick of your social life? Why not play a few games like Civilization?

Nothing has made us lose more sleep than Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise. Thanks to its ridiculously addicting turn-based strategy, the phrase “just one more turn” has become an indelible part of the PC gamer culture. You just aren’t the same after playing a Civilization game.

Good news is, there are lots of other strategy games out there that have the same kind of appeal, not to mention the potential to keep us glued to our computers until our eyes bleed. And so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Games Like Civilization – games you’ll love, if you, like us, adore Civilization to bits.

10. Endless Space

Endless Space 01

Beautiful starships or kitchen appliances?

Looking for games like Civilization that are set in space? Dive into Endless Space, and expand your empire beyond the stars!

The year is 3000. You select one of nine civilizations – each with its own unique strengths and abilities – then attempt to establish an interstellar empire. From a single space system, you extend your reach to the rest of the galaxy. There are technologies to research and ships to unlock, and you’ll even be able to recruit powerful hero units you can level up, RPG-style.

Like Civilization, victory can be achieved through several means, namely warfare, diplomacy, or economic supremacy.

A 4X, turn-based, empire-building strategy game with a sci-fi flavor? Count us in!

Endless Space 02

That world doesn't look friendly to life!

Endless Space 03

Some of the strangest starships in the universe...

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nupur27 8 years 10 months ago

for Trials evolution: The bikers and stunners are going to get an ultimate experience by driving the motorbikes at superlative level. All the stunts and roadway fun that is just seen in television, is just a click away boys. Get ready to feel the splash and enter the arena with full of energy and fun loving bikers with the stunt maniacs. Its the craziest gaming experience ever. And the adaptations are even easier than any other bikers game. Racing is totally different than riding a bike, this is the first ever game where riding is experienced at the superlative temperament.

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nupur27 8 years 10 months ago

for Thomas was alone: A hilarious experience of being flat as a rectangle. I literally got the feeling of viewing the world with a body having the backbone same as the stomach and being flat as a paper. Initially, in the imagination of the maker, I thought even I would go flat and solve the mystery of being so, in the world of Thomas itself. Though the game is named, Thomas was alone. I was always standing by him and experiencing the illusion world created by the gamer. I was converted to 2D by flattening myself, but I was experiencing a 5D effect by actually playing it.

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nupur27 8 years 10 months ago

What a game it is! full of thrill and suspense ranging from entering the city to save the girl which is located on the 9th cloud, to find his own conspiracy of living. He indulges with tonnes of difficulties but he surely copes up with all and finds Elizabeth and bring her back down, pay his debt with full dignity and giving the message to young generation that: " Come what may! Never ever turn the back around the difficulties and hardships you face." I would definitely have one such masterpiece in my games wallet. for Bioshock Infinite.

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