[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Mods for Realm of Magic Every Player Should Have

Enter if you dare. They'll cast a spell on you.

What mod would you like to use to enhance your magical game? 

When Realm of Magic came out for the Sims 4, something was missing from the gameplay. The mod community, once again, comes to save the day with incredible mods. 

I specifically looked at the mods that go with or simply enhance the Realm of Magic game pack. At the end of my research, I found the top ten mods that I find to be the best. 

Each of these mods brings something different to the table for Realm of Magic. Even the smallest mod can bring the biggest change. 

10. Maxis Match Tarot

Tarot can bring an added layer to show off your sim's skill.  

When thinking about magic and spellcasters, tarot comes to mind. Creator DeathPoke1qa created the mode Maxis Match Tarot to add a new element to your game. 

As you decide which design to add to your game, keep in mind that you can only have one at a time in your game. Once you have chosen the deck and added it to your game, you can place the deck over a table. 

Make sure you have bb.moveobjects cheat on when placing the deck. You then can add on chairs and go into live mode to give a tarot reading. 

What's Fun About Maxis Match Tarot: 

  • Occult vibes - Embrace the unknown with this mod and add a playable vibe of spellcasting goodness. 
  • Storytelling - Weave a story about a young or old spellcaster who tends to others through tarot. Or any other story you can think of. 
  • Variety - Pick from a variety of styles for your sim's style or your sim's home's aesthetic. 

Maxis Match Tarot details: Download

9. On An Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait)

Randomize your occult genes. Photo from r3m. 

What simmer doesn't like to play around with the genetics of their sims? The On An Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait) mod brings the prospect of randomizing occult genetics into your sim's family line. 

Once you download and place it in your mod folder, go into Build/Buy mode and add the mod in the trait selection for the lot. This mod applies the chance for your couple to have an occult sim of a different type. 

One example the creator, r3m, gives is two humans being able to have a baby that is a mermaid. This mod affects the randomization of genetics; keep that in mind. 

What's Fun About On An Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait): 

  • Storyline - Some stories are about a person who stands out from the rest of their family. This mod brings that possible storyline to life. 
  • Variety of genetics - There are times when genetics don't go the way you want. That can bring a variety of genetics. 
  • Random - Sometimes, the best thing for a game is randomization. Adding in more random genetics, to me, is an asset and gives Sims 4 a new level of depth. 

On An Occult Ley Line (Lot Trait) details: Download

8. Familiar Interactions

Get more out of your familiars.

With Realm of Magic, spellcasters can have familiars that follow them everywhere. Usually, these familiars advise on the way your sims spellcasting and potion making. 

The mod Familiar Interactions gives more interactions for your spellcaster to select with their familiar. Familiar Interactions is simple to use and install. 

Place in your mod folder and boot up Sims 4. Make sure you have a familiar bond with your spellcaster. 

Once the familiar is bound and out, select your sim's familiar. There will be an option of 'familiar interactions,' where you will find various interactions for your sim to have with the familiar. 

What's Fun About Familiar Interactions: 

  • Conversation - Being social is a must, considering it is a need your sim has. Being able to interact with your familiar can help the loneliest of sims. 
  • More purpose - Instead of having a one-dimensional familiar, this mod grabs the bull by the horns and gives more purpose to the familiar's dynamic with the spellcaster. 
  • Any familiar - This works on all familiars so you don't have to pick and choose. 

Familiar Interactions details: Download

7. Cauldron Potions Cost Money

Make a living off of making potions for your neighborhood.

Spellcasters from Realm of Magic can create potions with various ingredients, and they don't have much value to sell. The Cauldron Potions Cost Money mod fixes the value of the potions so your sims can make a nice profit. 

Once you add this mod to your mod folder and have your game pulled up, begin to make your potions. It is that simple to use and the most basic potion will get you one thousand simoleons. 

What's Fun About Cauldron Potions Cost Money: 

  • Source of money - As long as you have apples, you can make a profit with even the simplest of potions. 
  • Rags to Riches - Use the cauldron for your Rags to Riches for more than just Mac & Cheese. 
  • Finer things in life - Better the potion the more money, and the more money you have the better things you can purchase for your sims. 

Cauldron Potions Cost Money details: Download

6. New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod

Wanna have the abilities of an evil chicken? Photo from TTN.

With 28 spells in your sims spellbook, you may end up wanting something new. The New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod brings a new tome to your sim's library and a new spell that is mischievous. 

Though it works similar to drinking obsidian milk, you will need the Spellbook injector mod, which is linked on the download page. You will also need to have Realm of Magic and Cottage Living installed. 

What's Fun About New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod: 

  • Evil chicken - This spell causes the victim to be possessed by the evil spirit of Charles the evil chicken. Who doesn't love an evil chicken?
  • Fire - After you cast the spell, the victim can give an evil glare, which will cause the item they are glaring at to catch fire. 
  • New spell - With level 4 of the Mischief branch, you can learn the Obsidio spell. 

New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod details: Download

5. The Actual Functional Spell Book

Make use of the usually useless book stand. 

Remember that book from Vampires that seemed to collect dust? Pun intended. The Actual Functional Spell Book mod converts the book stand into a spell book. 

You will need Realm of Magic, Vampires, and City Living installed for this mod to function. You can find the spell book in Knowledge Activities and then use it like you would any other object.

What's Fun About The Actual Functional Spell Book: 

  • Complete look - What spellcaster doesn't have a book as the center of their lair or study? 
  • Study - This book makes it simple to study different types of magic, and you can learn new spells this way. 
  • Alchemy - Instead of constantly experimenting with the cauldron you can use the spell book to learn new potions.

The Actual Functional Spell Book details: Download

4. Forbidden Spells

New spells to get back at your enemies. 

Some spells are best left unknown; after all, there's a reason some have the title of Forbidden. With the Forbidden Spells mod, you will add new spells to your spellcaster's book. 

With four new spells and brute force dueling, your sim can seek revenge or become the villain of their story. You will need the Spellbook Injector for adding new spells, and each spell comes with its own tome to learn from. 

Inflict sickness, attack with bees, or gain energy with these four Forbidden spells. Just remember that all magic has a price that you may or may not like. 

What's Fun About Forbidden Spells: 

  • Untamed fun - All four spells are in the Untamed Magic category; page eleven. 
  • There are bees - With the spell Melliferate, you can summon a swarm of bees instead of gathering bees in a jar. 
  • Energy gain - With Ennervate, you can steal energy from other sims, and with Grim Bargain, you can use your own life force to replenish your needs. 

Forbidden Spells details: Download

3. RoM/Vampire - Occults Activities 

Specific activities for being a spellcaster or even a vampire. 

Covens, lairs, and occult sims, OH MY! The RoM/Vampire - Occults Activities mod focuses on activities for your witch coven and vampires. 

This mod brings four activities for spellcasters and two other activities for your vampires. You will need to install the XML Injector for it to function. 

You can find the activities via your phone in the Travel section. It will state Witch Activity or Vampire Activity, depending on your sim. 

What's Fun About RoM/Vampire - Occults Activities: 

  • Socialize - For vampires, you can gather the clan and have a simple social need gain.
  • Learn magic - Depending on where you choose for your sim to go, your sim can learn the three types of magic. You have the choices of The Realm, The Coven, and The Forest. 
  • Forage - Select Forage in Granite Falls to collect various ingredients without searching in different worlds. 

RoM/Vampire - Occults Activities details: Download

2. Wondrous Wands

The wands can be a very important part of being a spellcaster. 

It is a shame children cannot use wands until they are older. With the mod Wondrous Wands, children and up can use these wands no matter the occasion. 

The functional wands require City Living to function because the animation is from the sparklers. The decoration wands and stand are base game, so if you are looking for decoration only, you are good to go.

Though this mod doesn't supply wands for spellcasters to use, it will give a bonding experience for children and the adults in their lives. One thing to note, once you light the wand, you cannot un-light it. 

What's Fun About Wondrous Wands: 

  • Decoration - There are two decorative wands, perfect for displaying wands without the worry of your sims moving them. 
  • Child to Elders - These can be used by children and up. Little spellcasters can mimic their parents while their parents practice spells. 
  • Color - The wand will light up with random colors and will continue to be random no matter how many times you use it. 

Wondrous Wands details: Download

1. Psychic Sims

Become more than a spellcaster or a normal sim. Become one with the spirit world. 

With Realm of Magic, you gain the ability to utilize magic, but what if your sim wants to remain a human while being a little supernatural? The Psychic Sims mod gives your sims special control of the great beyond. 

There is only one issue with the mod, which is the animations for the Crystal. Some of the animations are a bit weird, and creator Lumpinou states that they cannot solve it as of right now. 

That issue doesn't impact the rest of the mod greatly. To become a psychic, you will need to select the strange urn and have your sim mourn. 

What's Fun About Psychic Sims: 

  • Commune with spirits - Once your sim is a psychic, they can commune with the spirits and even find out secrets.
  • Bind a Ghost - With the use of the Psychic's crystal, your sim can bind a ghost. This gives them many abilities over the ghost that is bound to the crystal. 
  • Love and Curses - Your psychic sim can curse a sim, which is random with what curse is placed on the victim. You can also do a love spell to attract the sim of your choice. 

Psychic Sims details: Download



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