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Games That Make You Smarter
Brain exercise!

1. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty & StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Here it is, the game that science has proven can make you better at thinking: StarCraft II.

In 2013, a psychological study demonstrated that after playing StarCraft II, participants performed better on cognitive flexibility tests than those who played other games. What’s cognitive flexibility? It’s the ability to think quickly and critically in response to ever-changing circumstances. In other words, StarCraft II bolsters your thinking skills.

And anyone who’s played the two StarCraft II games will attest to how mentally taxing those games can be. You not only have to manage resources, tech upgrades, and unit formations, you have to know when, where, and how to hit the enemy, and when to retreat.

StarCraft II 01

The dreaded Zerg rush

StarCraft II also boasts a story of heroism and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds. Main protagonist Jim Raynor serves as the moral compass in a sector where shady political maneuverings and the disregard for the sanctity of life run rampant. He is the only one who sees the good in Kerrigan, which is instrumental in her transformation from mass murderer to something more heroic.

It’s in the direst straits that Raynor’s humanity shines the brightest, teaching us how hope, bravery, and a never-give-up attitude can help banish the darkness. He also shows us the value of placing our faith in the goodness inside everybody. Kerrigan, in turn, teaches us that it’s never too late to turn from evil – that we can make up for the terrible things we did in the past by committing ourselves to doing what is best for everyone.

Definitely one of the greatest games that make you smarter!

StarCraft II 02

Monster vs. machine

StarCraft II 03

The almighty Protoss war machine

So, fellow gamers… do you enjoy games that make you smarter? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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