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Games That Make You Smarter
Brain exercise!

3. Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Civ V 01

Clash of swords

The Civilization franchise reaches the epitome of quality with Civilization V.

Civilization V demands a lot from its players. Starting at the dawn of time, you transform a single settlement into a continents-spanning empire by conquering neighboring cities or founding new ones. And as the wheel of time turns, you’ll find that there are many alliances to be made, technologies to research, cultural marvels to build, and, of course, blood to be spilled.

Aside from world domination via military conquest, you can win the game by being the first to send a vessel to space, acquiring other civilizations’ support in the United Nations, or completing a special project called Utopia. How you pave that road to victory is your choice, and the challenge that Civilization V offers.

It’s gorgeous, epic, and a treat to the mind, making it one of the best games that make you smarter on this list.

Civ V 02

For democracy!

Civ V 03

The age of gunpowder

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