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1. ML Guide

The "Official" Mobile Legends Tier List! | Patch 1.7.82 | 2023 by ML Guide

209K Subscribers

ML Guides is best known for…well it's what his name is; Guides for Mobile Legends. Whether it be an analysis of recent updates, the current changes in the meta, and of course the most often requested videos which are Hero Tutorials. ML Guides has got them all.

With a knack for delivering awesome content that appeals to different players across the globe, ML Guide has built himself a following of 209K subscribers actively waiting for his updates. His not-so-HD self-videos and fun voiceovers keep his videos educational and entertaining for regular Mobile Legends players.

Whether you're looking for gameplay videos, crystal clear explanations of patch notes, or easy-to-follow guides, then this community is the perfect one for you, providing nail-biting, engaging, and informative content that's sure to up your MLBB game!

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@MLGuideYT


2. Betosky

Top 15 Best Heroes To Solo Rank Up (Season 29) | Mobile Legends by Betosky

1.43M Subscribers

Betosky not only makes tutorials for MLBB heroes but also provides different build options you can choose from. He makes content that is up to date by tackling the best possible heroes you can use and makes even more engaging and exhilarating content through compilations of insane MLBB moments while in the game! He makes challenges, tries out suggested strategies and explores all the game modes of the game delivering content that tackles all the bits and corners of Mobile Legends.

BetoSky's channel delivers a fun journey through the world of Mobile Legends by being a treasure trove of engaging and educational videos that will not leave you bored. He makes his content enticing through his fun voiceovers, commentary, and video effects. He includes some heart-pounding action by inserting clips of his insane moments in the game that every player just wishes to experience. Watch how he outplays his enemies, carries a team in a solo queue, and gives some tips on how to be the best of the best on your server.

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@BetoskyGaming

3. HororoChan

2.8M Subscribers

HororoChan creates diverse content that includes both updates and tutorials. He has available beginner guides and hero combos, tricks, and builds guides for everyone. He keeps his content up to date with his meta updates and highly bannable heroes per patch. His contents stay humorous and funny despite being short and straight to the point. His comparisons between regular and advanced servers give his viewers access to what to expect in the coming patches.

HororoChan rarely has voiceovers in his videos but interestingly enough, he gets a lot of views through subtitles and text instructions imprinted in his videos. His content style appeals to players around the globe that are fluent in English because of his easy-to-follow content and zero overwhelming verbal commentary. 

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@Hororochan

4. GosuGeneralTv

Fastest Players Ever in Mobile Legends! by GosuGeneralTV

1.78M Subscribers

GosuGeneral is a well-known YouTuber and Mobile Legends player who has content appealing to all player types. His videos are dubbed as fun, chill, and drama-free by his viewers. He makes content promoting the game and its pro scene, skin reviews, event skin pulls, game streams, and other gaming content. As one of the original Good guys in Mobile Legends, he brings a hearty and exciting but not too competitive content into his channel. His content caters a bit to kids with easy-to-understand information. He also does giveaways from time to time which makes his content more connected with his subscribers.

His high-energy commentaries and fun video content are enticing to MLBB players. He makes fun reaction videos informative and provides crucial information for his viewers to use in the game. With his collection of vlogs, MLBB promotions, gaming videos, and more, he is one of the guys who made MLBB a big name in North America.

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@Teamgosu

5. MasterTheBasics

The Only Way to Counter the Most OP Mage | Valir Gameplay | MLBB by MasterTheBasic

921K Subscribers

A top-tier content creator that lives up to his name by producing the most basic tutorials that can bring a newbie-level player up to par with high-ranking players in terms of strategies and in-game knowledge. MasterTheBasics creates tutorials for newly released heroes, tips and strategies for both newbies and veterans in the MLBB community, update and patch notes explanation and runthrough, and build and emblem guides to check out when trying out different strategies for your team.

This is a more serious channel that aims to educate the players on the best strategies in the game. MasterTheBasics or MTB for short is a one-stop shop for everything you need to learn to master mobile legends the easiest way possible. He coaches one of the best teams in the Philippines, always pushing them up the podium finish, just shows how reliable this guy is! ;)

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@MastertheBasics

6. MobaZane

Phoveus Jungle VS Dash Heroes | Mobile Legends | MobaZane by MobaZane

1.06M Subscribers

MobaZane creates a lot of streaming content where you directly watch his gameplay and real-time commentary correlated to the real-time situation of the game. He plays relatable ranked matches that appeal to common players. Zane also tries out new heroes in his channel letting his subscribers in on what goes on in a pro player's mind when testing out new heroes, he also does collaborations with other MLBB content creators making his videos more diverse and entertaining. His large hero pool and professional gameplay abilities allow him to excel even in different servers, allowing him to showcase what to expect of the meta from different countries or regions.

It Is fun to watch a pro player who lets us in on how a professional jungler's mind works. Zane opens up a world of exploration for mobile legends players by trying out unconventional builds and positions to the usual heroes like using Natalia as a Jungler. His raging tendencies make his videos more authentic allowing him to express his emotions through his viewers' screens. His channel is a bit different from the others in this list but he deserves a spot as one of the best!

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@MobaZane1

7. Shinmen Takezo

Mythic Players in a nutshell by ShinmenTakezoYT

534K Subscribers

A prominent MLBB YouTuber who is a go-to for a wide range of content.From in-depth tutorials, comprehensive hero guides, and dissecting the latest updates and patch notes, Shinmen is your ultimate guide to mastering the game. He compliments the learning factor of his videos by making them more entertaining through his funny commentaries and video effects. He makes ultra-fast speed guides, fun shorts and awesome game highlights that indulge you with the amazing world of Mobile Legends. Watch out for hero highlights, funny plays, and game memes on this guy's channel!

ShinmenTakezo is an overall funny guy with a chill community that attracts players who are looking for humorous content. Declared as the meme God of the MLBB YouTubers, he not only makes fun of his opponents but makes a meme of the game itself. His content is lighthearted and overall funny for such a competitive game and that's how he keeps his subscribers entertained. Take your MLBB experience to the next level with his unparalleled content!

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@ShinmenTakezo

8. Elgin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4zPvY3cxUk BY Elgin

3.19M Subscribers

Elgin is the one on top when it comes to the latest MLBB news and patches. His high following and quality videos is a testament to his dedication to the gaming scene and his community. Elgin's main MLBB content is providing updates from the original and the advanced servers, this means that he is on top of the game when it comes to info regarding future patches and events in the game. He keeps his content both engaging and informative but always funny. From skin comparisons, puzzle solutions, game animations and more, Elgin is there to deliver entertaining content for everyone.

Elgin's animated shorts are both funny and engaging while his challenges and collabs with his colleagues allow him to deliver unique and appealing videos to his viewers. He is one of the highest followed MLBB YouTubers and he knows how to keep his content up to par with his rivals. His goofy voice and the recent face reveal together with his fun and upbeat personality make him a favorite among the MLBB YouTubers community.

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@ElginRay

9. LyrickTutorials

New Ling Gameplay ANALYSIS - MASTERCLASS For Slowhands Ling & Best Build Tutorial Mobile Legends2022 by LyrickTutorials

91.8K Subscribers

Get top-notch advice and tutorials from a professional analyst by following Lyrick's channel. His content ranges from the basic tutorials that beginners can follow up to a comprehensive analysis of professional matches. Expect to find high-quality gameplay analysis, draft analysis and predictions, and gameplay reviews that allow classic players to digest how the minds of the pro teams work. Watch how he dives into the usual moves done in the pro scene and common mistakes we don't know we're doing as players.

Lyrick Tutorials is a Filipino analyst known for his in-depth reviews and examination of the different heroes, strategies, and gameplay in Mobile Legends. With 91.8K subscribers, he teaches everything through in-depth reviews of the esports scene or currently rising meta. He makes straight-to-the-point and easy-to-digest content that appeals even to the newest of players. Follow his channel for a free subscription to the mind of a professional in the MLBB world.

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@LyrickTutorials

10. Kazuki Official


1.18M Subscribers 

Kazuki is the one-stop shop for all MLBB content. He is one of the top go-to YouTubers for ML updates and event details. His up-to-date content brings regular players up to par with daily players. He has strategies for maximizing in-game currencies like free diamonds and fragments, random tips and tricks, and most especially having early updates straight from the advanced servers so you know what to expect in the next patch. Aside from the usual in-game helping content, he also has the game lore in his channel providing casual players more understanding of the in-game heroes.

Makes engaging content that can appeal to different kinds of players. His content varies so much that everyone is bound to find a video that is useful and entertaining for them. Kazuki adds a fun factor to his videos by adding MLBB memes, images, and a lot of external graphics that improve a video's digestibility. His quick hero run-throughs make it easy for viewers to stick around and get their needed input without getting bored with the videos. This guy provides everything, from jokes, memes, and edits to informative content all found in his video content.

Check out the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@KazukiOfficial


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