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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

10. Doctor Hill Help You Discover What You Fear Most

Never miss an appointment with Doctor Hill. He is only here to help you “play your game”.

Until Dawn is divided into ten episodes, and each episode covers one in-game hour. At the end of each hour is a scheduled appointment with Doctor Hill. Peter Stormare voices the good doctor, a man who appears to be providing therapy sessions to the “player”. He will be your conscience as you play your game.

These appointments start out relatively normal despite Doctor Hill’s off-putting behavior. He takes the player through a series of tests in order to determine the root of their fear. The results of these tests may or may not have an influence later in the game. With each passing chapter it quickly becomes apparent that something is terribly wrong, and the conversations begin take a darker turn. This leaves the player to wonder, who is really receiving the therapy sessions? 

Clips of the creepy Doctor Hill.

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