Until Dawn PC: Is It Actually Possible To Play Until Dawn on PC?

until dawn pc
One of Until Dawn’s protagonists, Ashley, in deep trouble… much like the game’s chances of ever coming to the PC.

Can the dramatic choice-based horrorfest be experienced on PC?

Until Dawn, a game that embraces all of the splatter gore and cheesy tropes associated with both classic horror movies and games, remains exclusive to the PS4. The possibility for an official release for other consoles or PC seems bleaker than the grisly fate of many of Until Dawn’s characters.

In a desperate attempt to find a way to play the horror title on my PC, I attempted the age-old Google search.

The only unofficial resource that seemed to offer even an inkling of hope is a scam. What I found in the results were indie programmers at Reworked Games claiming to have made a patch available for Until Dawn on the PC.

However, downloading anything from the site is not advisable.

Further investigation proves it to offer nothing but computer-corrupting malware, frustration, and a sensation more frustrating than allowing one of Until Dawn’s characters to get murdered on my watch. Games that have not even been released yet, such as God of War and Days Gone, are also displayed on the website.

For now, my dreams of running from the bloodied Psycho in a bath towel cannot be realized on the PC.

Another protagonist, Sam, is confronted by one of the perpetrators of scares, the Psycho, in Until Dawn.

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huw64145 4 years 9 months ago

Finally i have downloaded this game from https://www.a2zgames.online/dawn-pc-download-game-free/ Thanks

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