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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

11. Until Dawn's Replay Value

Could you do better with a second chance?

It is possible to save all eight characters. Going through the game without killing a single person is tricky, and there is no option to replay a chapter to fix a mistake. A missed quick time, an overlooked clue, or even an incorrect dialogue choice can result in the death of a teen. Some characters are difficult to save due to the most seemingly mundane reasons. It’s tough to complete the first play through without a single mishap. It is worth playing the game through at least a couple of times in order to go back, correct mistakes, and find out what would have happened if you’d separated from the group to check what was behind that trap door…

Possible endings for Until Dawn. 

Until Dawn is one of the best horror games made in recent years. It lets us choose our own path through an impossible situation. It keeps us invested in the action, and rewards or punishes us with satisfying scares. Until Dawn is a game that will keep your heart pounding from the beginning to the end.

It is unfortunate for those of us who love PC gaming that Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive. For those of us who do not want to drop the money for an expensive new console, we are missing out on a great horror experience. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Until Dawn will be ported to PC sometime soon.

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