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new horror games
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Horror Games with good story
A horror game is so much more frightening than a horror movie - why... Read More
Games Like Dead by Daylight
Co-op games are great. But what’s better than teamwork among friends... Read More
Top 10 Horror Games That Need A Remake
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The Last of Us 2 - Release Date
It has finally arrived! After the much awaited teaser trailer for The... Read More
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Kill or be killed gaming at its finest! Here are the best... Read More
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Get Trigger Happy In These Zombie Shooting Games For 50 years, the... Read More
Games Like Metro
Here are the top 10 Games Like Metro Metro hit a lot of good notes... Read More
Best Indie Horror Games
Discover The Best Indie Horror Games for PC Indie games, movies,... Read More
Zombie Killing Games
Get ready for a zombie massacre in these zombie killing games... Read More
Games Like Friday the 13th
The Top 10 Games Like Friday the 13th If you have enjoyed... Read More
Best Survival Horror Games
How many of these survival horror games have you played? I really... Read More
friday the 13th tips and tricks
The Best Friday The 13th Tips and Tricks  Learn to avoid... Read More
Multiplayer Horror Games
The 15 Best Multiplayer Horror Games To Play Right Now From... Read More
Last Year
The game beta for Last Year that was set for release mid-August... Read More
Agony is a first-person survival horror game currently in development... Read More
SHODAN, System Shock
Set for release in 2018, a remake of System Shock is currently being... Read More
new horror games 2017, cinematic games, remothered: tormented fathers poster
The first instalment of the “Remothered” trilogy, “Tormented Fathers... Read More
The Evil Within 2, best new horror games 2017, new horror games 2017, Shinji Mikami, Tango Gameworks
From the mind of video game horror-expert and Resident Evil creator... Read More
the hum, aliens, horror, franchise, gaming
Get ready for a new invasion The Hum is an upcoming franchise of... Read More
2017 games, horror games, survival horror
Evil Returns The Resident Evil series (Biohazard in Japan) started... Read More
Is Soma Scary?, Soma Review, Survival Horror Game, Best Survival Horror Game, Soma by Frictional Games
What Horrors Lie Beneath The Dark Depths of the Atlantic Ocean?... Read More
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