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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

9. Never Ending Thrills and Suspense

Death can come for you at any time.

Watching a horror movie and playing a horror movie are two very different experiences. While watching a movie you are a fly on the wall during a character’s worst moments. You have no bearing on the outcome of a bad situation.

While playing Until Dawn you must be the one to make the choices. You know something bad is going to happen, but you don’t know why or when. After playing a chapter or two of the game, you begin to question every choice that you make. You know that if you make the wrong choice your punishment will come in the form of a gruesome death scene. It is nerve-wracking when you see the silhouette of the stranger in the background, but each of your characters remains completely oblivious to the obvious danger.

Until Dawn does a masterful job of building suspense. The atmosphere and the subtle foreshadowing sets up each and every scare flawlessly. What makes it all the more intense is that the player is never allowed to relax. It is important to watch for those unforgiving quick time events during the cut scenes. Being so deeply invested in the moment makes the jump scares even more intense. 

Some of Until Dawn's more frightening moments. 

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