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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

7. Animated Characters So Realistic That They Are the Spitting Image of their Voice Actors

Each character is an almost perfect digital counterpart to their voice actor.

New generation consoles are upping the ante when it comes to animation and game design. Each actor is fitted with motion capture sensors while they are performing their lines, and that information is used by the artist to animate the game. As a result each actor lends not only their voice to the game, but their likeness as well. The animators certainly deserve praise for the high level of detail not only during scripted cut scenes, but during player controlled game play as well.

The scenes later in the game are where the animating team took their moment to shine. As the night progresses the group must travel deeper into the mountain and a new threat is introduced. We will try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but the imagery gets quite disturbing. 

Clips of the actors performing their lines using motion capture technology.

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