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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

3. Your Choices Determine Who Lives and Who Dies

Until Dawn is ruled by the Butterfly Effect. 

The core mechanic of Until Dawn revolves around choice. Until Dawn is a choose-your-own-adventure horror story, so the survival of each character depends on the actions of the player. At each crossroads or character interaction the player must decide what to say and what actions to take. While is sometime easy to spot the good and bad speech options there are times when a path could be considered morally grey. Is it better to protect your friend’s feelings? Or, is it better to let them know the truth, even if it is something they might not want to hear?

Obviously, some actions have consequences. Consistently choosing aggressive speech options will result in squabbles among the group. Causing chaos can also have much more subtle effects on the story later in the game. Figuratively speaking, stepping on butterflies early on in the game can have lasting effects which make survival tougher down the road. It is wise to take careful note of the surroundings, and above all heed the warnings of the totems. It is also important to note that sometimes doing nothing is the right course of action. 

Every choice you make is recorded and determine how your story will end.

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