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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

2. A Nod to Classic Horror

Enter one psychopath to ruin everyone’s fun…

For lovers of the macabre and classic horror movie cliché Until Dawn is a must-play. This game has all the campy machete wielding maniacs and unsupervised teens that an 80’s horror fan could ask for. Until Dawn features elements borrowed from across all sub-genres of horror. The writers of the game pulled no punches when it came to trying to include every element of horror they could find. This can leave the story feeling a little cluttered in the beginning, but if the player is vigilant about seeking out clues the pieces will slowly fall into place.

Fans of gory slasher films will be sure to get a kick out the references to Friday the 13th and Saw. There are event hints of something supernatural occurring on the mountain and it is all somehow tangled up in the abandoned mines. The group quickly realizes that the machete wielding psychopath is not the only thing they should be worrying about. As if dealing with a murderous maniac wasn’t bad enough!

Sam's encounter with the game's psychotic killer. 

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