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Could you survive as a character in a horror movie?

4. Think Fast and Stay Alive

Run or hide? Which choice will help Sam survive the night?

Sometimes in real life we have only a few precious seconds in which to react or make an important choice. The staple game mechanic for Until Dawn is the quick time event. In order to do certain tasks, such as climbing an obstacle, a series of button prompts will appear on screen. Some of these buttons have a short timer, and missing them can have disastrous consequences. Missing a quick time button during an intense chase scene can cause the character to trip or miss an opportunity for escape. A missed prompt can mean life or death for one of the unfortunate teens.

Players be warned, the use of quick time events is part of the reason it pays to be vigilant during lengthy cut scenes. There will be opportunities for optional player interaction, and sometimes the game will throw in something completely unexpected and catch you by surprise. 

Gameplay showing quicktime events which help your characters run for their lives.

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