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Top 11 Games like Killing Floor
Ready for some zombie slaughter?


10. How to Survive (2013)

Developer: EKO Software

Genre: Horror, Action

Theme: Man vs wild, man vs zombie

Games can teach us valuable lessons, luckily for us we have How to Survive which is ready to give us a crash course on survival. How to Survive is a survival horror RPG where the player is shipwrecked on an island with zombies.

Players take control of one of three characters, each with their own characteristics and skill trees. There is an archer, brawler, and all around character to pick from. If players want to survive they will need to collect pages of a handy survival guide that will teach them extremely useful things. Players will learn that surviving consists of more than just finding resources like water, food, and shelter.

A little zombie brain smashing is good for you

If your character lacks basic resources they will lose strength, fight poorly, and reduce their ability to stay alive. But simply consuming the resources you come across won’t be a simple fix. If the player finds meat they must cook it first because all of the animals on the island are diseased. Also, the meat will attract zombies.

How to Survive has four distinctive and well stocked islands with items. Players can create over 100 handmade weapons and tools, ranging from Molotov cocktails to trusty shotguns. It’s important to have a good arsenal when taking on zombies, wild animals, and animal zombies.

Get ready to prepare yourself for the worst, there’s nothing like a flesh hungry zombie piranha to ruin your day.

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