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Top 11 Games like Killing Floor
Ready for some zombie slaughter?


3. Dead Island (2011)

Developer: Techland

Genre: Horror, action

Theme: Man vs zombie

Where would we be without our zombie slaughter games? Totally unprepared for our zombie outbreak daydreams, that’s where. Dead Island is ready to give your zombie dreams a tropical twist.

In the island of Banoi a zombie outbreak occurs, cutting the player off from the rest of the world as they are trapped within the island. If players want to make it out alive they’ll need to fight through the chaos as they try to get off the island. Get ready to take on hordes of gruesome zombies in the open world of Banoi, collect items, create weapon mods, complete side quests, and discover new areas on the island if you want to make it out  in one piece.

Take in the sights with Sam B

Dead Island offers players tons of customization options. Players can develop their character’s skills and tactics as they like. Also, players will need to get creative with their weapons since firearms are scarce on the island. Players will need to scavenge for items and turn them into makeshift weapons. Who doesn’t want a blade that does shock damage when faced with zombies?

This game has multiplayer for up to four people where you can your friends can play the entire campaign together. Through the game’s drop in function, players can seamlessly come together to make the ultimate zombie killing squad.

Don’t let the zombies get you down, there’s plenty of ways to fight back on Banoi.

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