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Top 11 Games like Killing Floor
Ready for some zombie slaughter?


5. State of Decay (2013)

Developer: Undead Labs

Genre: Survival horror

Theme: Man vs zombie

State of Decay isn’t like zombie games you played before. The secret to success isn’t headshots and massive fire arms, it’s Influence and lots of it.

This game is an action survival game set in an open world. As players travel this world they’ll be searching for supplies, recruiting survivors, and maintaining relationships with the people encountered, in and outside of your party. Naturally, there will be plenty of zombie standoffs along the way.

Isn’t rule one of zombie survival cardio?

State of Decay’s currency is known as Influence. Players acquire Influence by completing missions, upgrading your base, and scavenging items. Influence can be spent sending out radio calls to possible survivors for recruitment, asking for the backup of a fellow survivor, among other things. Players you recruit have particular skills like Wits which is for searching and sneaking or Cardio for running.

Make sure you are always prepared in this game. If a character dies they are gone for good. This will be detrimental for players who lose a character they heavily used. Not only does this character die, but the player will lose their accrued skill points and weapon specialty bonus.

Stay safe and rack up that Influence so you and your party can give zombies a real challenge.

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