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Project Zomboid top 10 best negative traits
1) Prone to Illness As you’d expect, the Zombie Apocalypse is... Read More
Project Zomboid Best Traits to have
1) Strong (Best for fighting better) People hoping to fight... Read More
Project Zomboid best amounts of zombies
The number of zombies in your Project Zomboid world changes how you... Read More
Project Zomboid top crops to farm
There are plenty of crops available in Project Zomboid for players... Read More
Project Zomboid cooking guide
Eating is one of the most important parts to making sure your... Read More
Project Zomboid most realistic settings survivor vehicles
1) Zombie Distribution The zombie distribution setting changes... Read More
Project Zomboid most dangerous areas top 10
1. The Grand Ohio Mall In the very top right of Louisville is... Read More
Project Zomboid best mods workshop
1. More Simple Traits For players who love adding more traits... Read More
Best Top Down Games For PC
Some of the best games released back in the day featured top-down... Read More
Good Survival Games On PC
If you stop and think about it, the term “survival” can apply to... Read More
A banner for Left 4 Dead 2 showing the title and a zombified hand
With Autumn rolling in and Summer coming to a depressing close, there... Read More
A Wallpaper showcasing the game Project Zomboid
Zombies. One of the most famous members of the horror movie rogues... Read More
15. Ark: Survival Evolved  (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / iOS /... Read More
15. Last Epoch - 2019 (PC) Last Epoch is an action,... Read More
15. Elden Ring - 2022 (PC / PS4 / XBO) From the... Read More
The top five ways to lose weight in Project Zomboid
There are a few negatives to having an underweight character in... Read More
The best ways to make Project Zomboid character's lose weight
Weight is an easy thing to not pay attention to in Project Zomboid.... Read More
Best ways to level tailoring in Project Zomboid
One of the skills that’s easy to ignore when playing is tailoring.... Read More
Top five ways people can level up fitness in Project Zomboid
One of the most important skills that many players neglect in Project... Read More
Reasons why Project Zomboid is good
1) Unique graphics One of the best parts of Project Zomboid... Read More
10 Things to do for fun in Project Zomboid
1) Join a multiplayer game One of the most fun things to do in... Read More
Project Zomboid Top 25 Base Building Tips
1) Pick a town The first step to building a base is picking a... Read More
Project Zomboid Top 10 servers
1) Z's Survival Server One of the best servers to get your... Read More
Project Zomboid tips and strategies for beginners
1) Change your settings Project Zomboid is one of the games... Read More
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