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Top 11 Games like Killing Floor
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6. Black Mesa (2012)

Developer: Crowbar Collective

Genre: Action, adventure

Theme: Man vs Alien

Who doesn’t love a classic? Black Mesa is a fantastic re-imagining of Half-Life. Players follow Gordon Freeman in his journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility, but without the graphic limitations of the 90s.

Black Mesa features everything we loved about the original Half-Life, tough old-school combat, memorable characters, and a gripping story. This game features a new soundtrack, voice acting, dialogue, puzzles, and visuals. The Steam release of the game also has many fixes, upgrades, and new features since the mod’s original release.

This is all different kinds of nope

This game expands on different parts of the original Half-Life to make the plot and gameplay smoother. Some of the areas in Black Mesa Research Facility are different from in the original game, but this successfully gives players a fresh experience. The game’s real-time scripted sequences are entertaining and can serve as warnings for future dangers, especially when you see some scientists getting dragged off into vents or exploding.

Black Mesa has multiplayer where players can fight their friends in six arena-style maps such as Gasworks and Stalkyard. This game has custom modding tools (the same tools developers use to make mods) that are accessible to players so they create their own maps and mods for single and multiplayer.

Whether you missed the original game or are to fans of Half-Life, Black Mesa is not to be missed.

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