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I face you, monster, with a raging heart and a full wallet.

5). Dota 2


Developer: Valve

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Themes: Fantasy, clash of heroes

Here it is. The sequel to the original Defense of the Ancients, the little mod that could. That game spawned an entire genre of gaming, and DoTA 2 is the follow up by Valve. As before, you take control of a hero that must fight against others, in a game in which you can spend hours reading about the background story, or never notice it has one. Either way, this is the sequel to the original moba,  DoTA.

Now, where to find a hero to barbecue?

Again you must control a hero that’s part of a team and wants to wreck the opponent’s base. And of course, you still have the mindless minions, the turrets and the enemy heroes that stand in your way. So you’ll have to kill enemies, earn gold and upgrade your character to become an unstoppable force. Do remember that an amount of gold is lost if you die, so try not to, ok? With only one stage, you might think it can get repetitive quick, but in direct contrast to other games of the genre, all of DoTA 2 heroes are completely free. All 110 of them. So tell me when you get bored of each and every one of them.

This circle is my circle. Trespassers will be shot. *Evil grin*.

Another one of the MOBA behemoths, this game has approximately 7.9 million players each month, so it’s fair to say it is quite popular. And just as League of Legends, this is one game that has transcended into the e-sports category, with its own high stakes tournament watched by millions of people. And when I say high stakes, I mean it: recognized by the Guiness World Records as the greatest prize money in a video game competition, last year’s tournament awarded $5,028,308 USD to NewBee, the Chinese team that won the competition.

I’m not saying you should start training to take them on or anything, though. Just choose your favorite hero, and give it a try. But before you go, tell me: had you noticed the logo of the game is the mini-map of the stage?

DotA 2 Gameplay - Venomancer

4). Path of Exile

Path of Exile: Ascendancy Official Trailer

Developer: Grinding Gear Games

Genre: Action Role-Playing Game

Themes: Dark Fantasy

Imagine you’re a fan of Action Role-Playing games such as Diablo, and you’re fed up with the slow advancement of the genre. What to do? If you’re Grinding Gear Games, you get a group of like-minded individuals and develop your own, that’s what. Welcome to Wraeclast, once the thriving seat of an empire, now a cesspool full of exiles. You’re one of them, and you have a clear ambition. Survival.

Made the more difficult by extravagant tiny headed skeletons you find in your way.

Apart from the central hubs, every map is randomized, so you can go to the same place and never encounter the same layout. It also helps giving your party an isolated area to freely explore without worrying about stealing the kill of a random guy. You quest, you battle, you loot… everything you’ve come to expect from an action RPG. So it’s as simple as choosing your starter class from Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, or Witch; sinking experience points to your attributes and face hordes of monsters that want to use your skin as a poncho.

You’d imagine arrows are not very effective against rock golems. You’d be wrong.

The game offers different leagues, with the hardcore one punishing death with permanent exile to the Standard league. So if your character isn’t hardcore enough and gets killed, it can only be used with those who don’t like punishments so severe. There is plenty to do, buy, loot and kill while you discover the dark corners of this world. But at the end, it’s always worth it.

Path Of Exile - Gameplay 2016

3). Vindictus

Vindictus: Enter a World Beyond

Developer: Nexon

Genre: Action MMORPG

Themes: Fantasy

The world of Vindictus is a dangerous place for such a well-lit environment. The Fomors, bad creatures who come in all shapes and sizes, are attacking the realm, and the goddess Morrigan can only depend on powerful heroes to defend and drive back the forces of darkness. So I’d say it’s a safe bet, but still, go kick some demonic butt.

And avoid being stepped on. Not the most comfortable experience.

This is one Action-oriented MMORPG if I ever saw one. The graphics are beautiful and the animations fluid, with a noticeable influence from anime and the like. Choosing from the ever-expanding roster of characters (with each of them being a different class altogether), you’ll find that the real time combat of Vindictus feels visceral and satisfying.

If you looked for “epic” in a dictionary… it would probably state its definition in a boring way, instead of how awesome is the above image.

With an array of customization options, marketplace for unwanted items, diverse cast of antagonists, huge boss battles and variety of stages and levels, Vindictus is a fun and fast combat experience for all who dare. Strategy counts, of course, but training, developing quick reflexes and staying on your toes will provide by far the best results. So go solo or party up, for battles and adventure await.

Vindictus All Classes Gameplay

2). Ark Survival of the Fittest

ARK: Survival of the Fittest Launch Trailer! Play Free!

Developer: Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement LLC

Genre: Multiplayer Online Survival Arena

Themes: Prehistoric creatures, online battle arena

Call me crazy, but this game reminds me of the Hunger Games movies. You start on a platform, in the middle of an island, with nothing to your name and a lot of angry enemies waiting to kill you if you don’t kill them first. There are supplies around to start off, but you’re an easy target if you don’t run to the wilderness. Whatever the case, you must craft and upgrade your tools and weapons in order to survive.

And use dinosaurs as artillery, because why not.

The game is played as a tribe war, meaning your team (tribe) must overcome the other. The tribes can be one man only, too, so you don’t have to team up if you don’t want. You have to use anything at your disposal to craft weapons, such as utilizing narcoberries to coat your arrows and turn them into tranquilizers. As you may have noticed, there are also dinosaurs you can tame and combat with, so it can get quite epic. And the stakes are raised higher when tournaments come around, as bosses spawn too.

I think my T-Rex just pooped a little.

An Ark spin-off, this game started as a modification that quickly gained following and support, resulting in a fast and amazing survival experience, where it’s not the strongest, but the most adaptable that will survive. You could say it’s “survival of the…” ok, I won’t say it, it’s a bad joke.

“Fittest”. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

ARK: Survival Of The Fittest - SLIPSPLOSIVE! ( Gameplay ) Part 1

1). Duelyst

DUELYST Opening Cinematic 1440p

Developer: CounterPlay Games

Genre: Strategy

Themes: Fantasy

We’ve covered card games. We’ve covered strategy games. We’ve covered a mix of those genres, but I’ll bet you have never seen a game like Duelyst. First of all, because it’s very pretty. Look at those backgrounds, that’s some watercolor artistic level, right there. And second because it is just so carefully crafted and diverse that it offers a gaming experience that will make you wonder why the heck is this free.

Is someone taking money from my wallet or something? How is that background being paid?

Here’s the basics, but bear in mind it’s just the bare minimum. You control a hero, who is analogous to a King in chess: if you lose it, you are defeated. Playing on a tiled board, you must play cards to spawn creatures, allies and spells in order to defeat the enemy hero. Simple, huh? Well, each hero has a different set of abilities that might make it a true menace on the battlefield, and each card has a unique effect as well, so the combinations are almost endless.

Stark contrast the beautifully lit background with the slaughter.

Aside from the traditional PvP ranked matches, you also have a practice mode that lets you control both sides, so you can polish your killer combos. And if you’re more of the daring type, there is also the Gauntlet mode, where cards are randomly selected and you have to rely on your reflexes and quick thinking to prevail.

It’s still on beta, so the updates include around 4 new cards each month, before switching to the expansions. Try it out, as it is one of the best free games you can find nowadays. And please don’t butcher me if you see me: I’m better at talking about videogames than I am actually playing them, but don’t tell anyone.

Duelyst: THE STRATEGIES! | Ranked Gameplay

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